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1. Welcome toYour Library! Elementary School 2. Who works inthe library? 3. LIBRARYPROCEDURES 4. How do you enter the library? 5. ery on Discovery Clip Art…
  • 1. Welcome toYour Library! Elementary School
  • 2. Who works inthe library?
  • 4. How do you enter the library?
  • 5. ery on Discovery Clip Art Gall sed from theClip art licen
  • 6. Where do youcheck-in books?
  • 7. At the check-in station.
  • 8. How should yourbooks be stacked?
  • 9. Your books should be stair-stackedso you can seethe barcodes.
  • 10. Where do you put your books afteryou have checked them in?
  • 11. If you are in Kinder - If you are in 4th & 5th3rd grade you will put grade, you will put them on the cart. them on the shelves.
  • 12. Where do you look on the book to determine where itshould be put back?
  • 13. Look on the spine of the book. The spine labelis like the book’s home address.
  • 14. When looking for a new book, what do you useto hold a book’s spot on the shelf?
  • 15. Your spacer holdsthe book’s place.
  • 16. When you are notlooking for a book, where should you hold your spacer?
  • 17. Your spacershould be at your side.
  • 18. When youfind a book you want,what shouldyou do with it?
  • 19. When you find a book, put it on thetable you are sitting at.
  • 20. How many bookscan you check out?
  • 21. You can check-out2 books from now on, unless you lost a book last year.- If you leave a bookat home, how many can you get?- How many books can you get if you leave 1 books at home?
  • 22. Can 3 or 4 rd thgraders check out magazines?
  • 23. Yes, you can get onemagazine at a time as long as there is a check-out bag available. They are not ready today though.
  • 24. When you have allyour books, wherecan you find your library card?
  • 25. In the notebook on the corner ofthe Librarian’s desk.
  • 26. When you have yourcard and your books arestair-stacked, where do you check-out?
  • 27. At thecheck-out station.
  • 28. What should you press onthe keyboard when youare done checking-out?
  • 29. You should press the red 1and blue 2 on the keyboard,so the person after you does not check their books out under your name.
  • 30. Where does your library card gowhen you are done checking-out?
  • 31. In your gradelevel’s notebookfind yourteacher’s folderand place yourlibrary cardinside.
  • 32. Once you havechecked out what should you do?
  • 33. Find a spot to read.
  • 34. How long can youkeep your books?
  • 35. You can keep your books for 2 weeks. There are no late fines, but remembersomeone else might really want to read that return it when you are done!
  • 36. BOOK CARE
  • 37. What book rules might these pictures represent?
  • 39. Follow your social contract! Follow all school rules! Remember that this is YOUR library and we need YOUR help to take care of it and keep it nice!
  • 40. Internet Cyber safety
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