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GOMCHA. Google Online Marketing Challenge. JAN. FEB. MAR. APR. MAY. JUN/JUL. First Class (1/20) Create Teams Select Team Captain Select Business. JAN. FEB. MAR. APR. MAY. JUN/JUL. First Four Classes(1/20-29) Learn about Google How Search Engines Work Search Marketing AdWords
GOMCHAGoogle Online Marketing ChallengeJANFEBMARAPRMAYJUN/JULFirst Class (1/20)Create TeamsSelect Team CaptainSelect BusinessJANFEBMARAPRMAYJUN/JULFirst Four Classes(1/20-29)Learn about GoogleHow Search Engines WorkSearch MarketingAdWordsRead the Student GuideJANFEBMARAPRMAYJUN/JULFirst Two Weeks in FebruaryCreate AdWords AccountsMeet with ClientSubmit Pre-Campaign StrategyJANFEBMARAPRMAYJUN/JULLast Week in FebruaryStart Campaign (3 weeks)JANFEBMARAPRMAYJUN/JULFirst Two Weeks in MarchMonitor and Modify CampaignJANFEBMARAPRMAYJUN/JULFirst Week in AprilSubmit Post-Campaign SummaryJANFEBMARAPRMAYJUN/JULLast Week in AprilPresentationsJANFEBMARAPRMAYJUN/JULEnd of MayPost-Participation SurveysJANFEBMARAPRMAYJUN/JULJulyWinners AnnouncedQuality of written documentsQuality of presentationFeedback from clientCampaign performance metricsParticipating BusinessesParticipating BusinessesParticipating BusinessesParticipating BusinessesParticipating BusinessesParticipating Businesses:0003040506010809100207305040302010502040105040305000504020104010304050103020402020103040302010502030105040503010205040102030Form teamsElect a captainChoose a business
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