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An excellent overview of the Type 45 weapon system and of its possible future evolution.
      H    M    S    D    A    R    I    N    G TYPE 45 - The Anti-Air Warfare Destroyer  World-leading littoral air defence DARING  Type 45 is an Anti-Air Warfare Destroyer designed to protect UK and allied/coalition forces at sea and in the littoral against the full range of enemy aircraft and anti-ship missiles. In addition she has a wide suite of capabilities including Maritime Force Projection through Naval Fire Support and Littoral Manoeuvre. In peacetime, T45 will undertake a wide range of Defence Tasks around  the globe supporting civil authorities in the UK and abroad through Maritime Security Operations whilst maintaining a high readiness to respond with Humanitarian Aid or Non combatant Evacuation Operations. A Type 45 can... detect, deter, defend, dominate or destroy. It can also undertake... defence diplomacy and disaster relief operations. DARING DAUNTLESS DIAMOND DRAGON DEFENDER  DUNCAN  Type 45 Daring Class Destroyers D32 HMS DARINGD33 HMS DAUNTLESSD34 HMS DIAMONDD35 HMS DRAGON D36 HMS DEFENDERD37 HMS DUNCAN Dimensions Displacement 7500 tonnesLength 152.5 mBeam 21.2 mDraught 7.4 mComplement 191 Weapons Principle Anti Air Missile System (PAAMS)1 x 4.5” Mk 8 Gun2 x 30mm Automated GunsNATO Seagnat Decoy LaunchersMachine GunsSmall Calibre Guns Sensors 2 x Type 1047 Navigational Radars1 x Type 1048 Navigational Radar1 x Multi Functional Radar (MFR)1 x Long Range Radar (LRR)1 x IFF RadarElectronic Surveillance SystemActive/Passive sonar Communications Fully Integrated Communications System (FICS)SCOT Satellite Communications System Aircraft 1 x LYNX helicopters fitted with: Sea Skua Anti-Ship Missiles Stingray Torpedoes Machine Gunsor 1 x MERLIN Helicopter  The Type 45 represents a quantam leap in surface warfare design and capability reflecting innovation, foresight and an eye to the future in virtually every aspect. High speed, extended endurance and aggressive capability combine to provide robust, versatile and economic maritime effect. The most advancedsurface warship in the world Here is just a selection of the superlatives applicable to the Type 45: Performance To meet the challenging speed and endurance requirements, the Type 45 Destroyer accommodates two Rolls Royce WR21 Gas Turbine-driven alternators, two Wartsila Diesel Generators, two Alstom Electric Propulsion Motors and their associated control and distribution systems.The ship will accelerate faster and turn inside current ships, with a top speed of well over 30 knots. Capability Type 45 has been engineered to maximise survivability within any given threat. Clean angular lines contribute to her stealth profile and deck fitments are concealed behind doors.The Type 45’s radar can track multiple incoming threats simultaneously, prioritise them, assign countermeasures and deploy them to their targets. It can even track a target the size of a cricket ball approaching at three times the speed of sound. When required, the Type 45 can fire multiple missiles at a time and guide each one precisely to a different target. Her hypersonic missiles can reach Mach 4-5 (five times the speed of sound) in just two seconds. Versatility Type 45 provides the future air defence capability for the Royal Navy, offering local air defence for maritime task group and area air defence at long range.The ships contains about 800 compartments – some of which are purposely unallocated to simplify the introduction of equipment developed over her projected 30-year service life. The flight deck and aviation facilities are designed to operate LYNX or MERLIN helicopters. The flight deck area is four times that of a Type 42 destroyer – big enough to land a CHINOOK. Ingenuity The Type 45 are the first warships to feature Integrated Electric Propulsion, replacing gearboxes with direct shaft drive from electric motors.
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