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http://www.lyflegacy.comLYF SPONSOR ID is LEGACYLYF Brands is the MLM Pre-Launch Opportunity of a Lifetime. Michael Han has brought together the RIGHT PEOPLE, RIGHT PRODUCTS and the RIGHT PROGRAMS to achieve the highest standards of excellence in the International network marketing industry. Now is the RIGHT TIME to take massive action and be a part of this incredible journey. "First Mover Advantage"LYF Brands just Pre-Launched on 03-12-10Secure a TOP International Position in LYF Brands Now for FREE!Hundreds of innovative products will become available in four different categories:Health and WellnessTechnologyHome CarePersonal CareLYF Brands is NOT your typical network marketing company. Do your due diligence and you will soon discover that LYF Brands is a true International Business Opportunity that doesn't come along very often. The question is, are YOU going to wait until 'later' to get involved or are you going to take massive action now and position yourself for the ultimate success that a company like LYF Brands can offer you? Unlike most MLM Companies that launch with limited funds, LYF has unlimited start up capital. Michael is personally investing 300 million dollars for the success of LYF. Michael's vision is to create world class brand awareness with LYF, through extensive media exposure, and a vast network of happy, loyal, LYF Associates.LYF Pre-Launch Event is April 28-29 in Santa Monica, California. They will be unveiling a product that Michael has secured exclusive marketing rights to. This product is said to be incredible and cannot be 'copied.' The "Official Grand Opening Celebration" of LYF Brands is planned for September 2010.LYF Brands plans to open in over 30 countries simultaneously.Michael Han is no stranger to the network marketing industry. In the past, he as been a consultant for other companies and has assisted in the development of compensation plans. The LYF Brands Compensation Plan is a nine GENERATION, uni-level plan with three levels of fast start bonuses that will pay weekly. There will also be bonuses for achievement. The LYF Brands Pay Plan is very generous, paying out an average of 52% to 60% in commissions. With LYF, you have the potential to be paid weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually. Now that's pretty exciting.Pre-Register Today - http://www.lyflegacy.comSPONSOR ID is LEGACY
  • 1. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 1 2 FASTRAK Qualifies Sponsor Minimum Qualification Percentage Payout 1st Level 100PV with ASAP 25% 2nd Level 200PV with ASAP* 15% 3rd Level Qualified Partner 10%
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  • 3. 4 5 GLOBAL BONUS POOL (Paid Quarterly) The Global Bonus Pool consists of 4% of all generational commissionable volume. The pool is shared by all qualified Global Partners 2 Star and above. 6 7
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