How To Use Analytics To Improve Your Website

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Don’t drown yourself in data- align your analytics to your marketing plan and get the information you need to make educated decisions on what to improve on your website and internet marketing.
  • 1. smart marketing.© How to Use (Google) Analytics to Improve Your Website "It's not just about having a website …it is about marketing smarter."
  • 2. What Is Web Analytics? says: “Web Analytics is the measurement of the behavior of visitors to a website. In a commercial context, it refers to the measurement of which aspects the website work towards the business objectives.”
  • 3. What You Can Expect to Learn Exp ect  How to tie your business goals to your website and internet marketing.  How to determine if you are getting the right traffic coming to your site.  How to optimize your site to capitalize on the right traffic.
  • 4. What You Can Also Expect to Learn Exp ect How to meas ure other (internet) mark eting efforts like:  PPC  SEO  Email  Social Media  Offline (r adio, TV, print)
  • 5. Step 1- Have An…
  • 6. Who is your customer? Ma rke t ing 101 - Ide nt if y yo ur audi e nce  Demo gra phi cs  Age , Sex, Inc ome, Fam ily, Geog rap hy, etc  Mo ti vat io ns  Their goals  Their nee ds  Their wan ts  The risk to them ($, esteem , statur e, job )
  • 7. What do you want them to do? Set your bus ine ss goals and marke ting objectives. What steps of your sales process are completed online? Plan out your micro and macro CTAs page by page. Som e exam ples:  Re gi stration for eve nts  Shopping cart adds  Learn more about your products , servi ces, policies  Sign up for mai ling list  Vi sit your store or contact you
  • 8. An example. Acm e Software co mpany ne eds their web site to ge nerate and nurture their sales leads. Their macro goal is for visitors to reque st a so ftwa re demo or free trial. Som e exam ples of the micro actions visitors might take:  Produc t Page Views  Cas e Study Down loads  Read a blog post  Follow on Twitter  View Cus to mer testimonials
  • 9. An example. Acme Softwa re company needs their we bsi te to generate and nurture their sales leads. Th eir macro goal is for vi si tors to request a software demo or free trial. Some exa mples of the mi cro actions vi sitors mi ght take:  Pr od uct Pa ge Vi ew s  Ca se Stu dy Down lo a ds  Re ad a blo g post  Fo l lo w on Twi tt er  Vi ew Cust omer testi mon ia l s Th e se ca n al so be ca ll ed su cce ss eve nt s.
  • 10. How to measure what you want them to do. Ident ify your Key Per formanc e Ind ic at or s (KPIs ) Business Success KPI Goal Event Increase Completed Form online leads RFP or RFI Conversion form Rate Page Bounce Rate
  • 11. Now that you have your new found data Tak e on the role of an ana lys t and fix the ho les in the funnel. Don’t jus t say, “Oh, look at wha t ha ppene d to our page vi ews yes terday whe n we sent tha t email…” The goal of us ing analy tic s is no t to obser ve the data and then stop. What you shoul d do is to tak e a look at the dat a and us e it to mak e the next dec is ion.
  • 12. Now that you have your new found data Thi s br ings us to the thir d ques tion in our ac tion plan. “Ho w to get them to tak e action? ” Ins tead of react ing to your data, look for way s to improve the proc es s for your cus t ome rs . Examp le: 10% of our vis itors left the conv e rs ion pr oces s at thi s page. Wha t is mi ss ing from the page, what is not appealing on the page?
  • 13. Lets take a live look to see how this all play out.
  • 14. smart marketing. Questions Con nec t to lear n more: www.min ternetmar keting .com /mahon eyin ternetmar keting @min etmarketin g in /car olem ahon ey
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