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Do you work for or own an independent insurance agency? Have you seen growth either decline or just remain flat? Do you or your producers spend more time trying to find new business then you do servicing it?
  • 1. How to Market Your Insurance Agency like Geico or Progressive Think. Do. Review. The Internet. Made  Simple.@mahoneyinternet @minetmarketing #thinkdoreview 1
  • 2. Feeling a little... lost? 2Last year I attended a lot of conferences and talked to a lot ofmarketers and business owners. I also talked to a lot of internetmarketing industry experts. What I learned is that there is a lot of lingoflying about the marketing and sales world these days. None of whichmakes much of any sense to the people who could really benefit fromit. Looking around at those who came to the conferences for somehelp and guidance, I see the bewildered look and started towonder...Why doesn’t anyone use simple plain English anymore?
  • 3. Or perhaps have just too much on your plate? 3Lately I have been talking with lots of insurance agents and agency owners. And like so many other small businesses, they have seengrowth either decline or remain flat in the past few years.In response to these economic challenges, industry leaders like esurance, Progressive, and Geico have launched aggressive nameyour own price campaigns. Its not easy for local agents to compete.If you are a producer for a company, you are expected to do sales, service and customer support. It’s a lot to juggle.As agency owners, you growth either decline or remain flat in the past few years. Less assests and employees to insure due to the recesssion has madegenerating new business and cross selling difficult. How can you effectively use your producers’s time, get them qualified leads and measure your ROI? How much shoudl use usetechnology, should you be in social media? Who is going to manage all this and who really knows how to do it right?Progressive, and Geico have launched aggressive name your own price campaigns. Its not easy for local agents to compete. 
  • 4. What is the Opportunity? • searches done locally last month: ‘auto insurance’ = 1,220,000, ‘auto insurance quotes’ = 201,000 ‘home insurance’ = 450,000, ‘home insurance quotes’ =49,500 New drivers on Facebook: 25,440 people • who live in the United States • who live in Maine • between the ages of 15 and 20 inclusive • who like drivers ed, driving, driving fast, driving lessons, driving with windows down music blasting, driving around aimlessly, driving with windows down, drivin n cryin, my first car, your first car will be, cars, car talk, muscle cars, working on cars, sports cars, pinks, classic cars, motorbikes, trucks or bikes 4Using personal lines as an example. How can you take your localmarket in the face of the name your own price campaigns?
  • 5. The 3 Simple Steps 5Now, while how each of these steps will play out and to what extent will vary from business tobusiness (every business is unique after all- even if you are in the same industry). But everythingyou do for inbound internet marketing will fall under one of these 3 steps. What is great about thisprocess is that it helps you to break the elephant into smaller more digestible pieces for easierproject management. It will also help you to prioritize and scale your efforts.
  • 6. • What are your goals? How will Step 1 you measure the success of those goals?(increased revenue, lower cost per lead, higher conversion rate) • What are the consequences of not reaching those goals? (layoffs, out of business, cut in pay) • What is happening in your industry? • What resources do you have? (time, money, people) • Who is your best customer? 6about where your audience is online, what they are interested in, why they would want to interact with you, what key words they use, whatyour goals are and how you will measure success.
  • 7. What Some Examples: are 1. Raise visibility and awareness in the overall market by increasing social media reach by X the 2. Drive X more traffic to the website 3. Generate X # of leads for sales 4. Increase new sales by XXX% goals? 5. Cross sell XXX% current XYZ customers 6. Reduce overhead costs by streamlining and automate sales and marketing tasks to maximize sales representatives time. 7Notice I am not listing have a facebook page, get X twitter followers.What are the goals for your business?
  • 8. Goals and Consequences 8Really, it all comes down to revenue right? What other reason do youhave to go to work?Remember SMART. Specific. Measurable. Actionable. Realistic. Timely.Just as important as setting your goals is setting how you will measurethose goals. What metrics do you need from your analytics to make adecision on what is working and what is not? What metrics can becombined with sales metrics to get closed loop reporting? What actionwill you take on the results you get?Can you realistically meet those goals and when?
  • 9. Industry • What changes are happening in your industry? • Is it more or less competitive? • How is the competition attracting customers? • Where do you stand? 9Also think about how your industry affects your customers and whattheir perspective is.
  • 10. • Budget= $1500- 5000 per Resources? month • Software tools: $250-2000 • Ad spend: $500-1000 • Writing/Design/ Development Services= $500-2000 • Time= 5-15 hours per week • People= who has the knowledge, experience, or ability to learn within the organization? Who can you collaborate with in sales to align the marketing messaging and report results with? 10No man builds a house without first sitting down to calculate thecosts. Cost means more than $$$$. Inbound internet marketing willcost you in proportion, a certain amount of time and money.Remember also that your time is worth something. How much do youget paid or charge per hour? Calculate those costs as well. Trainingpeople also takes time and money.Untapped marketing resource= SALES. in the field, talking tocustomers, they should know the customer best.
  • 11. Your BEST customers (It’s not everyone.) 11What is important to them? Personas= buying modes.Why should they buy from you? What is your unique selling proposition? What do you do betterthan anyone?How do they describe their need? What keywords do THEY use? (not your industry lingo)How will they find you? Google? Facebook? Twitter? Forums? Blogs?How will they interact with you online? Conversion mapping- plan their experience from beginningto end.
  • 12. Step 2 • Wireframe • Design • Development • Content Creation • Social Media • E-commerce • Campaign Creation and launch 12Step 1 should result in a plan to execute theseWireframe before design. Determine how the site will function and flow. What pages are needed todrive traffic to? What additional info will your customers need? What keywords will be used onthose pages for SEO? Then bring in design with images and color. Function before form. = lessdesign changesDevelopment= according to the wireframe. Less mistakes, less redo.Content creation= Assign keywords to pages. List blog topics with corresponding long tailkeywords. (specific) Write whitepapers. Story board video, etc.Social media- share your content- set it free!E-Commerce- will you allow customers to get quotes, pay online?Campaign creation and launch= events, promotions, lead nurturing. Email, PPC, Video
  • 13. Tools & Tactics for Step 2 PPC Advertising Video Plays, Advertising Interactive Video E-commerce CMS, SEO, Social Media monitoring & response, Lead Nurturing, Blogging, Marketing Analytics Forums, Advertising, Networking, SEO SEO, Networking, Customer Service 13Some of the tools available.
  • 14. How will you use the tools?• Online Advertising. Capture immediate low-hanging fruit with targeted online PPC campaigns while building the SEO and social media presence.Most independent agencies are not doing this in their local markets. Progressive, State Farm,Geico are.• SEO. Optimize the current site for target keyword phrases to appear to Google search.• Social Media. Not many independents are engaging effectively on social media. Geico, Progressive, are. Social media will enable United to find new customers, connect with current ones, and increase SEO. (Search is now more based on social)• Blogs. Few independents are educating consumers with expert advice. Regular blog articles drives traffic with SEO and social media.• Email marketing. Cross sell current customers and nurture new leads with timely follow-up.• Online Video. Convert more traffic with short video to raise awareness and connect with audience. 14
  • 15. • Web Traffic Sources Step 3 • Blog Analytics • SEO Ranking • Social Media Reach • (Campaign) Click Through Rate (CTR) • Conversion Rate (CR) • Cost per Lead (CPL) • Lead to Customer Rate (LCR) • Average Order Value (AOV) • Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) 15some examples of metrics to look at and measure.How will you measure success? How will you improveon results? What info is needed to make thesedecisions?
  • 16. Tools for Step 3 16
  • 17. Testing & Optimization (What’s bad can be good, what’s good can be great...) The goal of education is not just knowledge, but action. It is only through experience that we go from knowledge to understanding. • A/B testing • Multivariate testing 17What copy converts? Which color attracts the most attention? Whatimage and placement gets more clicks?
  • 18. What now? 18Start with step 1, item 1.Can be hard when so much else pressing for you attention. Make thetime. Those of you who have attended, start by talking to aprofessional who is experienced. Not a fly by night social media guru,but seasoned internet marketers.
  • 19. You can start today. Want to get a jump start now? Email me and gettingstarted now with a free consult and a free 30 day trial of Hubspot Software. Send this webinar to your boss! Free 30 Day Trial 19
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