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1. A new gTLD for all latinos 2. Agenda 1. Introduction – What is .LAT 2. Namespace Expansion – The new gTLD Program – The .LAT new gTLD 2. .LAT Launch – Sunrise…
  • 1. A new gTLD for all latinos
  • 2. Agenda 1. Introduction – What is .LAT 2. Namespace Expansion – The new gTLD Program – The .LAT new gTLD 2. .LAT Launch – Sunrise (Rights Protection) – Landrush (Open Registration) 3. Launch Phases – Launch Schedule
  • 4. .LAT a new gTLD for the latinos • -.- - is a new initiative to offer latino organizations and individuals around the world the opportunity to obtain Internet Presence with Latin Identity • High recognition label • High differentiation from the rest of the Internet • Promotes Latin Pride
  • 5. The .LAT new gTLD • The .LAT new gTLD helps to identify persons, organizations, causes and latino projects on the Internet, offering Internet Presence with Latin Identity • High Recognition Label • High availability of names • For businesses that have a special interest in the latin community as a market • Offers the possibility of direct communication and engagement with that community
  • 6. Latinos in USA 18/03/2015 6
  • 7. A project for latinos from latinos • Joint collaboration of eCOM-LAC and NIC México • eCOM-LAC is Latin American and Caribbean Federation for Internet and Electronic Commerce, based in Uruguay • NIC México (.MX manager) is the technical and commercial operator, providing all kinds of services for the operation of the gTLD .LAT • 100% latin project • .LAT has become a corporate sponsor of the Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce
  • 9. ICANN - Namespace Expansion ICANN • International Organization in charge of Internet Domain Names management • Makes the rules of the game Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers Since 2005, the Internet Community is getting ready to expand the number of internet domains (Top Level Domains, like .COM, .NET) ICANN coordinates the works on policy development and coordinating the different stakeholders to make sure the process covers all aspects of the internet ecosystem
  • 10. Namespace expansion 2005 • ICANN Starts new gTLDs project 2007 • eCOM-LAC and NIC Mexico sign an agreement for .LAT 2011 • ICANN approves the new gTLD program 2012 • ICANN accepts new gTLD proposals (.LAT) 2013 • ICANN approves .LAT creation
  • 11. New gTLDs Program
  • 12. Types of Applications
  • 13. .BRAND Applications
  • 14. .LAT LAUNCH
  • 15. Launch of a new gTLD ICANN’s main objective is to maintain stability, security and integrity of the Internet • New gTLD applicants went through an accreditation process with exhaustive technical revision Furthermore: • Intellectual Property and Rights Protection have always been one of ICANNs main concerns. • For new gTLDs is mandatory to implement Rights Protection Mechanisms
  • 16. Phases of the Launch of a new gTLD Generally the launch includes three phases • Sunrise • Rights Protection Mechanisms • Exclusive for trademark holders. • Landrush • All domains available to general public • Special pricing for premium or very attractive domains • General availability • All domains available at the regular price 18/03/2015 16
  • 18. Sunrise - Rights Protection in .LAT Preferential Registration • Sunrise Launch • Runs for 60 days • Focused on Trademark Holders • Requires mark or brand validation • They can register the domain names that matches their brands • At the end al requests are reviewed and assigned. Collisions go to an auction to break ties. Dispute Processes • URS (Uniform Rapid Suspension System) • Against flagrant rights violations • Remedy is domain suspension • UDRP (Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy) • Against Registered Trademark violations • Remedy is domain transfer
  • 19. Mark or Brand Validation Is performed by the Trademark-Clearinghouse • Is the official validation entity designated by ICANN. • It is a Centralized Database • Its use is mandatory for all new internet domains • It is operated by Deloitte and IBM • A single registration in the TMCH allows brands and trademark to participate in the Sunrise of all new gTLDs. • Savings in time and money 18/03/2015 19
  • 20. TMCH Registration The TMCH accepts and verifies various mark types • Registered Trademarks • Trademarks protected by a Statute or Treaty • Court validated trademarks • Other brands protected by Intellectual Property Rights Registration takes 1 - 2 weeks. • The TMCH verifies mark registration • The holder most provide a Proof of Use (a screenshot of a website will suffice) 18/03/2015 20
  • 21. What do you receive • Trademark holders obtain an electronic certificate that will contain its verified mark information or “Signed Mark Data” (SMD) • With the SMD trademark holders can take part of the preferential registration or Sunrise of all new internet domains (gTLDs) 18/03/2015 21
  • 22. Sunrise Registration in .LAT • To participate in the Sunrise of .LAT: • Register your brand to the Trademark – Clearinghouse to obtain your SMD • Register your domain names through any of the .LAT Accredited Registrars. • For more information you can visit: • http://nic.lat/en/proceso-lanzamiento.html • http://nic.lat/en/listado-registrars.html
  • 24. Open Registration – .LAT Landrush • All domain names will be available • No Premium Reserve List • Will use a Descending Price Scheme so the value of domain names is defined by the market • First-Come First-Served • Anyone willing to invest in a good domain name will be able to register it since day 1 of the landrush • Complements the rights protection phase • Trademark holders can try to register domain names related with their brands or business that were not eligible for Sunrise registration • Generic words like “sports”, “cars”, “casino”
  • 25. Open Registration – Landrush .LATComportamiento esperado de Precios/Demanda 1-Sep 3-Sep 5-Sep 7-Sep 9-Sep 11-Sep 13-Sep 15-Sep 17-Sep 19-Sep 21-Sep 23-Sep 25-Sep 27-Sep 29-Sep 1-O ct 3-O ct 5-O ct 7-O ct 9-O ct 11-O ct 13-O ct 15-O ct 17-O ct 19-O ct 21-O ct 23-O ct 25-O ct 27-O ct 29-O ct 31-O ct Precio Probable Demanda Esperada 18/03/2015 25 Reverse (Dutch) Auction Price Level Demand
  • 27. General Availability Once Landrush is finished starts regular operation for .LAT • All available domain names can be registered at the standard fee • Registration follows First-Come First-served approach
  • 29. Launch Schedule Phase Start End Days Sunrise 16-Feb-15 16-Apr-15 60 Quiet Period 17-Apr-15 11-May-15 25 Landrush 12-May-15 31-Jul-15 81 General Availability 1-Aug-15
  • 30. Follow .LAT http://www.nic.lat http://blog.dotlat.info Twitter: @todoslat Facebook: /todoslat
  • 31. Thank you!
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