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THE ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT AND CO-ORDINATION ACT, 1999 No. 8 of 1999 Date of Assent: 6th January, 2000. Date of Commencement: 14th January, 2000. ARRANGEMENT OF SECTIONS Sections 1-Short title. 2-Interpretation. PART 1 – PRELIMARY PART 11- GENERAL PRINCIPLES 3-Entitlement to a clean and healthy environment. PART 111-ADMINISTRATION The National Environment Council 4-Establishment of the National Environment Council 5-Functions of the Council. 6-Procedure of the Council. The Authority 7-Establis
  THE ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT AND CO-ORDINATION ACT, 1999No. 8 of 1999Date of Assent: 6th January, 2000.Date of Commencement: 14th January, 2000.ARRANGEMENT OF SECTIONSSections1-Short title.2-Interpretation.PART 1 – PRELIMARYPART 11- GENERAL PRINCIPLES3-Entitlement to a clean and healthy environment.PART 111-ADMINISTRATIONThe National Environment Council4-Establishment of the National Environment Council5-Functions of the Council.6-Procedure of the Council.The Authority7-Establishment of the National Environment Management Authority.8-Headquarters.9-Objects and functions of the Authority.10-Board of the Authority.11-Powers of the Authority.12-Powers in respect of Lead Agencies.13-Conduct of business and affairs of the Authority.14-Remuneration of Director General and Directors.15-Delegation by the Authority.16-Staff of the Authority.17-The common seal of the Authority.18-Protection from personal liability.19-Liability of the Authority for damages.  20-General Fund.21-Financial year.22-Annual Estimates.23-Accounts and Audit.24-National Environment Trust Fund.25-National Environment Restoration Fund.26-Investment of funds and disposal of assets.27-Annual Financial Report.28-Deposit bonds.Provincial and District Environment Committees29-Provincial and District Environment Committees.30-Functions of Provincial and District Environment Committees.31-Public Complaints Committee.32-Functions of the Complaints Committee33-Powers of the Complaint Committee.34-Proceedings of the Complaints Committee privileged.35-Disclosure of interest.36-Remuneration and other expenses of the Complaints Committee.PART 1V –ENVIRONMENTAL PLANNING37-National Environment Action Plan committee.38-Provisions of the National Environment Action Plan.39-Provincial Environment Action Plans.40-District Environment Action Plans.41-Contents of the Provincial and District Environment Action Plans.PART V- PROTECTION AND CONSERVATION OF THE ENVIRONMENT42-Protection of rivers, lakes and wetlands.43-Protection of traditional interests.44-Protection of hilltops, hillsides, mountain areas and forests.45-Identification of hilly and mountainous areas.  46-Re-forestation and afforestation of hilltops, hill slopes and mountainous areas.47-Other measures of management of hilltops, hillsides and mountainous areas.48-Protection of forests.49-Conservation of Energy and planting of trees or woodlots.50-Conservation of biological diversity.51-Conservation of biological resources in situ.52-Conservation of biological diversity in ex-situ.53-Access to genetic resources of Kenya.54-Protection of environmentally significant areas.55-Protection of the coastal zone.56-Protection of the ozone layer.57-Fiscal incentives.PART V1 – ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT ASSESSMENT58-Application of an Environmental Impact Assessment Licence.59-Publication of Environmental Impact Assessment.60-Comments on the Environmental Impact Assessment report by Lead Agencies.61-Technical Advisory Committee on Environmental Impact Assessment.62-Further Environmental Impact Assessment.63-Environmental Impact Licence.64-Submission of fresh Environment Impact Assessment report after EnvironmentImpact assessment Licence issued.65-Transfer of the Environmental Impact Assessment Licence.66-Protection in Respect of an Environmental Impact Assessment licence.67-Revocation, suspension or cancellation of Environmental Impact Assessment Licence.PART V11- ENVIRONMENTAL AUDIT AND MONITORING68-Environmental Audit.69-Environmental Monitoring.PART V111- ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY STANDARDS  70-Establishment of Standards and Enforcement Review Committee.71-Functions of the Standards and Enforcement Review Committee.72-Water Pollution Prohibition.73-Duty to supply plant information to the Authority.74-Effluents to be discharged only into sewerage system.75-Licence to discharge effluents.76-Cancellation of effluent discharge licence.77-Register of effluent discharge licences.78-Air quality standards.79-Controlled areas.80-Licencing emissions81-Issue of emission licence.82-Emissions by motor vehicles and other conveyances.83-Additional licensing procedures.84-Cancellation of emission of licences.85-Register of emission of licences.86-Standards of waste.87-Prohibition against dangerous handling and disposal of wastes.88-Application for waste licence.89-licences for existing waste disposal sites and plants.90-Court orders to cease operation.91-Hazardous wastes.92-Regulations of toxic and hazardous materials etc.93-prohibition of hazardous substances, chemicals and materials or oil into theenvironment and spiller’s liability.94-Standards of pesticides and toxic substances.95-Application for registration of pesticides and toxic substances.96-Application for registration of existing operations involving pesticides andtoxic substances.97-Registration of pesticides and toxic substances.98-Offences related to pesticides and toxic substances.99-Seizure of pesticides and toxic substances.
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