Ford Digital Partners 2012

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Ford Digital Partners 2012. Evolution of Ford Digital 2012. SMOT. FMOT. Zero Moment of Truth (Research Process of Customers) Search Reviews Digital Advertising. First Moment of Truth (Dealership Experience) Handshake Test Drive Purchase. Second Moment of Truth (Purchase Experience)
Ford Digital Partners 2012Evolution of Ford Digital 2012SMOTFMOT
  • Zero Moment of Truth
  • (Research Process of Customers)
  • Search
  • Reviews
  • Digital Advertising
  • First Moment of Truth
  • (Dealership Experience)
  • Handshake
  • Test Drive
  • Purchase
  • Second Moment of Truth
  • (Purchase Experience)
  • Ownership
  • Service
  • Loyalty
  • Internet ProcessSocial MarketingInsights and AnalyticsThe Semantic WebWhat is Web 3.0?Today’s internet is all about DISCOVERYDiscovery through trusted connections suggestionsDiscovery through real time activitiesDiscovery of interesting patternsGoogle+
  • 40 million strong (10/13/2011)
  • Google still top two search engines
  • 43% of mobile phones on Android (iPhone is 28%)
  • Google+ matters for:
  • 1) Search
  • 2) Mobile
  • Sign up for Google+, have employees “+1” your links
  • Add the +1 button to your website
  • Send bulk to customers with to +1 and post review
  • Android Smart Phones
  • 1 million activations / day (Apple has 325,000 INCLUDING iPad, iPod)
  • 56% dominance of recent subscribers
  • Battle of the Smart Phones (August 2011)FacebookFacebookFacebookOpenGraph: Application programming interface (API) and strategy for 2012Timeline: The story of your life, from first 5 minutes all the way to birthNewsfeed: Interesting patterns and subscribed updatesTicker: Real time status information and application activity
  • Engage ZMOT, FMOT, and SMOT
  • “Like” for business pages integrated with Yahoo/Bing (article about bing)
  • “What’s your social play” – encourage sharing as well
  • Integrate any mobile apps to Facebook Apps as well
  • Encourage your CRM to create better integration with Facebook
  • The Big Three App Questions:What do people love about the auto industry?What do people need from dealers?What can be consistently shared with others?TwitterCan add a location without postcard / phone verification
  • Incentives based off activity
  • 3,576 customers have “checked in” to Twin Cities Contacts
  • Three Questions for SuccessWhat’s my social play?Is everything integrated? (mobile, social, marketing)Am I interesting?
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