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Billions of Bibles have been published and distributed around the world. Millions of people regard it as the inspired Word of God. It's been one of history's most influential books. But can you—and should you—believe it? [ View or download other free booklets at ]
   Is the Bible True?  THIS PUBLICATION IS NOT TO BE SOLD.   It is a free educational service in the public interest, published by the United Church of God, an International Association.  © 2001, 2008 United Church of God, an International Association All rights reserved. Printed in U.S.A. Scriptures in this publication are quoted from the New King James Version (© 1988 Thomas Nelson, Inc., publishers) unless otherwise noted.  Is the Bible True?  2 Is the Bible True?   3 One of the World’s Most Popular Books O n March 16, 1985, journalist Terry Anderson was kidnapped from the streets of Beirut, Lebanon. As a political pawn he was held hostage for 2,454 days—almost seven years. During this excruciating ordeal Mr. Anderson showed remarkable courage, although frequently stretched to near his breaking point.On the first day of his confinement his abductors hustled him at gun-point from his car into theirs, then took him to a half-built apartment building. There they blindfolded him and chained him to a cot.During his first 24 days in chains, bound and restrained like an ani-mal, he struggled to find a way to maintain his sanity. Realizing the need to summon courage and strength from somewhere, he asked his captors for a Bible.In his memoirs Mr. Ander-son related the result of that request: “The next day, late in the afternoon, the English- speaking guard came in and threw a heavy object on the bed. I reached for it, felt the smooth covers of a book. The guard came around to the head of the bed. ‘Good?’ ‘Yes, very good, thank you.’“I cautiously pulled my blindfold up a bit, until I could see the book . . . A Bible, the Revised Standard Version. I caressed it gently . . . I read the title page, the publishing and copyright information, the notes of the editors, slowly, carefully. Then: Genesis. ‘In the beginning . . .’” (Terry Anderson,  Den of Lions,  1993, pp. 14-15).How often in crises have men and women turned to the Bible for help? The value of the Word of God is acknowledged at such moments of unease, uncertainty and apprehension. A perennial best seller The Holy Bible is regarded by millions as the written Word of the one   One of the World’s Most Popular Books    S  c  o   t   t   C  a  m  p   b  e   l   l The Bible, although it is one of the world’s most-read books, is at the same time one of the least understood. Contents   3 One of the World’s Most Popular Books Billions of Bibles have been published and distributed around the world. Millions of people regard it as the inspired Word of God. It’s been one of history’s most influential books. But can you—and should   you—believe it?   7 The Bible in the Modern World The Bible doesn’t convey all knowledge; God gave us minds and intel-ligence for that. So what kind of book is the Bible? It is God’s gift to us, revealing great spiritual truths we could never discover on our own. 12 The Bible and Astronomy  Some believe that discoveries from astronomy conflict with the Bible. But in fact there is no conflict, and the Bible has proven itself to be well ahead of its time in what it reveals about the universe and the planet we inhabit. 20 The Bible and Archaeology  For centuries the Bible was accepted as true and accurate. Then, in recent centuries, it came under blistering attack. How has the Bible fared when archaeologists have compared their findings with the record of Scripture? 34 The Bible and Science Several centuries ago science dethroned the Bible as the greatest authority for humankind, pushing it to the background. But as scientists have reex-amined its instruction, they’ve found it’s always been ahead of its time! 50 The Bible and Prophecy  Unlike any other book in the world, the Bible offers its own test to show whether it is divinely inspired. That test is prophecy—foretelling the future. It passes the test so well that critics have to twist the Bible to deny it! 65 The Bible and You … Is the Bible a true and reliable guide to how we should live? The evidence is there for those with the courage to accept and act on it. Each of us is faced with a choice. Will you accept your Creator’s great gift to you?
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