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  The Key to Theosophy by H.P. Blavatsky The Key to Theosophy by H.P. Blavatsky  A Clear Exposition in the Form of Question an Ans!er of the Ethi s# $ ien e# an Philosophy for the $tuy of %hi hThe Theosophi al $o iety has been Foune.Publishe in &''( Dedicated by “H.P.B.”To all her Pupils,That They may Learn and Teach in their turn. Pa)e &  The Key to Theosophy by H.P. Blavatsky Preface The purpose of this book is exa tly expresse in its title# The Key to Theosophy  # an nees but fe! !ors of explanation. *t is not a omplete or exhaustive textbook of Theosophy# but only a key to unlo k the oor that leas to the eeper stuy. *t tra es the broa outlines of the %isom+,eli)ion# an explains its funamental prin iples- meetin)# at the same time# the various obe tions raise by the avera)e %estern in/uirer# an eneavourin) to present unfamiliar on epts in a form as simple an in lan)ua)e as lear as possible. That it shoul su ee in makin) Theosophy intelli)ible !ithout mental effort on the part of the reaer# !oul be too mu h to expe t- but it is hope that the obs urity still left is of the thou)ht an not of the lan)ua)e# is ue to epth an not to onfusion. To the mentally la0y or obtuse# Theosophy must remain a rile- for in the !orl mental as in the !orl spiritual ea h man must pro)ress by his o!n efforts. The !riter annot o the reaer1s thinkin) for him# nor !oul the latter be any the better off if su h vi arious thou)ht !ere possible. The nee for su h an exposition as the present has lon) been felt amon) those intereste in the Theosophi al $o iety an its !ork# an it is hope that it !ill supply information# as free as possible from te hni alities# to many !hose attention has been a!akene# but !ho# as yet# are merely pu00le an not onvin e.$ome are has been taken in isentan)lin) some part of !hat is true from !hat is false in $piritualisti tea hin)s as to the postmortem life# an to sho!in) the true nature of $piritualisti phenomena. Previous explanations of a similar kin have ra!n mu h !rath upon the !riter1s evote hea- the $piritualists# like too many others# preferrin) to believe !hat is pleasant rather than !hat is true# an be omin) very an)ry !ith anyone !ho estroys an a)reeable elusion. For the past year Theosophy has been the tar)et for every poisone arro! of $piritualism# as thou)h the possessors of a half truth felt more anta)onism to the possessors of the !hole truth than those !ho ha no share to boast of.2ery hearty thanks are ue from the author to many Theosophists !ho have sent su))estions an /uestions# or have other!ise ontribute help urin) the !ritin) of this book. The !ork !ill be the more useful for their ai# an that !ill be their best re!ar. H.P. Blavatsky &''(Pa)e 3  The Key to Theosophy by H.P. Blavatsky Prefa e Theosophy an The Theosophi al $o iety The 4eanin) of the 5ame The Poli y of the Theosophi al $o iety The %isom+,eli)ion# Esoteri in All A)esTheosophy is 5ot Buhism Exoteri an Esoteri Theosophy %hat the 4oern Theosophi al $o iety is 5ot Theosophists an 4embers of the T.$.. The 6ifferen e Bet!een Theosophy an 7 ultism The 6ifferen e Bet!een Theosophy an $piritualism %hy is Theosophy A epte8 The %orkin) $taff of the T.$.The 7be ts of the $o ietyThe Common 7ri)in of 4an 7ur 7ther 7be ts7n the $a reness of the Ple)e The ,elations of the T.$. to Theosophy 7n $elf+*mprovement The Abstra t an the Con rete The Funamental Tea hin)s of Theosophy 7n 9o an Prayer  *s it 5e essary to Pray8Prayer Kills $elf+,elian e 7n the $our e of the Human $oul The Buhist Tea hin)s on the Above Theosophi al Tea hin)s as to 5ature an 4anThe :nity of All in All Evolution an *llusion 7n The $eptenary Constitution of 7ur Planet The $eptenary 5ature of 4an The 6istin tion Bet!een $oul an $pirit The 9reek Tea hin)s7n the 2arious Postmortem $tates The Physi al an the $piritual 4an Pa)e ;  The Key to Theosophy by H.P. Blavatsky 7n Eternal ,e!ar an Punishment# an on 5irvana 7n the 2arious Prin iples in 4an7n ,ein arnation or ,ebirth %hat is 4emory A orin) to Theosophi al Tea hin)8 %hy 6o %e 5ot ,emember 7ur Past <ives8 7n *niviuality an Personality 7n the ,e!ar an Punishment of the E)o 7n the Kamaloka an 6eva han 7n the Fate of the <o!er Prin iples %hy Theosophists 6o 5ot Believe in the ,eturn of Pure =$pirits>  A Fe! %ors About the $kanhas 7n Postmortem an Postnatal Cons iousness %hat is ,eally 4eant by Annihilation 6efinite %ors for 6efinite Thin)s 7n the 5ature of 7ur Thinkin) Prin iple The 4ystery of the E)o The Complex 5ature of 4anasThe 6o trine is Tau)ht in $t. ?ohn1s 9ospel 7n the 4ysteries of ,ein arnation Perioi al ,ebirths %hat is Karma8 %ho Are Those %ho Kno!8 The 6ifferen e Bet!een Faith an Kno!le)e# 7r Blin an ,easone Faith Has 9o the ,i)ht to For)ive8 %hat is Pra ti al Theosophy8 6uty The ,elations of the T.$. to Politi al ,eforms 7n $elf+$a rifi e7n Charity Theosophy for the 4asses Ho! 4embers Can Help the $o iety %hat a Theosophist 7u)ht 5ot to 6o 7n the 4is on eptions About the T.$.Theosophy an As eti ism Theosophy an 4arria)e Pa)e @
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