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Shot list of all my shots I am using in my horror opening sequence, totla of 40 shots.
  Horror opening sequence shot list: 1)   Pan across forest terrain, establishes setting, long shot. 2)   Additional shot of forest. Medium-long shot of tree trunk with others in background, use tilt movement to look up to the top of the trees. 3)   Close-up on branch swaying in wind, blur background. 4)   Props buried under dirt can still partially see them, pan over the top of them, using a close-up. 5)   Final shot of forest terrain. Extreme long shot of whole forest, try to fit whole entrance in. (Dissolve to next shot) 6)   Now switch locations to an interrogation room, girl sitting alone at table, hair is obscuring face, start from behind then pan round to side view. Start from high angle. 7)   Big close-up of girls face, hand held camera for this shot. 8)   Eye-line match, switch to what was upsetting her, close-up of a picture she is holding. 9)   Track man in suit about to enter interrogation room, medium shot. 10)   Girl reacts to opening of door, over the shoulder shot, action match of the guy entering the room. 11)   Close-up on files the officer/therapist is holding, still shot, as have to read what ’s  on file.  12)   Medium-close up on feet of the man as he walks towards table. Track feet. 13)   Point of view shot (P.O.V) from girls view, as the man places file on the table and then sits down. Medium long shot. 14)   Close- up on officer’s face, 180 degree has now been established.  15)   Shot reverse shot, extreme close-up on girls face. 16)   Over the shoulder shot from girls view, man sighs and asks question, medium long shot. 17)   P.O.V from man, medium long shot, girl composes herself and makes gesture as if to answer. Dissolve transition applied, move into flashback. 18)   Yellow tint, medium long shot of girl and guy. Flashback. 19)   Close-up on couple, slightly higher angle, yellow tint. Flashback. 20)   Long shot of couple from behind, hand held camera, flashback, yellow tint. 21)   Long shot, couple walk past still camera, spirit standing in background, flashback, yellow tint. Dissolve transition. 22)   Same shot as last, but without spirit there, so seems she has disappeared as couple block her, long shot, flashback, yellow tint. 23)   Medium close-up from front of girl, she steps on something, yellow tint, flashback. 24)   Close-up, camera buried, girl uncovers camera, yellow tint, flashback.   25)   Eye-line match, close-up, observing props, yellow tint, flashback. 26)   Medium long shot, girl stands up with book, gets close to boy, spirit standing directly behind, yellow tint, flashback. 27)   Both turn, spirit is gone. High angle, medium shot. Yellow tint and flashback. 28)   Extreme long shot, makes couple seem vulnerable, boy hugs girl, flashback, yellow tint. 29)   P.O.V of spirit directly behind them, high angle, they go to turn heads, flashback, yellow tint. 30)   Boys hand drops to floor releasing book, close-up, flashback, yellow tint. (Dissolve transition applied) 31)   Over the shoulder shot of officer, the girl justifies how she got away. Hand held camera. 32)   Medium close- up on officer isn’t convinced by s tory, hand held camera. 33)   Big close-up of girl, the girl pleads innocence. 34)   Close-up of officer, still shot, says he leaving, worse case for girl. 35)   P.O.V of girl looking at officer begging her case, then pans room spirit is seen. 36)   Girls shoots up, medium sh ot, pan to officer who looks and see’s nothing.  37)   Girl pleads, not to be trapped in with spirit. Medium close-up, high angle on girl. 38)   Action match of her screaming for justice. Door slowly shuts, spirit standing behind girl but she doesn’t notice. Long sh ot. 39)   Fade to black out. 40)   Dissolve into final shot, initial forest terrain, long shot of whole exterior, title appears.
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