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July 2, 2010 Page 13 North DeNver News Eliza Graham North Denver Notions Have You Seen Me? sponsored by TOCABE ON SUMMER HIATUS.... CHECK BACK NEXT MONTH TO ENTER AND WIN A GIFT CERTIFICATE AT TOCABE! Running is not my nemesis. I love running. I’ve been running competitively one way or another since I was 13, which was, um, more than a few years ago. The injuries I get from running, how- ever, ARE my nem- esis, and when I really ramp up training, I
  July 2, 2010Page 13 N orth D eNver N ews Eliza GrahamNorth Denver Notions  Have You Seen Me?   sponsored by TOCABE ON SUMMER HIATUS....CHECK BACK NEXT MONTH TO ENTER ANDWIN A GIFT CERTIFICATE AT TOCABE! Running is not my nemesis. Ilove running. I’ve been runningcompetitively one way or anothersince I was 13, which was, um,more than a few years ago. Theinjuries I get from running, how-ever, ARE my nem-esis, and whenI really ramp uptraining, I seemto get one majorinjury per year. This has been the pattern since Iran college track way back when,and I’m not a fan of it.It is frustrating to be hob-bled by your own body. You workso hard to get really fit: training with a coach so as not to rampup too quickly, eating well to give your body the proper fuel so that you can train and race effectively,getting lots of sleep so that yourbody can recover properly.Yeah, it wasn’t hard toguess: I have an injury.It happened the lastSaturday in June, my secondOlympic-distance triathlon this year. The swim and bike wentgreat… after just two months of training I am closing in on thegoals I set for myself this season,and it’s gratifying to see the hard work expended on training andthe money expended on coachingpaying off in progressively fastertimes. I’m nipping at the heelsof the fast girls, a place I neverexpected to be a couple of yearsago.I’m just two minutes off my goal pace of 25 minutes for a1500-meter swim (in an Olympic-distance tri), and in my last threeraces I’ve averaged 19.3 and 19.6mph on the bike, just off my goalof 20 mph. The fast girls are going21 mph… I might need to reas-sess my bike goal.Well, and then there’s therun. The run is always the lastthing to come back when you’vebeen out of shape. If you readmy previous multi-sport lifestylestories, you might remember thatI was sick for many months last winter with the virus from hell,and so got in basically zero train-ing.Knowing intellectually thatrunning is the last thing to comeback, and watching it happenoh-so-slowly, are two differentthings. But with steady progressevery week, I’ve donea good job of looking atmy still-slow run timesand not beating myself upabout not being fast yet.I’ve also done a good jobof ignoring a nag-ging little painin my heel that would hurt dur-ing the first manyminutes of a run,then subside as I warmed up.But last triathlon my body washaving none of that. About onemile into the 10k run, there wasa nasty pop in my left heel, anda sharp violent pain that mademe yelp and effectively hobbledme for the rest of the race. I stillfinished, which may have been adumb idea, and my run time waskind of embarrassingly slow, butI did what I had set out to do inthis race: qualify for Triathlon AgeGroup Nationals. Along with spe-cific time goals in the swim, bikeand run disciplines, qualifying forNationals was the other goal I hadset for myself this season.What now? Nationals arein September, and I am injured with some wickedly painful plan-tar fasciitis.I’m not bemoaning thisturn of events too much (yet),and being mad or bummed is notgoing to do me any good; previousinjuries and illness have taughtme that gem of a lesson… so I’verefocused my short-term plan.For now the order of the day isto get healed so I can competein my A-races in August andSeptember.Coach Eddie has saidNO RACING in July. Bummer…I really love racing. Not that Icould with this foot anyway. I’mstill hobbling because just walk-ing is painful. Certainly no run workouts for the next few weeks.And while not being able to runis frustrating, I’m looking at thisas an opportunity to work hardon the bike, my biggest struggle,because the bike is where the fastgirls really put time into everyoneelse. I’ll also be swimming manymany more meters. Anyway, whatelse am I going to do with all thatrun energy I’m not expending?Torturous foot massages,acupuncture, no running, andthe podiatrist are on my July Injury forces arefocus schedule. I’m definitely not happyabout it, but I’m trying to face thisunwelcome setback with the graceand courage I previously spokeabout having learned from multi-sport. Huh. Eliza is writing a series of arti- cles on the triathlon life. You can contact her at elizawrites@com- cast.net. Next month a look at two-time Kona Ironman champion and all-around super-nice guy,Craig Alexander, and Wheat Ridge Cyclery, which recently embraced nulti-sport.  Page 14 N orth D eNver N ews July 2, 2010 North Denver NEWS North Denver’s Bigger, Better Paper To Advertise: 303.458.7541  F    I  S  H   &   C  H   I   P   S      1311 S. BroadwayDenver, CO 80210 Tel: 720-570-5103WWW.GBFISHANDCHIPS.COM11AM - 9PM Daily   “IN COD WE TRUST”   ,, , , , Denver’s BestFish and Chips Shoppeis now acrossfrom Sloan’s Lake! The Best Fish & Chips Around plus English specialties — Bangers & Mash,Pork Pies, Shepherd’s Pies, Pasties, andmore. Now at 20th and Sheridan -Across from Sloan’s Lake or visit us at our other location    35th & Tennyson  |  4340 W. 35th Ave.  |  Denver, CO 80212  |  303.455.8664       Rick Flanagan303-748-0317  F ind A home S ell A h ome F ind   A R eAltoR   noRthdenveR - home . com  July 2, 2010Page 15 N orth D eNver N ews The Whole Enchilada For Half!(or taco, or tamale, or burrito*)Now open for lunch! We wish that we could stretch our dinner hours longer, but there'sonly so much time in an evening.So we listened to our amigo's who wanted to enjoy our all natural, local procured, and homemade foods for lunch. We're so confident that you'll enjoy our new laid back atmosphere for lunch, that we're offering a  half price special on Mondays,Tuesdays, and Wednesdays for theentire month of Ju ly (with thiscoupon from 11am-3pm). So andele'on in to El Camino Community Tavern for this limited time offer.3628 W. 32nd, Denver CO 80211  720.889.7946 * elcaminotavern. com                  Page 16 N orth D eNver N ews July 2, 2010   @     720-939-0996 by Don Bain Much of the bad press Toyotawas getting over a virtually nonexis-tent acceleration problem has fadedand none of that ballyhoo has reallytaken the sales bloom off the Toyotaline. The Prius isno exception.The mid-sizegas-electric hybridreported sales of 14,248 units forthe month, up41.2 percent overMay 2009. Forty-one percent isa nice uptick inanyone’s book.When wetested out the 2010 Prius recently,we drove it all over town on citystreets and freeways without it try-ing to run away with us once. Mindyou, we were sorely tempted to runaway with it, but all these high-techcars have GPS locaters.We’ve liked these high-mileage,low-emission vehicles since we firstdrove one in 2006. For day-to-daydriving, the Prius does everythingany small sedan or commuter with acombustion engine can do and doesit with class and a lot of green cachetto boot.We were a bit amused by thespoiler on the back of the Prius, butrealized it probably helps lower thecoefficient of drag. It was just theidea of driving one at 120-mph that brought on an internal chuckle.Not sure whether or not you candrive one that fast or not – nevertried to get one over the 75-mphlegal speed limit on some stretchesof highway, but it will do that withfour adults aboard without break-ing a sweat.Toyota continues to improve onthe design and production with bet-ter airflow over the body, lighter curbweights, increased interior room,lower noise levels, better mileageand enhanced safety features.When we were at the intro for thethird generation Prius last year, oneof our colleagues had an interestingapproach to the car. He connectedhis laptop and drove the vehicletrying to maximize the mileageachieved. To him driving is almosta video game.On his own second generationmodel, he has managed to squeeze67.5-mpg out of the hybrid with aneclectic style of driving that involvestiming lights andspeeds to almostnever stop between point Aand B.In David’sday job he’s anefficiency expert.Personally,we always drivethe way we think others would,which is withmore regard for getting where youneed to be rather than how muchfuel you’re using. Still, without try-ing, you’ll get mileage out this carmore like that of a motorcycle.It is rated 51-mpg in town and48-mpg at highway speeds. Youmay get slightly better or worsedepending on your driving style.The Prius gets a four-star safetyrating for front impacts in all seatsand side impacts in the rear seats. Itdoes score five stars for side impactsin the front seats.The 2010 Prius has a base price of $27,270 and spending half as muchor less on gas will definitely helpyou make the payments.The model driven had a $4,500Advanced Technology Package,which you might want those fuelsavings to cover instead. It includesdynamic radar cruise control, a pre-collision system, lane keeper, park-ing assistance, voice/touch naviga-tion, JBL stereo, integrated satelliteradio and traffic update capability,hands-free phone/music streamingvia Bluetooth and a rearview cam-era.Come to think of it the car is alot like a highly self-mobile videoarcade – you may have trouble keep-ing the teenagers out of it.But hey – they won’t be nickeland diming you to death for gasmoney and you aren’t likely to begoing 120-mph despite the spoileron the back.Thank Heaven for that. Mon-Sat 11-10 pmSunday 10-8 pmbrunch 10-3venuebistro.com H i — c o m e  v i s i t  u s  a t  o u r  n e w  n e i g h b o r h o o d  s p o t . J o i n  u s  f o r  l u n c h  o r  d i n n e r  o r  e v e n  S u n d a  y  b r u n c h .H o l l  y  H a r t n e t t O w n e r     N  e  w   a   t   3   2  n   d   &   L  o  w  e   l   l Happy Hour: Everyday 4pm - 6:30pmSunday Happy Hour: 3pm - 6:30pmall wine, beer, cocktails 1/2 off!!   Improve your immunity, energy, and overall wellbeingat Highlands’ Neighborhood Chiropractor.Call today to make your reservation. Dr. Scott Evans, DC 4650 W 38th Ave. Suite 210 www.vidachiropracticstudio.com ã 303-433-5433  M e n t i o n  t h i s  a d v e r t i s e m e n t  a n d  r e c e i v e  a  c o m p l i m e n t a r y  c h i r o p r a c t i c  c o n s u l t a t i o n  a n d  e v a l u a t i o n !  Wine and Spirit:Uncorking theHoly  Have you had it with the judgmental hypocrisy of somuch of Christianity?Are you more interested inliving faithfully in THIS LIFEthan worrying about the nextone?Have you had a run-in withreality that made your dogmaticfaith seem pretty irrelevant? Tell us about it. So have we. And we want a new Christianity. Come join us for a glass of wineor a cup of coffee. We’d love tohear your story…. Tuesdaysfrom 7:00-9:00atCommon GroundsCoffeehouse (3484 W. 32 nd ) with Rev. Tamara Boynton,U.C.C. pastorserving Berkeley Community UCCBerkeley Community Church50 th and Meade in NW DenverRevtam@me.com N orth D eNver N ews   P.o. B ox 12487, D eNver C oloraDo 80212P hoNe : 303.458.7541 ã North Denver News is published   MONTHLY   free of charge to itsreaders. It is mailed to over 14,000 area residences and is distributedin local businesses throughout North Denver. ã The North Denver News welcomes news releases, calendar events, photos andletters. Send releases and other information to: EDITOR@NORTHDENVERNEWS.COM Letters to the editor must be signed. We reserve the right to edit letters and other contributionsfor space. Publisher assumes no responsibility for return of unsolicited manuscripts or art. Weattempt to verify all matters of fact but hold contributors liable for the content, accuracy andfairness of such contributions. For advertising information, call 303.458.7541. Discountedrates for new advertisers and special volume rates. All material © 2010 North Denver News The 2010 Toyota Prius is arunaway sales performer 
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