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A Revolutionary Perspective by David C. Tate
   The views expressed herein are those of the author and not necessarily of the Nationalist Free Press.  sk any number of racists involved in what-ever branch or faction of the pro-White so-called movement to define the “move-ment,” and you will get as many different defini-tions as people you talk to. Ask those same peopleto define “T   HE  C   AUSE  ” for which we fight, and, innearly every case, you will hear: “For the preser-vation of our Race.”  The point should be clear  :there is no movement. There is only T   HE  C   AUSE  .   1  In the past 25 years of racial awareness, thisauthor has watched the birth and death of severalhundred “movement” organizations, from fly-by-night newsletters, to large, seemingly well-struc-tured groups. Many have fractured or divided overreal or imagined disputes. Others have collapsedunder the weight of Establishment pressures orarrests by a de facto government doing the biddingof the Jews behind the scene, but most have simplyfaded into obscurity.The titles, designations and banners the vari-ous movement organs have concocted to identifyor designate their many factions and fractures,doctrines and beliefs, are enough to confuse not  1. By definition, a movement is: “a progression in a partic-ular direction or toward a particular objective … a seriesof concerted organized activities or related events work-ing toward or shaping some objective.” Among the pro-white movement there are so many varied objectives, somany diametrically opposing beliefs and views, thatthere is not one movement, but many movements.Among these movements there is only one similar Cause,and by definition a cause is: “a principle, ideal, goal, ormovement to which a person or group is dedicated.” Wemay have a Cause, the preservation of our Race, but our“movement” is actually a “disorganization.”  only our adversaries, but those we hope to “save.”If the whole program were actually designed toconfuse, it could not have been executed better.Did I say, “confuse our adversaries”? Somehow, Ido not believe they are the ones who are confused.Ask yourself: “Where does our so-called‘movement’ fit in the annals of history?” Does itstand a gnat’s chance in hell of accomplishing thegoal of Aryan preservation and separation with thelot of undisciplined and sometimes immoral mis-fits dragging us down? In most corners of themovement we are plagued by fools who are assist-ing our failure to accomplish anything of value, byHollywood Nazis, by Ku Klux Klowns, by Pin-heads, by Odinuts, by Jewdeos, by Identidiots andother assorted types. Sure, of those in the move-ment who aren’t actually mongrels, the majority isprobably made up of well-meaning adherents toone branch of the pro-White movement or another.However, I suspect that less than five percent of those “well-meaning” adherents actually stand upto the srcinal, primitive standards of our Aryanancestors, of   true  National Socialism, of   true  Christianity, or even of   true  Mythic Paganism orOdinism. The majority has never had their act  The Movement is Dead …   LL  L  L oooonnnn gg g gLL  L  L ii i i vv v v eeeeTT T T hhhheeeeCC C C aaaauu u u sssseeee!!!!  A Revolutionary Perspective by David C. Tate,POW of the BrüderschweigenCopyright 2002  Originally Published August, 2002, in Vol. II, No. 8, of the Nationalist Free Press (www.nationalistfreepress.com).Permission to publish the enclosed articles IN FULL hereby granted by the author and the NFP, provided that both receive credit.For printing inquiries contact: NFP, POB 310, Kodak, TN, 37764.Published on:www.nationalistfreepress.com  Contents  1. The Movement is Dead, Long Live T   HE  C   AUSE  !2. Eight Revolutionary Points3. Defining An Activist4. What Makes A Leader?5. Enlightening the Masses?  A   2Long Live The Cause  together. No, not even in our“sacred” pro-White, so-called“movement.”Racial kinsmen, all duerespect to True Activists inevery branch of our ongoingstruggle. The efforts of trueand hardworking Aryan men and women are to behonored. But as so many have lamented, thosegood works are often wasted efforts and wastedlives burnt up on failed movement causes, squan-dered by blundering would-be leaders who werenot self-disciplined enough to be truly effective,slandered by fools who want only to be the stereo-typical Hollywood “racist,” and stolen by betray-ers and traitors whose cause was themselves andsimpering obedience to the government of tyranny.So much has been given, but so little remains.After years of struggle, the movement consists of not much more than scattered publishers, andmiles of lost ground.Most of us are aware of our many shortcom-ings. The question is: “Why aren’t we doing any-thing about them???” We have heard lots of talk about “leaderless resistance” over past years, andwhile it may be a good idea for guerilla warfare,even guerilla warriors have  a unity of thought and  purpose  , a unity of standards that holds their fac-tions together. We should have an advantage overthe mongrels who oppose racial purity, the geneticmind of our race carries within its depths aninstinctual, inborn ability to recognize “right fromwrong,” justice from injustice - if we would use it,perhaps then we would stand a good chance of success. These innate laws written on the heartcannot be fully understood without the presence of the Separating Mentality of Truth being invitedinto our hearts. But, rather than act upon ourbeliefs, we would rather hang onto various delu-sions: “All we need is faith”  (“faith” most oftenserving as a by-word for excuse) … “things willwork out in the end”  …  “so and so says we should wait”  … “I can’t really change the outcome”  …  “we can only succeed after the system collapses”  … “All we can really do is wait”  … “We must wait for the Second Coming”  … “God will let usknow when it is time…”   etc  ., etc  ., ad infinitum  , ad nauseam  . There may be a time and season foreverything, but there are more excuses than timesand seasons.So, movement adherent, where does this leaveus, since we’ve never been “together” on anyissue? IT LEAVES US WITH  T   HE  C   AUSE  , AND T   HE  C   AUSE  IS THE PRESERVA-TION OF OUR RACE. It canbe put no more simply thanthat.What exactly does T   HE  C   AUSE  require?A. We have a T   ERRITORIAL  I   MPERATIVE  toestablish a homeland.   1  B. The Homeland must be free of racial aliensor we will only be starting back on square one, i.e.,  T   OTAL  R   ACIAL  S   EPARATION  .C. T   HE  N   ATURAL  L   AWS  of our Homelandmust be designed not just for the preservation of our Aryan Race, compatible purely to our Aryangenetic mind and patterned after our inborn under-standing of “right from wrong,” but geared towards the prosperity and furtherance of our kind alone  . (For those unaccustomed to thinking interms of “right from wrong,” for the purposes of this article let’s just say that any foolish, selfish,or immoral act that harms T   HE  C   AUSE  --present or future -- is wrong  ).  Any “movement”organ that does not promote these three require-ments does not truly support T     HE   C     AUSE   and should be considered hereto forward either aworthless endeavor or AN ENEMY FRONT.  Now, let’s consider the requirements of T   HE  C   AUSE  in further detail:A. T   ERRITORIAL  I   MPERATIVE  . A lesson of nature is that for a species to survive, it requires a“Territorial Imperative.” For example, the wolf andthe coyote are both species of canine, they caninterbreed - but, for each to survive, they instinc-tively know that one requires a territory free fromthe other. Only crossbred dogs lose the instinct of “kind” and of territorial imperative from otherbreeds - a mongrel gains the instinct of miscegena-tion. In effect, a mongrel can only do one thing,mongrelize or down-breed. The natural, purebredwolf rejects the half-breed in favor of what is  nat-ural   , instinctual.Races of men are not so different from speciesof animals. White men and women exist today  1.In declaring the necessity of a territorial imperative I amNOT naming any particular region, such as the failed“imperative” for the pacific northwest of America. I amdeclaring only the factual necessity for our survival as arace and a people.   T  HE   C  AUSE   requires:   1. A Territorial Imperative   2. Total Racial Separation   3. The Natural Laws must be geared towards the prosperity and furtherance of our kind  alone.   Long Live The Cause3  because in our history, our ancestors fought anddied to preserve our kind. We have the same obli-gation to future generations.Our Christian ancestors knew and believed thatthey were the race and descendents of Adam, andas such they had a territorial mandate in Genesis to“multiply and subdue the earth.” That territorialmandate is as valid today as it was when it wasgiven.Our most recent example of a white Homelandcan only be pre-World War II Germany. Success!Between the lines of modern censors we can allread of the rise of Third Reich to prosperity andracial freedom. But what happened next? Throughdeceit of propaganda and political trickery, themongrelized “Establishment” provoked the rest of the white world into murdering their neighborsand brethren.So what is the lesson? For T   HE  C   AUSE  to besuccessful, ours must be a Pan-Aryan, World-Wide effort  . Success in any single Aryan nationaround the globe will only bring the rest of theJewish-controlled white world down on that hope-ful nation, like rabid dogs tugging on the leash of their One World masters.B. R   ACIAL  S   EPARATION  .  Freedom from race-mixing and down-breeding can only be accom-plished when there are no other races left to mixwith inside our Territorial Homeland. This is racialseparation at its only possible conclusion. Exami-nation of past civilizations founded upon the racial“supremacy” of whites over dominated and toler-ated non-whites within the same territory can giveus historical perspective on where others wentwrong.INDIA is but one example with its ancient“  caste system  ,” where Aryans ruled from the top of a multi-layered government, where right and privi-lege descended from the white racial governingbody in multiple layers, through tan to brown tothe darkest black “dung eaters” on the very gutterlevel of the caste civilization. The caste systemlasted hundreds of years until it was dismantled inthis last century, but the Aryans who set it up havelong since ceased to exist in India. The very racethis white “supremacist” system was set up to pre-serve were bred out of existence by their own sys-tem of “   tolerance  .”White supremacy existed in America beforethe Un-Civil War. The North outlawed slaveryafter the war, and “segregation” became the newform of “supremacy” meant to preserve whiteintegrity. Segregation failed, and now Americatastes the bitter results. In the same vein, WhiteSouth Africa set up the “supremacist” apartheidgovernment that failed most miserably.So what is our lesson? Our goal must not bethe band-aid of “preservation,” but the cure of   Total Separation  . Anything else at this hour of history will only bring white racial genocide viarace-mixing. As a white Christian, I declare to youthat we have a duty to establish a white homeland,separated and free from the living death of mon-grelization, for the God of nature has declared thatour children have the right to be born into a landfree from racial turmoil and depravity. To try andcoexist in the tyranny and “controlled chaos” of amongrelizing society that promotes the genocideof both the white and black races is an impossibil-ity if our white race is to survive.C. N   ATURAL  L   AW  .  The future Laws of ourRace must be founded upon the Natural Laws  of the God of Truth and Nature. Race alone is not theonly issue, just our primary Truth. Our Truths mustbe clear, simple, and ruthless honesty. For ourRace to survive, we must embrace every fact of Truth. Half-truths, half-measures, cop-outs, com-promises, and outright lies will only bring us fail-ure. For example, the half-measure of “EqualRights for Whites,” which will accomplish nothingbut further down breeding. In our TerritorialHomeland, the law of the land will be “  OnlyRights for Whites  .” Anything else will bring fail-ure just as surely as the caste system, apartheid,and segregation did in their respective locations.Another historical lesson is the BYZANTINEEMPIRE, which rose in the wake of the collapseof Rome. The white Christian leaders of Byzan-tium learned many lessons from the fall of theRoman Empire. They developed three laws thatbecame the cornerstone of their government:  no racial alien could practice: 1. Government; 2. Finance; 3. Religion  (a subsection of which waseducation). These laws worked great for a verylong time; in fact, the white Christian ByzantineEmpire is the longest recorded continual andunchanging government in the history of our race,spanning almost six centuries. But from whencecame their demise? They had no laws to keep theracial aliens out of their country. First, while theJews were “persecuted” for their corrupt and law-less practices throughout the world, they found   4Long Live The Cause  Byzantium to be a safe haven from which to runtheir web of deceit and interest/usury finance intoother nations. As long as the Jew stayed out of Byzantine politics and finance, they were free tocome and go. Second, the mongrel Turks wereallowed to grow in ever-increasing numbers withinthe borders of the Byzantine Empire, until finallyone day a vile Jew opened the gates of Constanti-nople from inside, and raping, pillaging Turksbrought Byzantium to a bloody and total end.(Today, the Turks are Europe’s “Mexican Prob-lem.”)By the example of Byzantium, we see thatsuch laws that promote “Only Rights for Whites”by and of themselves are not enough, Total Sepa- ration  must be the Law of our Homeland. And not just separation from other races, but separation from any perversions or injustices that willdegrade us back into the Sodom and Gomorrahstate in which we now find our race immersed   .What is the Truth? T   HE  C   AUSE  is the Truth,and the God of Truth may be found by believingthe opposite of nearly every stance taken orcatered to by the Establishment system of corrup-tion currently in power. Aryan men and women,within you resides a unique genetic mind. Just asthe animals of nature have instincts, our geneticmind is capable of defining for us the Truths of    Right from Wrong  , of   Justice from Injustice  ,which we will hear if we only tune out the inces-sant babble of contrary “opinions” poured out bythe mongrelized Establishment media long enoughto listen to that Voice of Truth  once heard andobeyed by our Aryan ancestors.Where does this leave us now? Outlining ourfuture course is our first step, promoting it is oursecond. Recognizing T   HE  C AUSE and not “themovement” as our goal, we must now considerwhat will be most effective. T HE C AUSE is not acountry club, it is an ideal, but, most important, itis a revolutionary ideal . Don’t kid yourselves,people, what we are about is revolution, pure andsimple.Sure, not all revolutions are “violent,” but theone that wrenched our Aryan nations out of thehands of white sovereignty was. Take into accountall of the dead since the Un-Civil War, WW I, WWII, and the no-win wars; ask any white woman orgirl that has survived the rape of two-legged ani-mals; ask any white youth that has been bussedinto America’s urban jungles and forced to fight orsubmit to non-white youths; ask the elderly whohave been victimized by alien predators that havetaken over their once crime-free, white neighbor-hoods; and, ask anyone who’s fallen to prison forany good cause - from publishing “unpopular” his-torical opinions to practicing retroactive abortionon undesirables without a license.It may be true that every white act of physicalretribution upon a non-white is met with ten timesthe severity of punishment by the system thanwhat may be normally handed down for similar“crimes,” but this only proves the point of exactly“who” the real enemy of the system is: us . Itshould also prove to everyone in the movementthat this is no game. If you play, it is time to playfor keeps. We didn’t choose to play this way, thesystem did;  so stop playing around  .Several examples from history must help us setour next course for us. The first is the K U K LUX K LAN . The Klan was effective for its time andplace: to spook marauding niggers and thievingcarpetbaggers into their place by acts of justice.But since then nearly every era of the Klan hasbeen basically non-effective. There are heroes of the Klan: Nathan Bedford Forrest and his crew, theGreensboro Warriors. Theirs were acts of revolu-tion and defiance that we should remember. But noone today believes that the Klan could possibly bethe mechanism that will carry our Race into thetotal victory required for our survival, not evenhonest members of the Klan. To go around inrobes defeats the entire purpose of an “InvisibleEmpire,” and only invites your enemy to infiltrateand manipulate you. There have been Klans whowere directed by FBI agents and police infor-mants. The power of the Klan was the fact that itwas clandestine. It was secret. You didn’t tell peo-ple who you were. As long as that was the stan-dard, then the Klan as a force under recognizedand qualified leadership, was successful. We mustalso remember that the North was sympathetic tothe plight of the harassed and degraded southerncitizen. That today is no longer the case. The massmedia is controlled by humanists and homosexualswho are only too willing to do the bidding of theirJew masters and impose anti-Christian, anti-white,feminist philosophy and thinking upon a de-edu-cated generation whom they hope to race-mix intoextinction.Another historical lesson is the political rise topower of the T HIRD R EICH . If you believe thatsuch a landslide political victory is possible at this
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