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1. Library Orientation<br />Bayshore Middle School<br /> 2. Two Sections of Books<br />Fiction<br />Non-Fiction<br…
  • 1. Library Orientation<br />Bayshore Middle School<br />
  • 2. Two Sections of Books<br />Fiction<br />Non-Fiction<br /><ul><li>Based on real facts
  • 3. A made-up story</li></ul>Types of Non-Fiction<br /><ul><li>Imaginary</li></ul>Reference Books:<br /><ul><li>Encyclopedia
  • 4. Dictionary
  • 5. Atlas
  • 6. Fantasy</li></ul>Biography<br />General Information<br />
  • 7. What section would you find this book?<br />Non-Fiction<br />Non Fiction (Reference)<br />Fiction<br />Fiction<br />Non-Fiction<br />Non Fiction (Biography)<br />
  • 8. Parts of a Book<br /> Spine<br />
  • 9. Author<br />Title<br />Publisher<br />
  • 10. Call Numbers<br />Books are organized in a system called the Dewey Decimal System<br />This system of numbers was invented by Melvil Dewey<br />Call Numbers are the book’s address-<br />where it lives on the library shelf<br />
  • 11. Call Numbers for Fiction Books<br />F or FIC = Fiction<br />COL = Collins (The first 3 letters of the author’s last name ) <br />Sometimes a label is added to represent genre (Sci Fi, Mystery)<br />
  • 12. Call Numbers for Non-Fiction Books<br />This set of numbers is the numerical “address” or Dewey Decimal category<br />These letters indicate the first 3 letters of the author’s last name or the first 3 letters in the Title<br />
  • 13. Non-Fiction Categories<br />000 Computer Science & General Works<br />100 Philosophy & Psychology<br /> Religion<br /> Social Science<br /> Language<br /> Science & Math<br /> Technology<br /> The Arts & Sports<br /> Literature<br /> Geography<br />O3o Reference: Encyclopedia<br />920 Biography<br />
  • 14. Finding a Book at Bayshore<br />1. Browse the shelves<br />2. Use the online catalog<br />Type in<br />Type Destiny <br />
  • 15. Prepared by L. Ligo, LMS<br />Library Media Center <br />Bayshore Middle School<br />
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