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1. Accio ~ A summoning charm which enables a wizard to call a nominated object, even from some distance. [4,6] <br />Aguamenti ~ Charm to produce water in the…
  • 1. Accio ~ A summoning charm which enables a wizard to call a nominated object, even from some distance. [4,6] <br />Aguamenti ~ Charm to produce water in the quantity required; useful to drink, or extinguish burning buildings. [6,11] <br />Alohomora ~ A charm which causes a locked door to open. Used expertly by Hermione Granger. [1,9] <br />Amortentia ~ The most powerful love potion; creates an infatuation or obsession. [6,9] <br />Anapneo ~ Incantation for a charm to clear airways; useful with choking. [6,7] <br />Apparate (Apparation) ~ Magical form of transportation. [2,5] <br />Aparecium ~ Charm to reveal hidden words: invisible ink for example. [2,13]<br />Avada Kedavra ~ The Killing Curse. No counter curse, no way of blocking it; only one person has been known to survive it. An Unforgivable Curse. [4,14] <br />Avis ~ Charm to produce birds; useful wand test. [4,18] <br />Banishing Charm ~ The opposite of the summoning charm; incantation not given. [4,26] <br />Bubble-Head Charm ~ Surrounds the head with air bubbles, to enable breathing underwater. [4,26] <br />Cave Inimicum ~ Spell to ensure warning of enemy attack. [7,14]<br />Cheering Charm ~ Leaves the recipient with a feeling of great contentment. For a while. [3,15] <br />Colloportus ~ A spell to seal a door closed. [5,35] <br />Confundus Charm ~ A spell to confuse or deceive others. [3,21] <br />Conjunctivitus Curse ~ Disrupts vision for a while; can be painful, and often confused with conjunctivitis, by unwary muggles. [4,23] <br />Crucio ~ The Cruciatus curse; induces unbearable pain. An Unforgivable Curse. [4,14] <br />Deletrius ~ Charm to delete a prior spell. [4,9] <br />Densaugeo ~ Curse that causes the teeth to grow to excessive length. [4,18]<br />Deprimo ~ A spell to push downward. [7,21]<br />Diffindo ~ Charm to open or divide. [4,20]<br />Disapparate ~ To disappear, only to appear elsewhere.The first stage of Apparation. [3,22] <br />Disillusionment Charm ~ Causes the charmed object to take on the appearance of the object behind; turned Harry into a 'human chameleon'. [5,3] <br />Dissendium ~ Charm to access a secret tunnel to Hogsmeade. [3,10] <br />Enervate ~ Charm to stimulate a sleepy, stunned or magically subdued person; reverses the stupify charm. [4,9] <br />Engorgement Charm ~ Used to make things grow larger 'engorgio'. [2,7] <br />Episkey ~ Incantation for a healing spell; ideal for broken noses. [6,8] <br />Erecto ~ A charm to raise items to full height; such as a tent. [7,14] <br />Evanesco ~ A disappearing charm. [5,5] <br />Expelliarmus ~ A disarming charm, used to remove an object from an opponent's hand. [2,11] <br />Expulso ~ Creation of a controlled explosion, directed at an opponent. [7,9]<br />Felix Felicis ~ Liquid luck; a temporary shifting of the rules of chance. [6,9] <br />Ferula ~ Spell used to attach a splint to a broken limb. [3,19] <br />Fidelius Charm ~ A way of protecting information; which is held by a Secret Keeper and totally safe unless that person chooses to reveal it. [3,10] <br />Finite Incantatem ~ A counter-charm: to cancel previous charms. [2,11]<br />Flagrate ~ A spell producing great heat from the wand tip. [5,34] <br />Four-Point Spell ~ To make a wand indicate North; Point Me is the incantation. [4,31] <br />Furnunculus ~ Curse that causes boils to break out on the victim. [4,18] <br />Homenum Revelio ~ A spell to reveal a concealed person. [7,9] <br />Homorphus Charm ~ Can return a werewolf to human form. [2,10] <br />Horcrux ~ A place of concealment of a part of the soul. [6,17] <br />Impediment Curse ~ To slow down and obstruct attackers; impedimenta is the incantation. [4,31] <br />Imperio ~ The Imperius curse; gives a wizard total control over another life. An Unforgivable Curse. [4,14] <br />Imperturbable Charm ~ Renders an object safe from disturbance - or spying. [5,4] <br />Impervius ~ A charm to make an object repel water. [3,9] <br />Incarcerous ~ A spell that causes ropes to secure an object - or person. Or creature. [5,33] <br />Incendio ~ A cahrm to start a fire. [4,4] <br />Invisibility Booster ~ Device to ensure invisibility, of a Ford Anglia, for example. [2,5] <br />Jelly-Legs Jinx ~ Does as it says! [4,31] <br />Levicorpus ~ A spell in which the victum is dangled upside-down, as if suspended by the ankle. [6,12] <br />Liberacorpus ~ Counter-jinx for Levicorpus. Frees the target of being suspende in mid-air. [6,12] <br />Locomotor ~ A portering charm. [5,3] <br />Locomotor Mortis ~ The leg-locker curse, a spell that bids the legs together; bunny hopping is still possible, and there is a counter curse. [1,13] <br />Lumos ~ A charm to create a light at a wand's tip. [2,15] <br />Lomos dou~ A charm to create a light at a wand's tip. [2,15]<br />Meteolojinx Recanto ~ Reverses weather charms. usually. [7,13]<br />Mobiliarbus ~ A charm to move objects, such as Christmas trees. [3,10] <br />Mobilicorpus ~ A spell to move a body. [3,19]<br />Morsmordre ~ Incantation to conjur the Dark Mark, emblem of You-Know-Who's supporters. [4,9] <br />Muffliato ~ A spell that fills the ears of anyone nearby, to protect secret conversation. [6,12] <br />Muggle-Repelling Charm ~ A charm to protect muggles from the wizarding world; if they approach the charmed area, they suddenly remember urgent appointments. [4,8] <br />Nox ~ Reversal of the Lumos incantation; extinguishes light. [3,17] <br />Obliviate ~ A charm to remove memories. [2,16] <br />Obscuro ~ A blindfolding spell [7,15]<br />Oppugno ~ An attack charm, directed at small creatures. [6,14] <br />Orchideous ~ Charm to produce a bunch of flowers; useful wand test. [4,18] <br />Pack ~ A charm that lives up to its name, when applied to personal possessions. [5,3] <br />Patronus ~ A personal guardian, summoned by the incantation " Expecto Patronum" ; particularly effective against dementors. [3,12] <br />Permanent Sticking Charm ~ Magical superglue. [5,5] <br />Petrificus Totalis ~ The full body-bind; the whole body is rigid ... only the eyes can move. [1,16]<br />Portus ~ Incantation for activating a portkey. [5,22] <br />Prior Incantato ~ Charm to reveal the last spell a wand performed. [4,9] <br />Protean Charm ~ Spell to cause objects to mirror changes to a selected item. [5,19] <br />Protego ~ The shield charm; protects against curses and hexes. [5,26] <br />Protego Totalum ~ Super shield charm; total protection for a defined area. [7,14]<br />Quietus ~ Reversal of the sonorus charm. [4,8] <br />Reducio ~ A Shrinking charm; cancels engorgio. [4,14] <br />Repello Muggletum ~ A muggle repellant charm; protects against discovery by curious muggles. [7,14] <br />Reductor Curse ~ To blast objects out of the way, or reduce them to dust. Reducto is the incantation. [4,31] <br />Relashio ~ A charm that sends sparks from the wand; jets of hot water when used underwater. [4,26] <br />Reparo ~ Incantation for the repairing charm. [4,11] <br />Revulsion Jinx ~ Spell to force separation. [7,14]<br />Rictusempra ~ A tickling charm, which can disable an opponent. [2,11]<br />Riddikulus ~ A charm that renders something amusing; effective against boggarts. [3,7] <br />Salvio Hexia ~ Protective charm; an unbreakable hex. [7,14]<br />Scourgify ~ A cleaning charm. [5,3] <br />Sectum Sempra ~ A spell that will cause an enemy to bleed uncontrollably. [6,21] <br />Serpensortia ~ A charm that throws a snake from the wand toward an opponent. [2,11] <br />Shield Charm ~ Creates a temporary, invisible, personal wall of defence - to deflect minor curses. [4,31] <br />Silencio ~ The Silencing Charm. Needs care in wand work - " You don't want to wave it, it's more a sharp jab" , explains Hermione Granger. [5,18] <br />Sonorus ~ A charm to magify the voice a hundred-fold. [4,8] <br />Specialis revelio ~ A revealing charm; exposes previous charms. [6,9] <br />Stupefy ~ A stunning spell. [4,9]<br />Switching Spell ~ Charm to alter some aspect of the target - Dragon's fangs to wine gums, perhaps? [4,15] <br />Taboo ~ A hex applied to a word that enables its use to be tracked - and its users to be tracked down. [7,20]<br />Tarantallegra ~ Makes the recipient dance uncontrollably. [2,11] <br />Tergeo ~ Incantation for a cleansing spell; works well on stubborn stains. [6,8] <br />Unbreakable Vow ~ An oath supported by a magical bond and guaranteed by the Bonder, a third party to the Vow. [6,2] <br />Undetectable Extension Charm ~ To add capacity to a container without a achange in appearance or weight. [7,9]<br />Waddiswasi ~ A spell capable of returning an item to its owner. [3,7] <br />Wingardium Leviosa ~ A spell to make things fly; " Wing-gar-dium Levi-o-sa, make the 'gar' nice and long" advises Hermione. [1,10] <br />
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