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Award winning cv
  M   W OccupancyARRRoom RevPARPayroll 2009 2010 2011      OccupancyARRRoom RevPARPayroll WILLI M MICH ELS 503-123   FRONT   ST.,   TORONTO,   ON   |   416.123.4567|   W.MICHAELS@GMAIL.COM   trategic REVENUE & OPERATIONS EXECUTIVE  with success sharpening operational improvements by leveraging a specialization in business intelligence to elevate short- and long-range revenue alongside grassroots sales and marketing. Blends a transformational flair for change management with expertise executing revenue and market-share growth programs, based on strong financial, market, revenue and opportunity analysis. Exhaustive operations expertise drawn from 15+ years driving market penetration, revenue acceleration and brand awareness while investing in unparalleled tools, talent and cohesive teams.  ASSET MANAGEMENT | STRATEGY DEVELOPMENT & MANAGEMENT | FINANCIAL ANALYSIS, FORECASTING & VALUATION CAPITAL & INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY MANAGEMENT | REVENUE GROWTH STRATEGIES | PROJECT MANAGEMENT OPERATIONS & PROCESS MAPPING | BUSINESS PROCESS IMPROVEMENT BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE | MARKET & FINANCIAL FEASIBILITY |REVENUE DEVELOPMENT & SEGMENTATION STRATEGIES   RECORD OF ACCOMPLISHMENTS DIRECTOR OF REVENUE 2008 - 2012 HYATT REGENCY HOTEL - KATHMANDU, NEPAL  Reporting directly to the Regional Vice President, handpicked to supercharge launch activities for this new hotel, establishing and activating revenue strategies while identifying market-share growth opportunities for diversified business verticals including hotel, catering, food and beverage, spa and amenities. STRATEGIC PLANNING ▪ Parachuted in to revolutionize revenue strategies two months prior to thehotel launch, successfully spearheading market intelligence research  toexpand business into four new national markets. ▪ Streamlined the business mix in five days  and masterminded operationsshort- and long-term planning and direction. ▪Architected the hotel’s overall revenue growth vision  and linked it to theoperational targets, catapulting the revenue growth index (RGI) by 120%. ▪ Propelled RevPAR to #1  by introducing total revenue strategies, reformingbudgeting strategy and transforming rates to tackle desired markets. SALES & BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT ▪ Orchestrated the methodical execution of sales, marketing and operationsprojects with a 100% success rate. ▪ Zeroed in on business development opportunities, introducing marketsegmentation that generated 50% growth in niche targets. ▪ Improved investments analysis, intellectual property valuation, capital stockstructuring and forecasting by automating analytical tools . ▪ Ushered in a focus on top-line increases by developing a clear asset management strategy by leading the charge to improve profit management by 15%  while advising on GOP & NET operating income strategies. ▪ Sparked operational efficiency increases by implementing benchmarking and operational statistics audits forlabour, based on financially viable business models which slashed payroll by 5% annually. ▪ Interfaced with divisional heads to rationalize spending and improve P&L, successfully project managing matrixinitiatives to secure $200K in capital equipment . Continued  …   S   2009   2010   2011       SUCCESS BY THE NUMBERS 3% revenue increase (2001) 1.5% bottom line increase (2001) 100%+ monthly RGI (2003) 150%+ annual RGI (2004) #1 (RevPAR) ranking (2002  –  2006) RECORD OF ACCOMPLISHMENTS 2   DIRECTOR OF REVENUE MANAGEMENT 2001  –  2006   YAK AND YETI HOTEL AND CASINO - KATHMANDU, NEPAL    Hired to refresh revenue management strategies for pre-opening and post-opening operations; later assumed leadership of revenue and market development strategies and project management for new centralized reservation strategies. CUSTOMER RELATIONS & BRANDING MANAGEMENT ▪   Recovered flagging revenue by pioneering automated reservation systems to increase suite occupancy by 25% and improve customer satisfaction.   ▪   Fronted brand management as an ambassador of corporate vision, values and goals by inspiring a project and departmental staff of 15 to ensure total revenue growth through training and development. ▪   Founded a Customer Contact Center linked with revenue management software to provide business intelligence reporting insights by inspiring refreshed promotions and pricing strategies. ▪   Introduced landmark digital marketing initiatives from automatic business intelligence (BI) tool strategy to marketing management, increasing revenue by 3% and bottom line by 1.5%.   PROCESS IMPROVEMENTS & BUSINESS GROWTH ▪   Restructured room revenue budgets and spearheaded revenue maximization projects to drive success as the consistent RevPAR leader annually (2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006).   ▪   Lauded by the executive team for streamlining and automating distribution and booking processes, curtailing manpower expenses by 25% and reducing manual errors while promoting customer satisfaction.   ▪   Hailed as a go-to committee member and handpicked to attend DMO meetings  to advance digital marketing strategies and partnership acquisition by establishing KPI to measure increases in ROI. DIRECTOR OF GUEST SERVICES 1994  –  2001   HOTEL COURTYARD - KATHMANDU, NEPAL      Engaged to improve guest services for this 4 Star Deluxe Hotel. Quickly selected to take on revenue management, e-commerce strategy and guest services while managing divisional operations. ▪   Improved top-to-bottom performance across revenue management, reservations, e-commerce, front desk, PBX, concierge, bell services, valet, guest relations and parking, boosting sales by over 25%.   ▪   Took on leadership of a team of 25+ and sparked renewed employee interest in professional development by developing standardized training programs and leading one-on-one coaching sessions. EDUCATION & PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT BACHELORS DEGREE IN HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT , Major: Economics ,   Institute of Sciences & Management, Nepal (Equivalency earned from Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada) ASSET MANAGEMENT & HOTEL REAL ESTATE DEVELOPMENT   CERTIFICATION , Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, US MARKET DEVELOPMENT STRATEGY   POST-GRADUATE DIPLOMA ,   Burnaby College, Vancouver, Canada   M W    Strategy: William was a charismatic, numbers-oriented international executive who chose to immigrate to Vancouver, Canada after launching his 3 rd  hotel and resort operation in Nepal. He wanted a resume that would broaden his reach to larger Canadian hotels, while demonstrating his skill in revenue management (drawn from years of experience and supported by a recent certification). With a lot of attention from Canadian counterparts of global hospitality operations, William wanted to clearly show his many achievements in launching hotels as the Shangri-La was due to open in his area. With Vancouver’s Shangri-La as the ideal target, I created a design strategy with accents using the family of colours, deriving inspiration from their online brand.  I created a writing strategy based on William’s chronological successes, (using Canadian English as he would be submitting to the Vancouver-based office) while incorporating charts, text boxes and sufficient white space to make the dense information into digestible, high impact statements to show accomplishments at a glance across hotel operations. During the consultations William pressed the focus of numbers; as a sys tematic thinker and believer that “numbers show the story” I felt confident that portraying that same revenue-driven orientation would support his conversational style. This led me to create highlighted areas through a bar graph and a “ Success by the Numbers” text box. In addition, William saw himself as a strong leader and people developer, by creating the tools, support and cross-departmental collaboration to promote success. I felt we needed to portray his executive competencies in people leadership and development, which led me to showcase his team leadership and development skills. Using my knowledge of Canadian resume writing standards and drawing out commonalities in Hotel challenges and Key Performance Indicators, I was confident that this new presentation would set him apart from the crowd. With his newfound confidence with this résumé, William took on many interviews  –  including those outside of the hospitality industry with Oil & Gas companies, and shortly accepted a role with Shangri-La, to launch not only their Vancouver operation, but also the Shangri-La Hotel in Toronto, due to open in August 2012.
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