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Read all about the upcoming Halloween party, what Congress reads to stay up-to-date, a sixth-grade library invasion, and more.
  delivered to their classroom.The librarians enjoyed the op-portunity to work with youngerstudents. Theda Schwing andChelsea Baker came up with twonovel ways of keeping studentsengaged while touring.Both the library and the WillardGrade Center feedback had beenoverwhelmingly positive. Thelibrarians are already looking intorefining the juvenile collections to better fit the student’s topics. Ms. Galbreaith has expressedinterest in making this visit everyyear. And several Willard stu-dents were so impressed thatthey asked librarians how theycould attend ECU in the offer the studentsin her sixth-gradeEnglish classes theopportunity to use anacademic library, aswell as learning moreabout their areas of study.The students spenttwo days exploringLinscheid Library. On the firstday, the students were givenwalking tours of the library and abrief demonstration of how tosearch the catalog. On the sec-ond day, the students searchedthe catalog for their own topics,and a cadre of student assistantshelped them find their books inthe stacks. The students selectedover 100 materials, which wereWhat better way to spend a crispOctober evening than a hauntedparty at the Linscheid Library?Okay, there may be better ways. However, they don’t involve see- ing the library employees & pa-trons dressed up in their Hallow-een costumes, or watching awe-some spooky movies in the li-brary. Join us on Oct. 29 for a creepy night of fun. You’ll be treated to The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, a silenthorror movie, with live musicalaccompaniment. Take pictures in areal coffin with a selection of ourscariest books, and find out yourfuture with amazing fortune-telling.Younger children are welcome,with fun Halloween mask andframe decoratingset up especiallyfor them. Makesure to stay to theend of the night toenter the costumecontest, completewith fabulous priz-es for the best student,staff, and child cos-tumes.The Halloween party will takeplace on Oct. 29th from 4pm  —  7pm.In mid-September, thelibrary welcomed 180Willard students throughour doors. Using the InstructionRoom, the CETL lab, an army of student assistants, librarian know-how, and staff enthusiasm, thelibrary survived without a singletimeout.Chelsea Baker, InstructionalServices Librarian, was contactedby Celena Galbreaith, a sixth-grade teacher at Willard GradeCenter here in Ada. She wanted Willard Grade Center Visits the Library Halloween Spooktacular L IBRARY N EWS   LINSCHEID LIBRARY OCTOBER 2013 READ ALLABOUT:   Willard GradeCenter Visitsthe Library  HalloweenSpooktacular   Resources for Nursing  CQResearcher   ElectronicReserves  Your LiaisonLibrarians  Willard GradeCenter Students Photo from  WillardGradeCenter’s website . Scare yourself silly with a screening of  TheCabinet of Dr. Caligari   , oneof the first horror films  PAGE 2 No need to goold-school. Getthe latestresources fromthe library. Photo byState Library of Victoria Collections. Used under CC BY-NC license. Digital Resource: CQ Researcher   Resources for: Nursing The Nursing Department at ECUhas an extensive collection readyto help them.Many of our nursing resourcesare online, which makes studyingat a distance, or at night, mucheasier.Databases for nursing includeMEDLINE and CINAHL, which arefull of the latest medical research,  journals, legal cases, clinical innova-tions, critical paths, drug records,research instruments and clinical trials. Even though they’re con- stantly updated, they havearchives going back to the1940s. There are also e-books availa-ble 24/7 through the librarycatalog. These range fromgeneral handbooks & encyclo-pedias to in-depth treatments of medial care’s social aspects. You can check out some coolthings at the library in-person,as well. Everything from medi-cal dictionaries and dosagecalculations to biographies andpersonal accounts of nurses inthe profession, share theshelves. Just look for call num-bers starting with RT when you’re in the book stacks. Check out all sorts of coolresourceson your librarypage,or visit the library andget a tour for yourself. If you can’t get to the library, be sure to usedocument delivery to get items sent to you. to find one that speaks to you, onanything from funding the arts todoping in sports. This is an essential if you’d like something citable forintroductory papers, or if you’d  just like toknow whatpeople in thegovernment arereading to staycurrent.Find this and more at thee-resourcespage on the library website. If you’ve ever wanted to know the scoop on a lot of contro-versial issues, look no furtherthan CQ Researcher. Designedto provide information to the top levels of the country’s government, CQ (or Congres-sional Quarterly) delivers in-depth views on hot topics.Find out about the most re-cent news  —  the latest articlesare about the future of thearctic, government surveil-lance, and preparing for disas-ters  —  or look through topics LIBRARY NEWS for reserves, though. We canput items on online reserves,so they can be accessed even when the library isn’t open. The process is simple. An in-structor gives us the item theywant on reserve. We scan aportion of the item  —  either one chapter’s worth or 10% of  the work, whichever is small-Reserves are a service that thelibrary offers to make materialsmore accessible to students.They walk into the library, tellthe student assistant behindthe Circulation Desk theircourse number & professor,and they can check out materi-als for a set amount of time. There’s an even easier option est  —  if the item is currentlycopyrighted. If it is out of cop-yright, we can put up thewhole item in its entirety.If you are interested in puttingitems on electronic reserves,contact theCirculation De-partment.  Service: Electronic Reserves Get the scoop on the hot topics with CQ Resarcher    Theda Schwing, Technical ServicesLibrarian  Education  Kinesiology  Music  PsychologyDid you know that all departmentshave a librarian assigned to them?Liaisons can help faculty and studentsfind information best suited to theirarea of study. Find yours below or at   Dana Belcher, Assistant Director &Collection Services Librarian  Accounting  Business Administration  Computer Science  Mathematics  Nursing  Chelsea Baker, InstructionalServices Librarian  Chemistry  English & Languages  Physics  Sociology  Patrick Baumann, Media ServicesLibrarian  Cartography/Geography  Environmental Health Science  Family & Consumer Sciences  Human Resources  Katherine Sleyko, Public ServicesLibrarian  Art  Biology  Communication  History  Political Science & Legal StudiesContact your liaison librarianfor one-on- one help if you’re astudent. If you’re faculty, talk to your liaison librarian about classes and materials you’d like. The librarians are your guide tothe best resources, so makesure that you use them.   In compliance with Title VI of the Civil RightsAct of 1964, Executive Order 11246 asamended, Title IX of the Education Amend-ment Act of 1972, Sections 503 and 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and other federal laws and regulations, East CentralUniversity does not discriminate on the basisof race, color, national srcin, sex, age, reli-gion, handicap, disability, or status as a veter-an, in any of its policies, practices or proce-dures. This includes, but is not limited to,admissions, employment, financial aid, andeducation services. This publication is issuedby East Central University as authorized byTitle 70 OS 1981, Section 3903. Connect With Your Librarian East Central University’s mission is to foster a learning environmentin which students, faculty, staff,and community interact toeducate students for life in arapidly changing and culturallydiverse society. Within its servicearea, East Central Universityprovides leadership for economicand cultural enhancement. East Central University’s Linscheid Library Though librarieshave classic style,  we’re more than just books  —  check outall our digital resources andresearch strategies Photocourtesyof ProvidencePublicLibrary.UsedunderCreativeCommonsAttribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivativeslicense.
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