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So many inbound leads, so few inbound sales people. What's an inbound buyer to do? What's the secret to creating, approaching and nurturing your inbound leads into customer evangelists? How should salespeople nurture and follow up with leads the inbound way? Check out this presentation from #inbound15 if you are looking to convert more inbound leads into customer evangelists with some of the simple secrets of inbound engagement. Discover what questions to ask to go from download to customer evangelist with an easy to remember buyer focused process
  • 1. INBOUND15 Inbound Engagement The Rules of Engagement for Inbound Sales Carole Mahoney, Sales Coach @icarolemahoney
  • 2. INBOUND15 This is me. Mom. Mainah. Sales coach. Entrepreneur. Recovering marketer. @icarolemahoney
  • 3. INBOUND15 Is this you? C-Suite Sales Executive/Manager Sales rep Entrepreneur @icarolemahoney
  • 4. INBOUND15 Buyers don’t want to be tricked or hacked. @icarolemahoney
  • 5. INBOUND15 Salespeople don’t trust salespeople! The Trust Project 2012 Objective Management Group @icarolemahoney
  • 6. INBOUND15 Buyers want to engage... @icarolemahoney Source: 2015 SiriusDecision B2B Buying Guide
  • 7. INBOUND15 ...but with whom? @icarolemahoney Source: SalesforLife/IDC
  • 8. INBOUND15 Mindset “Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” ~Napoleon Hill @icarolemahoney
  • 9. 1. Never about you. Help people buy right. 2. Be transparent. Look for the no. 3. Take baby steps to speed up the process. 4. Prospects are people, opportunities are conversations. Key mindsets = the rules. @icarolemahoney
  • 10. INBOUND15 The Buyer Engagement Matrix TOFU Do they have a problem I can fix? Do they know it? Do they want it fixed? MOFU Can they tell me to fix it? Can they pay me? BOFU Do they believe that I understand their world? Do they believe I have the expertise to help? Do they want my help? @icarolemahoney
  • 11. INBOUND15 What are the elements a great salesperson? Supportive Beliefs Doesn’t Need Approval Controls Emotions Supportive Buy Cycle Comfortable Discussing Money Handles Rejection @icarolemahoney Source: Objective Management Group Icons by The Noun Project
  • 12. INBOUND15 Decision maker hide and seek. @icarolemahoney
  • 13. INBOUND15 TOFU Turn Education and Attention to Interest “Qualify the company, not the contact.” ~Trish Bertuzzi @icarolemahoney
  • 14. INBOUND15 TOFU Checklist Do they have a problem I can fix? Do they know it? Do they want it fixed? Buyer Is this a problem? What if I don’t fix it? Can I fix it myself? Who can help me decide? @icarolemahoney
  • 15. INBOUND15 Baby steps. @icarolemahoney
  • 16. INBOUND15 ● Linkedin ● Quora ● Twitter ● Facebook ● Instagram Social Media Interaction @icarolemahoney
  • 17. INBOUND15 Content Cocktail Party Rule ● Thought leadership ● Create ● Comment ● Share ● Shelf life @icarolemahoney
  • 18. INBOUND15 Content Download ● Did it download ok? ● How did you find it? ● Your idea, or someone else’s request? ● Any ah-ha moments? ● Why did you select XYZ on the form? @icarolemahoney
  • 19. INBOUND15 Webinars ● Why did you sign up? ● What were you hoping for? ● Did you have an aha moment? ● What was your #1 takeaway? ● Did you get the promised follow-up? @icarolemahoney
  • 20. INBOUND15 Conferences ● Is this your first time here? ● What are you famous for? ● What other shows have you been to? ● Are you here for leads or solutions? ● Who are you looking to meet? @icarolemahoney
  • 21. INBOUND15@icarolemahoney Buyer Context Image credit: Chris Skinner
  • 22. INBOUND15 TOFU Questions ● How did we get together? How did you find me? ● How did you get in this business? What are your responsibilities? How is that measured? ● What do you struggle with? ● Was this totally your idea? ● What are you hearing in meetings from decision makers? @icarolemahoney
  • 23. INBOUND15 MOFU Create Interest and Desire for a Solution “The trusted advisor status is achieved by few, but aspired to by many...” ~Chris Skinner @icarolemahoney
  • 24. INBOUND15 MOFU Checklist Can they tell me to fix it? Can they pay me? Buyer Do I need to fix it now? How have others fixed it? Who can fix it? Can I afford to have it fixed? @icarolemahoney
  • 25. INBOUND15 Straight from the... @icarolemahoney
  • 26. INBOUND15 Disqualification ● Do they value your time? ● Do you have their attention? ● Are they using you to keep a vendor honest? ● Do they buy on price or value? ● Do they have a referral mindset? @icarolemahoney In? Out?
  • 27. INBOUND15 No fixing @icarolemahoney Image credit: HubSpot blog
  • 28. INBOUND15 It’s not you, it’s me realizing you are terrible for me. @icarolemahoney
  • 29. INBOUND15 MOFU Questions ● Where is this in your priorities? ● Does that ever work for you? ● Has it always been that way? ● Am I the first person you have told about this? ● What happens if you do nothing? ● How will you decide if we should work together? @icarolemahoney
  • 30. INBOUND15 BOFU Narrow Selection, Get Action Commitments, and Ensure Satisfaction “Close before you propose.” @icarolemahoney
  • 31. INBOUND15 BOFU Checklist Do they believe that I understand their world? Do they believe I have the expertise to help them? Do they want my help? Buyer Do they understand what I want, need and can do? Are they trustworthy and credible? Whose help do I want? @icarolemahoney
  • 32. INBOUND15 Everyone is nervous. @icarolemahoney
  • 33. INBOUND15 The salesperson... ● Did I do everything? ● Can I handle their objections? ● This is what it all comes down to. ● I’d think it over if I were them… ● They’re never going to buy… ● If I don’t get this sale, I can’t pay the bills. ● I can’t upset them by asking that. @icarolemahoney
  • 34. INBOUND15 The buyer... ● Uh-oh, how much is this going to cost? Can I get a better price? ● Now they are going to try to trick me… ● I’m not sure… what if? ● Past experience. @icarolemahoney
  • 35. INBOUND15 The proposal problem. @icarolemahoney
  • 36. INBOUND15 The proposal solution. @icarolemahoney Hey, wait your turn! I’m next in line to write my own proposal.
  • 37. INBOUND15 BOFU Questions ● Does everybody agree? ● I'm not the one. Am I? Are we done here? ● Is that everything? What did we miss? ● Where do we start? What would that look like? ● Do you believe I understand the problem and can help? ● Do you want my help? @icarolemahoney
  • 38. INBOUND15 Questions? @icarolemahoney
  • 39. INBOUND15 Contact me. Download the 1st 3 chapters of the book: @icarolemahoney “Everything is sales.”
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