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Green Engineering PC Membership Subcommittee. Marty Bradley Membership Subcommittee Chair GEPC Membership Subcommittee. Members (Marty Bradley - Acting , Danielle Soban, Larry Levitt) Responsibilities Membership roster & information Recruiting
Green Engineering PC Membership SubcommitteeMarty BradleyMembership Subcommittee Chairmarty.k.bradley@boeing.comGEPC Membership Subcommittee
  • Members (Marty Bradley - Acting, Danielle Soban, Larry Levitt)
  • Responsibilities
  • Membership roster & information
  • Recruiting
  • Member upgrades (Larry Levitt)
  • 2012-2013 Activities
  • Gathered roster information
  • Filled some positions
  • 2014 Plans
  • Staff all key positions
  • Make sure subcommittee leaders can start working
  • Recruiting (including International)
  • Member upgrades
  • xx
  • GEPC Membership Actions
  • We want to encourage “active” members
  • Make sure your information is recorded in Membership Spreadsheet
  • Report your technical area (Green Aviation or Green Energy) – to know who to contact for special technical sessions, abstract reviews, policy issues, educational programs, etc.
  • Select your subcommittee position(s) in the PC organization (see charts that follow)
  • Identify any Liaisons - other organizations that you are involved with or want to coordinate with
  • New Membership Subcommittee Chair will check attendance and participation and “prune” the list
  • Meeting Notes
  • There were 17 attendees + 3 visitors + 3 virtual participants
  • Marty called for volunteers to fill the multiple open positions in the committee. After there were no volunteers, he agreed to take an action to contact the membership (some individually) to fill the positions. (immediately after the meeting 4 people volunteered for jobs!)
  • What is Green Engineering?Boeing.comGE.comAIAA Conferences & LiteratureEnergy ConversionEfficiencyAirframe EfficiencyEnviro.aeroEnviro.aeroRenewableEnergyBiofuelsWikipedia.orgClimate MonitoringRecyclingOperationsCharterThe purpose of the Green Engineering Program Committee (GEPC) is to promote a holistic, systems approach to improved energy efficiency, sustainability, renewable energy and ‘cradle-to-cradle’ design. GEPC serves as the AIAA focal point for all “green” aerospace-related programs and technologies, and works synergistically with the appropriate technical committees to assure that the AIAA membership is adequately informed about all aspects of this critical aerospace activity.Membership SummaryPC LiaisonsPC MembersPC ChairMarty BradleyEmail: marty.k.bradley@boeing.comVice Chair (Future Chair)TBDMembership ChairMarty Bradley (acting)
  • Established
  • Air Breathing Propulsion TC’s
  • Aerooacoustics TC
  • Aircraft Design TC
  • Applied Aero TC
  • Energy Optimized Aircraft PC
  • EPT CoS – Electric Propulsion Testing Standards
  • ETC – Emerging Technologies Committee
  • Terrestrial Energy Systems TC
  • IGTI
  • IEEE
  • Navy
  • DoE
  • ARPA-E
  • Adaptive Structures TC
  • Propulsion for Future Flight TC
  • Asian Liaison
  • Transformational Flight PC
  • 49 Total
  • 34 Regular
  • 4 YPs
  • 11 International
  • Category
  • Industry (43%)
  • Academia (41%)
  • Government (16%)
  • International members
  • 4 Japan
  • 1 United Kingdom
  • 1 Egypt
  • 1 South Africa
  • 1 Thailand
  • 1 Canada
  • 1 Israel
  • Technical Area
  • Green Aviation (57%)
  • Green Energy (43%)
  • Need to make progress to update the organization, identify new subcommittee leaders, and place all members in active positions
  • Green Engineering Program CommitteeChairJason SlagleVice Chair (Future Chair)Marty BradleyPast Co-ChairValerie LyonsService Subcommittee RepresentativesPublication / CommunicationsxxxMembershipMarty BradleyConferencesRich WahlsStandardsxxxPublic Policy Jason SlagleAwardsSivaramGogineniEducationEssamKhalilLiaison Tayo LadeindeTechnical Subcommittee RepresentativesGreen EnergyJohn BlantonGreen AviationGaudy Bezos-O'Connor Green Engineering Program CommitteeJanuary 2014ChairMarty BradleyVice Chair (Future Chair)xxxPast ChairJason SlagleService Subcommittee RepresentativesPublication / CommunicationsTayo LadeindeMembershipxxxConferencesRich Wahls  Ruben Del RosarioStandardsxxxPublic Policy Jason SlagleAwardsSivaramGogineniEducationEssamKhalilLiaison Tayo LadeindeTechnical Subcommittee RepresentativesGreen EnergyJohn BlantonGreen AviationGaudy Bezos-O'Connor Missing information is highlighted in yellow. send Marty your updates.1010Green Engineering PC– Member Positions (1)PC ChairsChair – Marty BradleyVice Chair? (Future Chair) – XXXPast Chairs – Jason SlagleMembership – Marty Bradley (Acting) - XXXRecruiting – xxxInternational recruiting – Danielle SobanUpgrades – Larry Levitt Publication/Communications – Tayo LadeindeYear in Review Article – Keiichi Okai, Gary Dale, xxxWebsite – Nathan Hicks, xxx Other (newsletter?) – xxxRobert Dougherty, Tayo LadeindeEducation – EssamKhalilShort Course – George Miley, Michael Houts (Nuclear), Webinar - Marty Bradley (SUGAR)Outreach (college, high school) – Marty Bradley, Rich WahlsAIAA Design Competition – Marty Bradley, Danielle SobanABP Design Competition – Ian Halliwell, Ruben Del RosarioFranz-Josef Kahlen, Keith Blodgett, Kuni Kitagawa1111Green Engineering PC– Member Positions (2)Conferences – Rich Wahls, Ruben Del Rosario taking over after SciTech 2014See Conference Subcommittee chartsNote: All PC Members should also volunteer when sessions chairs and abstract reviewers are neededStandards – xxxxxxPublic Policy – Jason Slagle, xxxDan Jensen, Jeff HamstraAwards – Sivaram Gogineni, Ryo AmanoBest Paper Award – xxxCoordination with other awards (Propulsion, etc) - xxx1212GEPC Conference Tech Chairs
  • xxx
  • Summer Fluids – Hawaii … Murray/Wahls
  • JPC11 – San Diego … Slagle/Lyons
  • ASM12 – Nashville … Wahls
  • JPC12 – Atlanta … Wahls
  • ASM13 – Grapevine … Wahls
  • JPC13 – San Jose … Benchergui
  • SciTech14 – National Harbor - Kahlen
  • Aviation14 - Atlanta - Wahls
  • P&E14 - Cleveland - Del Rosario
  • SciTech15 – Kissimmee - Kahlen
  • Aviation15 – Dallas - Gibson
  • P&E15 - Orlando - Hughes
  • SciTech16 -
  • Aviation16
  • P&E16
  • GEPC– Liaison – Tayo LadeindeAir Breathing Propulsion TC’s – Marty Bradley (HSABP), Ian Halliwell (GTE), Jerry Welch (GTE), Keith Blodgett (ABPSI), Steve Johnson (ABPSI) , Chris Hughes (ABPSI), Dyna Benchergui (ABPSI)– Jimmy Kenyon wants to talk about joint effort on Propulsion Student CompetitionFAA CLEEN – Ruben Del RosarioNASA ERA – Gaudy Bezos-O'Conner NASA SFW – Rich WahlsAeroacoustics TC – Robert DoughertyAtmospheric and Space Environments TC – xxxAircraft Design TC – Marty Bradley, Danielle Soban, DynaBencherguiSociety & Aerospace Technology TC – xxxPropellants & Combustion TC – xxxTerrestrial Energy Systems TC – David Lilley, Mark Bryden, Dyna Benchergui Energy Optimized Aircraft and Equipment Systems PC – Ruben Del RosarioApplied Aero TC – Rich WahlsEPT CoS – Electric Propulsion Testing Standards - Nathan HicksETC – Emerging Technologies Committee – Dan Jensen (talk about energy harvesting – flying windmills, thermoelectric)Navy - DynaBencherguiDoE - DynaBencherguiAdaptive Structures TC - DynaBencherguiPropulsion for Future Flight TC – George MileyAsian Liaison – Kuni KitagawaIEEE – Valerie LyonsIGTI – Ian Halliwell, D.R. ReddyARPA-E - Nicole MendozaTexas A&M – Nicole MendozaV/STOL TC – Andrew GibsonTransformational Flight PC - Brian Seeley, Andrew GibsonASME Wind Energy TC - xxx (talk to Doug Cairns Rocket and Space TC’s – xxxPressure Gain Combustion WG (PC) – Jerry Welch (talk to Dan Paxson)LENR – xxx Talk to Don Anderson of Emerging Technologies CommitteeCAAFI – xxx Having conference on Jan 28-29th Washington DCIf you are also a member of another TC or organization, you should sign up to a liaison slot in addition to your regular subcommittee1414GEPC Green Aviation Subcommittee
  • Members (Gaudy Bezos-O'Connor , Ruben DelRosario, Brien Seeley, Ryo Amano)
  • Responsibilities
  • Provide technical oversight
  • GEPC Conference Tracks
  • Leverage GEPC technical committees liaison efforts for relevant research topics
  • Leverage GEPC subcommittees efforts to grow/promote Green Aviation research topics
  • Grow/engage Industry, Academia and Government (DoD, FAA) leaders to share Green Aviation technology development program progress and future needs
  • Support abstract reviews for GEPC conference tracks
  • Provide items and contacts for Year in Review Article
  • 2013 Activities
  • Supported planning for Green Aviation related panels at SciTech 2014
  • 2014 Plans
  • Develop goals for 2014
  • Add GEPC Green Aviation Panel (Industry, Academia and Government)
  • Propulsion and Energy Forum 2014
  • Aviation Science and Technology Forum 2015
  • Evaluate/plan for one additional AIAA Conference to add GEPC tracks
  • GEPC Green Energy Subcommittee
  • Members (John Blanton, Michael Houts)
  • Responsibilities
  • Provide technical oversight, support abstract reviews and sessions, support year in review article
  • 2013 Activities
  • None
  • 2014 Plans
  • Develop goals for 2014
  • Develop role/scope/vision for what is “Green Energy” mean for the AIAA
  • Subcommittee Positions to Fill!Everyone here tonight (in person and on the phone) should know what subcommittee they are in and what position they have. If not, it you need to volunteer for something …
  • Communications Leader / Liaison – Tayo Ladeinde
  • Year in Review article –Keiichi Okai, Gary Dale, xxx
  • Website/Sharepoint – Nathan Hicks, assistant - xxx
  • Meeting Notes - xxx
  • Membership Leader – xxx
  • Membership Upgrades – Larry Leavitt?
  • Membership Recruiting – xxx
  • Education Outreach (high school, college, local sections) – xxx
  • Liaison Leader – Tayo Ladeinde
  • Public Policy Assistant to Leader - xxx
  • Awards Assistant to Leader – Ryo Amano
  • Standards Leader – xxx
  • Vice Chair (Next Chair) – send Marty a note if you are interested.
  • Liaison Positions to Fill!
  • Atmospheric and Space Environments TC – xxx
  • Society & Aerospace Technology TC – xxx
  • Propellants & Combustion TC – xxx
  • V/STOL TC – Andy Gibson
  • ASME Wind Energy TC - xxx (talk to Doug Cairns
  • More Rocket and Space TC’s – xxx
  • Pressure Gain Combustion WG (PC) – Jerry Welch (talk to Dan Paxson)
  • CAAFI – xxx Having conference on Jan 28-29th Washington DC
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