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1. IGF2013  DAILYNEWS  -­  EDITION  FRIDAY,  25  October  2013        Page  1               6th edition, 25 October 2013 daily.igf2013.or.id DAILYNEWS…
  • 1. IGF2013  DAILYNEWS  -­  EDITION  FRIDAY,  25  October  2013        Page  1               6th edition, 25 October 2013 daily.igf2013.or.id DAILYNEWS Internet Governance Forum 2013 - The Multi-stakeholders Events For  4  days,  all  participants  of  The  8th  Internet  Governance   Forum   2013   gathered   in   Bali   Nusa   Dua   Convention   Center,   Bali,   Indonesia   for   discussing   current   issue   about   Internet  Governance  and  sharing  their  knowledge  and  best   experiences.  Some  of  the  participants  even  attended  earlier   to   participate   on   the   pre-­event   IGF   2013   on   October   21,   2013.   Under   the   core   theme   “Building   Bridges   -­   Enhancing   Multistakeholder   Cooperation   for   Growth   and   Sustainable   Development”,   at   least   50   workshops   under   subthemes   in  human  rights,  multi-­stakeholder  approach,  youth  as  the   digital   citizen,   child   online   protection,   cybercrime,   internet   control,   freedom   of   expression   issues   had   been   explored   together  by  governments,  private  sectors,  and  civil  society   organizations  from  more  than  100  different  countries.  More   than  2,400  participants  involved  and  gave  attention  to  the   discussion  on  how  to  create  a  better,  transparent,  and  safer   Internet  in  the  future. At  the  end  of  Internet  Governance  Forum  today,  the  results   and  impacts  of  this  event  may  come  vary  on  each  countries,   but  some  key  principles  on  good  Internet  Governance  had   been  discussed  among  multi-­stakeholders  participants.   Let’s  raise  our  hope  again  so  ‘the  bridge’  will  be  ready  in   the  near  future. 1
  • 2. Page  2        IGF2013  DAILYNEWS  -­  EDITION      FRIDAY,  25  October  2013 Let’s meet the real multi-stakeholders behind The 8th IGF 2013! the igf committee SteeringCommittee& OrganizingCommittee LOGISTIC & iNFRASTRUCTURE IGF2013Secretariat OnTheMove
  • 3. IGF2013  DAILYNEWS  -­  EDITION  FRIDAY,  25  October  2013        Page  3               IGF Village at Jimbaran Lobby & South Lobby The Helping Hands
  • 4. Page  4        IGF2013  DAILYNEWS  -­  EDITION      FRIDAY,  25  October  2013 Behind-The-Scene of IGF 2013 Daily News The TEAM          Olivia  Hutagaol,  Maria  A.  Inkiriwang,            Okky  Alparessi,  Nadia  Maharani              Frenavit  Putra,  Eri  Kasman  G. Designer      :  Olivia  Hutagaol,  Maria  A.  Inkiriwang Editorial  Secretariat    :  Mariam  Ananda,  Mataharitimoer,              Anisa  Nurlitasari Board  of  Advisor   :  ID-­IGF  Secretariat Managing  Editor     :  Damar  Juniarto News  Coordinator   :  Mariam  Ananda Editor       :  Damar  Juniarto,  Hersinta,           Reporter       :  Mariam  Ananda,  Aprida  Sihombing,  Hersinta,        Fiona  Suwana,  Renold  Sutadi,  Susan  Wen,     :
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