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Lucknow: The Armed Forces Tribunal has directed the Army to hold an inquiry into the conduct of Lt Gen_Arvind Singh Rawat (retd) who, as commanding officer in the rank of a Colonel, had summoned the wife of a Major serving under him and “made sexual innuendoes” allegedly suggesting that she comply to ensure good posting and promotion forher husband.
  Indian Army News Report on Sex for Promotions The Times of India5 August, 201 ! Thursday “…Sex for Promotions ..” puts the retired Lt General in the dock  Text of the above News Report   Allegedly sought sexual favours from Major’s wife Luckow! The Armed orces Tribual has directed the Army to hold a i#uiry ito the coduct of Lt $e%Arvid &igh Rawat 'retd( who) as commadig of*icer i the rak of a +oloel) had summoed the wife of a Major servig uder him ad ,made sexual iuedoes- allegedly suggestig that she comply to esure good postig ad promotio forher husbad.A bech of /ustice 0 1 &igh 'retd( ad Air Marshal Ail +hopra 'retd( has directed the Army to proceed agaist Lt $e Rawat who retired a year ago ad complete the exercise withi six moths. The Luckow bech of the tribual was hearig a petitio *iled by Lt +ol 2arshwardha &igh of the Army 3rdace +orps. Lt +ol &igh said Lt $e Rawat) of the same corps) gave him a adverse aual co*idetial report after &igh complaied agaist him to a superior of*icer for the idecet remarks agaist his wife. Colonel Sexually Harassed me – omen !f icer 1ublished by 4 #he #imes of $ndia 0ate 4 %& !cto'er()*%+ , -onday  ,The materials placed o record establish beyod doubt the mala*ide itet of Lt $e Rawat) commadat) +ollege of Material Maagemet) /abalpur5 to6 oppress ad persecute the applicat. To call a of*icer to his of*ice was his right) but it was highly irratioal o his part to call the applicat with his wife durig of*ice hours ad deliver a prologed diatribe tiged with sexual iuedoes)- the bech observed.,7y ot holdig ay e#uiry the 8io of 9dia) chief of Army staff ad $3+4i4+) +etral +ommad) Luckow failed to discharge their duties ad protect the digity of a of*icer of the 9dia Army ad his :ife)- the bech said) addig Lt $e Rawat ,seems to be i the habit of idulgig i such misdemeaor..- ad ,there are reportedly six4seve complaits- about remarks tiged with sexual iuedoes. The tribual wodered how a perso with such track record was allowed to rise to such high rak.  0irectig the Army the bech said) ,9t is hoped that those at the helm i the Army shall frame such mechaism keepig i view the guidelies cotaied i the case of ;ishakha 'supra( ad existig peal law for coductig such proceedigs i camera i case ay complaits are received by ladies agaist ay of the otlicers of the Army -9dias must $oogle < s ++(*** Crore /ir $ndia Scamho o0ns 1et /ir ays..2s 3*(**(*** Crore #horium Scam4scape of -oin 5ureshihy former 6$ Go7ernor a8huram a9an 0as forced to 4S$G:..2Character of ;ormer Prime -inister /tal 6ihari <a9payeeas #amil :adu Chief -inister 1.1ayalalitha -urdered..2$ndian Soldiers 0ere /P4=( C/S#/#4= > then SH!# =4/=( durin8 ?ar8il ar Colonel Sexually Harassed me – omen !f icer 1ublished by 4 #he #imes of $ndia 0ate 4 %& !cto'er()*%+ , -onday Text of the above News Report New 0elhi! 9 yet aother sexual harassmet case i the predomiatly male eviros of the armed forces) a youg woma Army of*icer has accused her commadig of*icer of sexual miscoduct ad makig extremely lewd remarks aimedat her!6The woma’s father has ow writte to defece miister Maohar 1arrikar accusig ,higher o*icers- of ot takig actios agaist the accused) a coloel) ad istead rewardig him with ,a plum postig- despite the complait beig *iled almost two moths ago.The =>4year4old woma) who had participated i the Republic 0ay parade to showcase ?Naari &hakti6 i the armed forces this year5 was facig sexual harrassmet ever sice she was posted as a 6captai at the Alwar military statio over six moths ago. 0espite the complait agaist the coloel havig bee *iled two moths ago) the committee o sexual harassmet at the :orkplace apparetly met oly earlier this moth. 7ut it did recommed ,ecessary actio- agaist the accused.  9dias must kow how 9dia $overet #uitely mothballed 9dia’s idigeous uclear power programme based o thorium $oogle s 3*(**(*** Crore #horium Scam Allgeatio of kickbacks i purchase @> Rafale *ighter jets $ndian Politician Says Sonia Gandhi Has i88ed -,-C/ =eal for afale https!*istdefe=BCCBDidia4politicia4says4soia4gadhi4has.html Text of the Website A known fire-bomber with an unabashed antipathy to India’s ruling Congress party,Subramanian Swamy has now apparently trained his ire at the IA’s ! #-billion $- $%CA fighter deal&
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