Incorporating Indigenous Perspectives in Counselling Psychology (Speaking Together)

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Incorporating Indigenous Perspectives in Counselling Psychology (Speaking Together). Nhlanhla Mkhize, PhD University of KwaZulu-Natal School of Psychology South Africa Background. Over-reliance on imported theoretical frameworks
Incorporating Indigenous Perspectives in Counselling Psychology(Speaking Together)Nhlanhla Mkhize, PhDUniversity of KwaZulu-NatalSchool of PsychologySouth
  • Over-reliance on imported theoretical frameworks
  • Marginalization of others’ ways of being-in-the-world
  • Implications for Counseling Psychology Training
  • Reflect on assumptions embedded in our theories
  • What does it mean to be a black/white man/woman teaching counseling psych in the post-colonial context?
  • The social construction of minority students: and dominant narratives about minorities
  • Professional training and identity development
  • Plurality of Knowledge: Diverse Syllabi
  • Incorporate indigenous worldviews in the Counseling Psychology Syllabi:
  • Human life interconnected, indivisible
  • Human beings inherently spiritual
  • Interdependence of Self & Other, Mind, Body & Spirit
  • Human participation in creative becoming; human beings as forms-in-waiting
  • Relationship between Balance & Imbalance
  • The Role of language in Counseling Training
  • Translation of major counseling texts into indigenous languages is required, in order to ensure conceptual equivalence
  • Bottom up approach: to bring local counseling knowledge and frameworks into the international arena
  • Recommendations
  • Incorporation of indigenous knowledge systems into the curriculum, while
  • Avoiding tokenism and anthropological essentialism and ghettoisation
  • Recommendations
  • Contextualizing various claims to truth, to identify liberating and constraining discourses within the discipline of counseling psychology itself
  • Ongoing questioning of one’s assumptions and opening up to the world of the other, through dialogue
  • Paying attention to the role of power/power differentials in psychological work
  • Recommendations
  • Paying attention to knowledge communicated by our racialized and gendered bodies, knowledge ‘deposited’ in our bodies
  • Immersion experience for senior counseling students: to promote a practical and relational, rather than a detached and theoretical, view of the other
  • Recommendations
  • A vernacular language requirement for all trainee counselling psychologists
  • Internationalization: Translation of major international texts into African languages
  • A bottom up approach to research, to make local counselling concepts international
  • That way, we will be able to say, we are ………….
  • Speaking TogetherThank Youkea le bohangiyabongaE Nkosi!Asante sana!Baie dankie
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