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Italy. By: Caity Weckerly and Sarah Angeloff. Important Statistics. Italy became a united country in the year of 1861. Important Statistics. Important Statistics. Population- 60.77 million people. Important Statistics. Famous people: Marco Polo- Trader and explorer. Marco Polo.
ItalyBy: CaityWeckerly and Sarah AngeloffImportant StatisticsItaly became a united country in the year of 1861.Important StatisticsImportant Statistics
  • Population- 60.77 million people.
  • Important Statistics
  • Famous people:
  • Marco Polo- Trader and explorer.
  • Marco PoloImportant Statistics
  • Michelangelo- Sculptor, architect, painter, & poet.
  • MichelangeloImportant Statistics
  • Galileo- Italian Astronomer
  • GalileoMajor CitiesRome- has many different monuments, churches, fountains, and museums. Major CitiesVenice- has water roads, is located in the middle of a lagoon, and has many romantic sightings.Major citiesFlorence- has an art center, museums, paintings, and sculptures.Major citiesFlorence- has many art centers, museums, paintings, and sculptures. Natural ResourcePumiceNatural Resources… ContinuedItaly is known for deposits of pumice, feldspar, and marble. Natural Resources… ContinuedThey also have many natural gas resources.WarsOne of their wars could be called the Great Italian War or the Great War of Italy.Wars… continuedHabsburg- Valois WarsThe Leaning Tower of PisaIs a very important architectural building.Italian FoodSaladPastaGarlic BreadPizza
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