Integrate ACNS into CSUL (Recommendation 2.b)

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Integrate ACNS into CSUL (Recommendation 2.b). Don Albrecht, Scott Baily , Tom Moothart , Dennis Ogg , Rusty Scott. Analysis . Overall agreement regarding The roles of central IT and CSUL will change substantially in 5-10 years We must adapt accordingly
Integrate ACNS into CSUL(Recommendation 2.b)Don Albrecht, Scott Baily, Tom Moothart, Dennis Ogg, Rusty ScottCSUL Retreat - 2.bAnalysis Overall agreement regarding The roles of central IT and CSUL will change substantially in 5-10 years We must adapt accordingly Significant potential for synergies Library services should be “core” (similar to RamCT, KFS, etc.) Best to keep ACNS “whole”CSUL Retreat - 2.b Benefits and Risks
  • Benefits
  • Implements the strategic vision of the TF
  • Elevates CSUL services to “core campus” level
  • Adds depth and breadth to both organizations
  • Establishes the importance of ACNS as an academic support unit
  • Risks
  • Reorganizations are stressful and disruptive
  • Perceptions of service priorities
  • Uncertainty of status of CIO/Dean dual role
  • CSUL Retreat - 2.bTask Prioritization
  • Establish AD for Digital Services – in process
  • Help Desk Integration – done
  • Reorganization of ACNS/CSUL – Medium
  • Secondary to aligning CSU/CSUL budgets
  • CSUL Retreat - 2.bProposed Central IT OrganizationACNS & Libraries ITCIO Dean of LibrariesLibrary Tech Serv.ACNSWindowsMiddlewareRamCTNetworkingIT SecurityRamTechUnixR & DCSSCSUL Retreat - 2.bOperationalization
  • Conditions
  • Central IT departments must report to the CIO
  • Strategic importance at campus level
  • No issues reporting to Dean/CIO
  • Must re-evaluate should dual-role change
  • Interaction with campus
  • Informational at this time
  • More involvement as initiatives develop
  • CSUL Retreat - 2.bIR Integration - Background
  • IR performs System of Record reporting
  • IR holds the only high quality longitudinal data at the institution – our ‘institutional memory’
  • Critical to preserve the data and the knowledge base in IR
  • IR receives support from ACNS, and synergies were obtained therefrom
  • IR interacting well with IS has been very beneficial (both under the CIO)
  • CSUL Retreat - 2.bIR Integration
  • Ambivalent insofar as agreement
  • Analysis
  • IR operates relatively independently from CSUL; the only synergy would be with ACNS
  • There is synergy with IS, under the CIO, and this should be preserved
  • First determine what happens with the CIO position and with ACNS
  • Prioritization – Low, pending decisions presented above
  • CSUL Retreat - 2.bDiscussion
  • Questions and Comments are most welcome
  • CSUL Retreat - 2.b
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