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Journal #10. Using the map on page 949 or on the overhead, please complete the map on the handout given. Please place in journal when completed. Quotes for the day.
Journal #10
  • Using the map on page 949 or on the overhead, please complete the map on the handout given.
  • Please place in journal when completed.
  • Quotes for the day The art of leadership, as displayed by really great popular leaders in all ages, consists in consolidating the attention of the people against a single adversary and taking care that nothing will split up that attention.-Adolph Hitler No matter what political reasons are given for war, the underlying reason is always economic.-A. J. P. TaylorGoal For Today
  • Learn about some of the dictators that rose to power after WW1
  • Understand the terms Fascism and Totalitarianism
  • The Great War Revisited
  • Problems with Treaty of Versailles
  • Huge Debt (fines)
  • Places Guilt on Germany, embarrasses Germany
  • Issues over land
  • The Dictator Challenge Part: 1Leader 1Background: Son of a wealthy financial and political leaderAge When Taking Power: 43Married: OnceChildren: TwoEducation: College GraduatePrevious Employment: Naval officer, legislator, authorGreatest Achievement: Convinced his country to embark on a grandiose project without knowing whether it would succeedLeader 2Background: Father was a peasant who became a government officialAge When Taking Power: 43Married: NoChildren: NoneEducation: Did not finish high schoolPrevious Employment: homeless, amateur artist, decorated soldier, party leaderGreatest Achievement: His oratorical (speaking) ability fostered his countrymen’s trust in his personal ability to revive the national economy and reestablish national prideLeader #3
  • Background: Born on a farm
  • Age When Taking Power: 60
  • Married: Once
  • Children: One
  • Education: High school
  • Previous Employment: Retailer, military officer, local official, national legislator, senior executive branch position,
  • Greatest Achievement: Completely changed his country’s foreign policy which had lasted for almost 160 years
  • Who were they?Leader #1Leader #3Leader #2The Economic Situation in Europe
  • A Global Depression
  • High inflation and weak economy in Germany
  • Comparison between the US and Europe
  • Don’t worry about copying this chartGood Morning!
  • Please write the following definition in your notes:
  • Indoctrination –
  • To systematically teach to accept doctrines or beliefs uncritically. Often seen as manipulative or brainwashing.
  • Eugenics -
  • The study of methods of improving thequality of the human  race, especially by selective breedingThe Dictator Challenge Part 2Meet the DictatorsBenito MussoliniAdolf HitlerJoseph StalinThe Dictator Challenge Part 2
  • Please match the information provided on the next slide to the three dictators (Mussolini, Hitler, Stalin).
  • Groups of 3-4
  • Separate Sheet of Paper
  • Background info on Pages 898-901, 904-909, 912-915
  • The Dictator Challenge Part 2
  • Use the information on the next slide to determine
  • The Rise of Fascism
  • Fascism - Germany, Spain, Italy…
  • Extreme Nationalism
  • Loyalty to country
  • Government control, less liberty, propaganda
  • Aggressive Foreign Policy
  • A Totalitarian State –
  • Leader or the state controls everything.
  • What is Life Like in a Totalitarian State?
  • Military Plays a
  • Large role in society
  • Conformity
  • YOU do not make
  • the decisions!
  • YOU are probably
  • being watched!
  • Hideki TojoJoseph StalinWhat does this photo seem to say about totalitarian rule?Germany turns to Hitler
  • Great Depression hits Germany, 1930’s
  • Nazi Party promises
  • 1930 elections, Hitler loses to Paul von Hindenburg
  • Hindenburg makes Hitler chancellor
  • Hitler as chancellor
  • Ends freedom of speech,
  • Violently silences critics using brownshirts (Nazi thugs)
  • Hitler takes over
  • German parliament burns down
  • Hitler blames communists
  • Nazi party gains the majority
  • Chancellor dictatorial powers
  • Hindenburg dies 1934
  • Hitler becomes both chancellor and president
  • Calls himself “Der Fuhrer,” the leader
  • Hitler and the Nazi Party
  • Seizes Absolute Power over Germany
  • Restarts the economy
  • Public works projects
  • Rearms the military
  • Plans to reunify the German People
  • Racial superiority
  • Calls for Lebensraum (living space)
  • Today’s Question
  • How was Hitler able to mobilize an entire nation behind his party’s agenda?
  • Journal #11
  • Education in Germany
  • Hitler On Education/Indoctrination
  • In such groups, said Hitler, “These young people will learn nothing else but how to think German and act German... And they will never be free again, not in their whole lives.”
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