Invest 2.2.1 Nutrient Retention model

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Invest 2.2.1 Nutrient Retention model. Yonas Ghile. Why Nutrient Retention model?. ~ 14,000 people die daily G lobal water treatment cost ~$24.6 billion/year Dead fish zone in the Gulf of M exico ~5, 000 mil 2 Non-Point Source is major cause . Biophysical Inputs. Soils
Invest 2.2.1Nutrient Retention modelYonasGhileWhy Nutrient Retention model?
  • ~ 14,000 people die daily
  • Global water treatment cost ~$24.6 billion/year
  • Dead fish zone in the Gulf of Mexico ~5, 000 mil2
  • Non-Point Source is major cause
  • Biophysical InputsSoilsSoil depth, PAWCClimatePrecp, PETTopographyDigital elevation model, slope thresholdWatershed AreasMain and sub for point of interest and water quality analysisLand Use/Land CoverNutrient loading, Retention capacity, root depth, crop coefficientBiophysical Inputs...1. Estimate Water yield3. Estimate Pollutant Load value2. Calculate flow directionCornforest4. Estimate nutrient retainedwheat5. Estimate pollutant reached the streamValuation6. Estimate Avoided treatment costsCritical LoadingLoadingTimeSome Questions
  • Where are the pollutant sources?
  • Where are the pollutant retention areas?
  • How much is retained?
  • What is the Value of this retention?
  • Informs Policy Makers to
  • Protect areas that retain most
  • Design management practices that lead to maximum retention
  • Create payment programs to get most return on investment
  • Identify services that conflict with water purification
  • How much retention will we gain or lose under future management or conservation plans?
  • Strengths
  • Uses readily available and minimum data
  • Simple, applicable and spatially explicit
  • Link the biophysical functions to economic values
  • Values each parcel on the landscape
  • Limitations
  • All bio-physio-chemical processes are lumped in one number export coefficient
  • Annual basis, misses seasonality
  • No instream processes and point sources
  • Less relevant to areas dominated by infiltration excess
  • Assess one pollutant per run
  • No saturation in uptake
  • Model Calibration and Testing
  • Sensitivity Analysis to identify most sensitive parameters
  • Model Calibration using long term average actual data
  • Find crop coefficient and root depth within acceptable ranges
  • Model parameter (Zhang constant)
  • Find export coefficients and vegetation efficiencies within acceptable ranges
  • Validate Model by conducting comparisons with observed data or other model output
  • Hainan Island, ChinaPhosphorus loads (kg/yr)Hainan Island, ChinaNitrogen Loads (kg/yr)Hands-on Session
  • Run the water yield model
  • Hands-on Session
  • Run the nutrient retention model
  • Hands-on Session
  • Run the valuation model
  • Hainan Island, ChinaNo ExpansionActual (2008)IEMRNFIncreaseNo changeDeclineBaoxing, ChinaRetained TNRetained TPHighHighLowLowScenarios for Mine Expansionin ColumbiaPermitsGrantedCurrent MinesAll possible permitsPermits PendingColumbiaChange in Nitrogen Export (kg/ha/yr)Permits PendingAll possible PermitsPermits GrantedColumbiaHigh Impact Zones should avoidedPermits GrantedPermits PendingAll possible PermitsComing up soon
  • Improve vegetation retention rates
  • Include Point source pollutant
  • Include bacterial contamination
  • Improve pollutant load adjustment
  • Tier 2 nutrient retention model
  • Hands-on SessionAny idea how you would use theNutrient Retention Model in your work?How Does it Work?
  • Pollutant Load Value:
  • Hydrologic Sensitivity Score:
  • Adjusted Loading Value:
  • ==log*How Does it Work?...CornforestPollutant inputYwheatforestStreamHow Does it Work?...Removal of polluntats by vegetation and soil along the flowpaths is calculated as followsValuationCritical LoadingLoadingTime
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