Howard - The White House - American or Roman (Set Against Roman Catholic JFK Presidency)(1960)

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american or roman
     THE WHITE HOUSE — AMERICAN OR ROMAN? Should a Roman Catholic be the head of the government of the United   States when the Roman hierarchy has always been opposed to many of   our American free-doms? What about a Catholic President? The complacency and misapplied spirit of tolerance, on the part of many American citizens, has almost become a virtue. Be careful; don't say anything that would question a man's religion, is the word of the hour in many circles. Yet, there is so much under the cloak of religion   (from nudism to Hinduism) it behooves responsible men to remove the   cloak and see if all this religion is from God or Satan. All one need do is read history to ascertain the fact that Roman Catholi-cism is not exclusively religious, but has always been political in her aims and   actions; sometimes more political than religious.    NOT VOTING ON RELIGION It must be remembered that in deciding whether or not a Roman   Catholic shall be President, is not a matter of penalizing a man politically    because of his religion. It is not that America will rise up and cast a vote against a man's religion, but it is a matter of defeating a powerful system, organized in the name of religion, which seeks to overthrow many of our cherished freedoms and ultimately make the church (Catholic) the supreme guardian of the State. Surely, we must recognize the fact that the members of the Catholic   Church in America, no doubt, by far the majority, are honest and sincere American citizens who are not fully aware of the designs and aims of the hierarchy with respects to the conflicting issues of Church and State. But, question: What can a private in the army do when an order, or directive,   has been handed down by the Commander and Chief, the Generals, and the  — 2 —  Admirals? If there is any doubt about what may happen when members of   the Catholic Church rebel against the Church and her authority, one need only read history to learn that thousands of Catholics have been put to death because of rebellion against the powers that be in the Catholic Church. Heretics (those who rebel, or deny the Catholic faith) may be   ordered murdered!  No, we would not vote for or against a man just because of his religion, but suppose a man's religious convictions and allegiances involves his fellowman's Constitutional Rights? For example, would   American citizens wish to elect the head of Jehovah's Witnesses, a religious sect, much opposed to many civil statutes, as the President of the United States? Would American citizens want to elect a religious man, like Oral Roberts, the fake healer, as the national head of the Health Department? It is not a matter of opposing a man because of his   religion, but the matter of a man's religion influencing him to oppose constitutional rights. There can be no doubt about it, religious convictions may affect ones fitness for civil office, especially the high office of the President of the United States. ROME NEVER CHANGES Rome never changes, she boasts. All dogmatic decrees of the Pope made with or without his general council, are infallible and irreformable. Once made no pope or council can reverse them. There is no choice left to prelates about enforcing them on the clergy and people . . . . 'Catholic   World, June 1871, page 422. The Pope is the supreme judge, even of civil laws. and therefore is incapable of being under any true obligation to them. Civilita Cattolica, Vol. VIII, page.. 663.   As the true God can tolerate no strange gods, the true Church of   Christ (Catholic) can tolerate no strange churches beside herself, or. what amounts to the same, she can recognize none as theoretically justified. Catholic Encyclopedia, Vol. XIV, page 766.  — 3 —  PRIVATE BELIEF AND CITIZENSHIP DUTY Senator John F. Kennedy, a presidential hopeful, has attempted to   white-wash these issues by stating that a public official can distinguish    between his private beliefs and his public duty. Catholic judges can and do grant divorces every day... even though in  private life they may not believe in them, Mr. Kennedy declared. (UPI  News Release, March 8, 1960). Surely Senator Kennedy, being a Catholic, is not ignorant of the Roman Catholic doctrine on this issue. I quote from Pope Pius XII, his statement to members of the Tribunal of Rota, November 13, 1949, the same statement reaffirmed before a group of United States Senators,  November 17, 1949: To take a particular case, a Catholic judge cannot pronounce a sentence of civil divorce, when it is a question of a marriage that is valid  before God and His (Catholic) Church. Yes, a Catholic judge may pronounce a divorce in cases which the Catholic Church does not consider legal marriages, (non-Catholic), but Pope Pius XII declared no Catholic judge may grant a divorce if it is a Catholic marriage, unless of course, sanctioned by the   church. Mr. Kennedy didn't state the fact that the Catholic Church considers all civil marriages, or, non-Catholic marriages, as illegal, or illegitimate marriages. PROTESTANT MOTHERS CONCUBINES But impious laws taking no account of the sacredness of this great sacrament, placed it on the same level as all merely civil contracts; and the deplorable results has been that citizens, desecrating the holy dignity of marriage, have lived in legal concubinage instead of Christian matrimony (Pope Leo XIII, Life of Leo, XIII, 332). The Church does not consider merely civil marriage  _4 —
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