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Description Seattle Technical Advisors. “ The stock market game isn’t worth the candle if you settle for a gain of a mere 10% to 12% a year, as so many do. It isn’t worth the time, the study and the worry to make so little.” – George Lindsay. Seattle Technical Advisors.
GeorgeLindsay.comSeattle Technical Advisors“The stock market game isn’t worth the candle if you settle for a gain of a mere 10% to 12% a year, as so many do. It isn’t worth the time, the study and the worry to make so little.” – George LindsaySeattle Technical AdvisorsSeattle Technical Advisors.comSeattle Technical Advisors"A very popular error - having the courage of one's convictions: Rather it is a matter of having the courage for an attack upon one's convictions." - NietzscheSeattle Technical AdvisorsSeattle Technical AdvisorsEveryone times the market. Some people buy when they have money, and sell when they need money, while others use methods that are more sophisticated. – Marian McClellan, Co-founder McClellan OscillatorSeattle Technical AdvisorsWall Street Weekwith Louis RukeyserSeattle Technical Advisors3 Peaks/ Domed HouseSeattle Technical AdvisorsThree Peaks8 monthsSeattle Technical AdvisorsFebruary1966Three Peaks321Seattle Technical AdvisorsThree Peaks213October 1946Seattle Technical AdvisorsSeparating DeclineSeattle Technical AdvisorsDomed HouseSeattle Technical AdvisorsBase221-224CalendardaysSeattle Technical AdvisorsFirst Floor WallSeattle Technical AdvisorsFirst Floor RoofSeattle Technical AdvisorsSecond Floor WallSeattle Technical AdvisorsCupolaSeattle Technical AdvisorsLindsay Timing Model
  • 107-day top to top interval
  • Low-to-Low-to-High interval
  • Seattle Technical Advisors107-Day Top to Top Count107 DaysKey DateSeattle Technical AdvisorsKey RangeSeattle Technical Advisors“Whenever there is a well-definedDouble-Top, or approximate Double-Top, the low day of the dip betweenthe two peaks is nearly always thecorrect Key Date.”Double TopKey DateSeattle Technical Advisors“When the dip ends at a Double Bottom…the first lowIs nearly always the correct one.”Double BottomKey DateSeattle Technical Advisors“When a top formation is neither a head-and-shouldersnor a Double top, prices usually remain close to thehighest point only a very short time. In such cases, theKey Date is nearly always the last dip on the way up tothe high.”Final DipKey DateSeattle Technical AdvisorsRange DipKey DateSeattle Technical Advisors“There are, however, instances when theKey Date comes after the highest point,even though there was a possible Key Date prior to it.”Post Top CountKey DateSeattle Technical AdvisorsBottom to TopKey DateSeattle Technical AdvisorsSinking Key RangeKey DateSeattle Technical AdvisorsLow-Low-High CountHighXDaysXDaysLowLowSeattle Technical Advisors111August 24,1961December 13,1961Seattle Technical Advisors111December 1319617575Seattle Technical AdvisorsExact13137171111December 13196185857575Seattle Technical AdvisorsWithin 1 day77131346464949717111185857575Seattle Technical AdvisorsHHQ12/29/1961MMY9/3/1929XVEDBKCCU12/31/1914BBGGOJS11/29/1968FFLLPGZEEKKW5/31/1949TAACN4/30/1942AHB12 Yrs. 9 Mos.15 Yrs. 2½ Mos.12 Yrs. 10 Mos.High in 198515 Yrs. From Low 191412345678DACEJG12 Yrs. 4 Mos.High in Late 1975From 190312 Yrs. 8 Mos.15 Yrs. 11 Mos.HKQ12 Yrs. From 1909O15 Yrs. 6 Mos.12 Yrs. 3 Mos.15 Yrs. 11 Mos.Low in 1978PNU12 Yrs. 6 Mos.VS15 Yrs. (minus)12 Yrs. 2 Mos.15 Yrs. 4 Mos. From 1911TX15 Yrs. 8 Mos.12 Yrs. 3½ Mos.WYBBZ12 Yrs.15 Yrs. 3 Mos.12 Yrs. 4 Mos.High in 197715 Yrs. 4 Mos. 1907AACCHHFF12 Yrs. 2 Mos.15 Yrs. 2½ Mos.Low 1980,81GG15 Yrs. 4 Mos.12 Yrs. From High Mar. 1914EEMMKK12 Yrs. 8 Mos.15 Yrs. 2Mos.Low in 1974,74LLSeattle Technical AdvisorsBasic AdvancesSubnormal (very rare)(414-615 days)Short(630-718 days)Long (742-830 days)Extended (929-968 days)Sideways Movement -Basic DeclinesSubnormal(222-300 days)Short(340-355 days)Long(395-425 days)Standard Time SpansPrinciple of AlternationPrinciple of ContinuitySeattle Technical AdvisorsSecondary Lows13 MonthsSeattle Technical AdvisorsJan’73Sideways MovementDec’68809days14monthsOctober 195715 years, 2 monthsJan’70Seattle Technical Advisors321April 4221 daysAugust 25,2010Seattle Technical AdvisorsSecondary Lows13 MonthsSeattle Technical AdvisorsBasic AdvancesLong (742-830 days)Extended (929-968 days)Standard Time SpansSeattle Technical AdvisorsFebruary 18820 daysSeattle Technical AdvisorsFebruary 18820 daysJuly 201115 yearsJuly 1996Seattle Technical AdvisorsMay 2893 daysJuly 7February 18820 daysJune 15July 201115 yearsJuly 1996Seattle Technical AdvisorsMarch 16July 1107 daysSeattle Technical Advisors99July 1107 daysMarch 16106106November 30Seattle Technical Advisors2222134134363699July 1107 daysMarch 168282106106November 30128128Seattle Technical AdvisorsCount from the Middle SectionJuly 1833 days12/1/06833 daysMarch 9,2009Seattle Technical Advisors3PDhMarch 16July 1107 daysJuly 7219 daysSeattle Technical AdvisorsJanuary 142000July 7March – September201212y,2m – 12y,8mSeattle Technical AdvisorsJanuary 14,2000July 7June 16,345 daysMarch – September201212y,2m – 12y,8mSeattle Technical AdvisorsJuly 7Oct 31, 2013July 31, 2014May 17,2014August 31,1998June 16, 2012345 daysSeattle Technical AdvisorsSeattle Technical Advisors.comSeattle Technical Advisors
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