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1. Models of Instructional Design<br />Gary Kraus<br /> 2. MODELS<br />The ADDIE Model<br />The Dick and Carey Model<br />The Discovery…
  • 1. Models of Instructional Design<br />Gary Kraus<br />
  • 2. MODELS<br />The ADDIE Model<br />The Dick and Carey Model<br />The Discovery Learning Approach<br />Lasher’s New Instructional Design Approach<br />
  • 3. The ADDIE Model<br />One of the most common used approaches<br />A = analyze<br />D = design<br />D = develop<br />I = implement<br />E = evaluate<br />
  • 4. The Dick and Carey Model<br />Published in 1978 by Walter Dick and Lou Carey<br />“Components such as the instructor, learners, materials, instructional activities, delivery system, and learning and performance environments interact with each other and work together to bring about the desired student learning outcomes.”<br />
  • 5. The Discovery Learning Approach<br />Method of inquiry-based instruction<br />Problem solve by relying on our own experiences and prior knowledge<br />We learn by doing (interacting with environment, manipulating objects, etc…)<br />
  • 6. Lasher’s Instructional Design Model<br /><ul><li>Lasher said, “We need to predict learners’ needs, selecting the most useful content and delivering this as informal and workflow learning.”
  • 7. Lasher’s ID model is referred to as…</li></ul> The four A’s of learning.<br />
  • 8. Lasher’s ID Model Cont’d<br />1) Attraction – Draw the user in and engage them<br />2) Attention – using the content to get the user’s attention<br />
  • 9. Lasher Cont’d<br />3) Availability – content is up-to-date and always accessible<br />4) Application – user is motivated to use the new information<br />
  • 10. Presenter’s Conclusion<br />The application area is the most important part an almost any ID model. The application area allows you to demonstrate what you have learned and as some ID models say…We Learn By Doing!!!<br />
  • 11. References<br />Lasher's new instructional design model. (2006, December 5). Retrieved from<br />Instructional design. (n.d.). Retrieved from<br />Culatta, R. (2010). Instructional design models. Retrieved from<br />
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