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  Control FreakHewants to control everything-doesn`t like subordinates to make any decision- tendto hoard information-Doesn`ttrust anyone easily - livein fear of what if.-Reporthim/her to death- aska lot of questions about assigments orprojects he / she gave you- tryto gain his/her trust by giving him/her daily report THE AUTOCRATHe/shehas his/her own objective-Doesn`tcare about his/her employees-never satisfied-He/she thinks he/ she is the only competent person in the companyMaketheir objective to be your objective and help him/her in achieving thatobjective THE BLAME FIXERHe/she makes everyone else responsible for fixing his/her problems-He/shetakes no responsibility for his/her employees-Favoritesentences “SOMEONE SHOULD FIX THATPROBLEM” or “SOMEONE SHOULD DO SOMETHING ABOUT THAT” Tryto fix the problem not the accusation-Document what you and your boss do and what he/she told you to do and how to do  THE SOFT HEARTHe/shewill tell you what you want to hear thanturn around and do the opposite-Tellhim/her to be frank with you-Shareyour concerns and perception of a reality THE POLITICIANHe/sheis charismatic-Hasalways something positive to say-Notfrank/lie most of the time-Hasno real competence-Dependson individuals in the company who are competent to make him/her look good-Be aperson that will make him/her look good but do not expect to get the credit foryour accomplishments THE TEAM BUILDERVerycompetent at what he/she does-Frank-Solicitideas and creativity from his/her employees-Knowhow to make tough decisions and does that in professional way-Expectcommitment and involvementBeopen -Tellhim/her what you want and what you think-share your ideas with him/her-Askfor help when you need it-Be ateam player ment d_lo Top ManagementChairman, VP, CEO, COO, CFO, CTO, Board of DirectorsMiddle ManagementGeneral Manager, Regional Management MANAGERSStudy this set online at:  First Line ManagementSupervisor, Office Manager, Team LeaderCEOChief Executive OfficerCFOChief Financial OfficerCOOChief Operating OfficerCTOChief Technology OfficerVPVice President MANAGERSStudy this set online at:

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