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talks about how to do research
  MARKETING RESEARCH  jagadish cannibalization of brand image cannibalization is defined as eating away your own revenue of product launched byyou (company) by introducing a newer product in place of previous product launchedby same company in its placerepurcussions of this launch is unethical as per 4c concept is concernedbut can be used in times of emergency situation as to remove the product fromshelf space of retail stores if product is defective and company has no idea as towhere the dispersement of product has been doneit can be solved by introducing for example 2 products of new launch with onedefective product launched of defective product4c concept can also be introduced if companies help each other under crisiscannibalisation of product should never be done when you have a competitorproduct, as goodwill of company is at stake where their is chance of substitutioneffect taking place by consumers diverting their funds to competitors thinking thatproduct is defective or has bad brand imagebut the same cannibalisation is effective if you are a monopolist in the industry, eventhen to lesser extent it has to be used as it is unethicalwhy unethical , it is because you are diverting funds to new product every now andthen as goodwill of brand company is at stake effecting the company in the longrun , it is unethical as per company policy and not consumer perspective. consumeralways has a chance of substitution effect but company doesn't have such freedom.substitution effect means choosing a different product in place of product purchasedeverytime being chosen by consumer 4c concept can be used under ethical cannibalization----emergency situationNEXT  problems faced by star performer in companies solved by cmo  in any organization star performers play an active role in moving ahead the company to profits but if they face problem how to solve themtargets being given to star performers and other employees is not reachable, sometimesis reachable by star performers and they are given small token of gifts to encourage themto do sales on consistent basis, but company forgets that the targets reached by star  performers is occassional and not frequently as perceived by company management targets as per jagadish has to be reachable even to average marketing executive on aconsistent basis and not higher end targets kept by management which by nature is not achievable from the starting point, how can companies know whether targets are high, it can be known only when average marketing executive is able to reach them on consistent basis daily wisewhat happens to companies if the average targets are kept and not higher targets, it would benefit the company in the long run as it would tell the company management whether they are recruiting the right candidate for target growths or they are recruiting dull heads who are poor in personal relations .those who are achieving this targets can be retained back and those who are not reaching the targets can be deleted as targets are kept to achieve not to discouragehonest marketing executives whose mindset would to give honest database and not to domanipulation as is seen in companies employees only because the targets were too highto achieve and they did not want to leave the company so manipulated the database just to sustain for fewer months something to think about  t  argets have to be achievable by average marketing executive is the moral of the articlerecruitment of excellent executives can be judged easily if targets are achievable ascompany can measure its executives SWOT  NEXT why research cant happen in countries it is quite amazing that for research to happen money is needed and universitieseven though have power have concentrated their entire research under the hands of few and students have been denied freedom to express their research passion . in thename of professorship across the universities students have been denied who want tocontribute for companies stating that they have to become professors and teach andnot just do research  why? this adam smith never knew how to give orientation in the world but wrote abook which became the bible of the whole world, and universitites spend money onpurchasing books which is never used for research by students even though phd isawarded by foreigners but under the pretext of professorship , can all students teachis the first question ?look for talent not professorship in education ? i cant teach to students but can writeand do research ? i havent earned money but earned fame ? i am not supportingmyself but put a case infront of the world that if i cant teach but some people ,students follow me ? is it true fact that i or others who cant teach be not givenfinance either by government wing or universities to which student apply ?nobody in this world is multitalented , people have defects but commonsense is tounderstand strengths and given motivation to contribute in this worldcontribution to world is important and to be done ethically is required not lookingfor weakness ? foreigners know how to apply this, lets see whether countries followthis or notresearch to be done is most important in 21st century if universities are looking forprofessorship huge talent is wasted if you consider me also in this tussle for researchto be denied finance ?i am supporting myself if some believe and i am also supporting students who haveflair for education research but dont have multitalent to contributelook for strengths in individuals not weakness if myself is an example to itwhy don't companies provide finance to students under apprenticeship if they wantto save their companies and to have honest, sincere, talented researchers under theirbelt who can revolutionize them in the long run1year apprenticeship and enrollment if successful, even companies do and requireresearchers under their belt to survive in 21st centuryif funding to universities if is given by companies on regular basis companies musthave a say in the running of administration of universities to which companiesprovide fundingprivatisation of universities has to be shared between industries  NEXT  Research and Development  jagadish (me) always talks about 4c concept being used for research purpose, howto do it effectively and efficiently without affecting the relationship betweencompanies Q1)   which of the areas to concentrate upon research under 4c by companies? Ans)it is generally seen in companies that want to do research usually as per my directionmay have chosen to do research and share their core competency areas to doresearch with respective companies under different industry segment, for exampleunilever corecompetency was quality and procter and gamble corecompetencyis supply chain sharing information under this format they lost portion of their knowledge tocompetitor , but it is acceptable under 4c concept as it is meant to give informationto each other under this concept otherwise friendship between companies is doneonly by sharing information to each otherif sharing of information is not done then automatically it is called competitionbetween companies and not cooperation between companies, in 4c concept me jagadish trying to solve problems in times of emergency situation problems whereCSOP (customer stock option plan) and others play an active role which shouldmutually help the companies as at any given time both the parties can be affectedmy advise to companies was to do it gradual friendshipanother problem i have deciphered is that of complementors playing an active roleand can shift their base camp to company which gives more weightage say monetarywise, the solution is simple 4c concept works under crisis if complementor isunethical it is better to leave the complementor than to stick to it as alternatives aremany now a days , complementor all the time cannot stick to one company asfinance availability to be provided to it are many if they are ethical 4c concept works only on ethics Q2) how much money should be allotted under R and D by companies under4c ? Ans) investment of knowledge under 4c concept gives you much more say over theissue than monetary
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