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  MASONIC DIGNITIES & EGREGORIC SUCCESSIONSUPDATED MAY 24 2010 By allengreenfield  The Ancient Practice of Laying on of Hands Expands Egregore Gnostic and Apostolic Successions, Degrees of Allen Greenfield  This document has a long history of development, beginning in the 1980s in an effort to trace my own lineages, on my web site now called ―ASSEMBLY OF THE KNOWLEDGE AND WISDOM OF SOLOMON- LODGE OF THE SONS & DAUGHTERS OF AARON‖ and revised in 2009, work done by Tau Apiryon in the early 1990s and additional work by TauDositheos, Tau Thomas, Tau Sunce, Tau Samlah, Tau Sir Leonis and myself, done in the firstdecade of the 21st Century C.E. Much standard source material has also been repeatedlyconsulted. Egregore Rather Than Faith-Profession  I was consecrated by Tau Silenus, William Gary Keith Breeze in Brooklyn NY on November 19,1988. I cross consecrated with Tau Apiryon, David Forrest Scriven in Atlanta GA December 10,1993. I was reconsecrated by Scriven, Lynn Scriven (Soror Helena) assisting at the Scriven homein Riverside, California May 25, 1997.Allen Greenfield was Elected to the Episcopate by the Holy Synod of the Neopythagorean  Gnostic Church August 21, 1986, He was consecrated by Patriarch Bertiaux in Chicago IL USADecember 4 1993. A statement on spiritual legacy by Rt. Rev. T Allen Greenfield  Please note that, as Tau Michael Bertiaux has held, since June 16, 1979, all major independentlines of the traditional apostolic succession through consecration at that time by Bishop ForestGregory Barber, all such lines flow to me by virtue of my consecrations by Bertiaux. Bertiaux,later reconsecrated by Jorge Rodriguez, then also consecrated me. In line with MY FORMER ASSOCIATES AT ―OTO’s‖  Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica , Patriarch Tau Silenus and PrimateTau Apiryon, I hold that there is a distinction between, on the one hand, Spiritual Appointmentand Consecration in the lineage of Edward Alexander Crowley (Baphomet 33 * 90* 96* XI°MA&P R MM) and, on the other, the traditional Apostolic Succession. Both have theirimportance and validity. The issue is passage of egregore and empowerment, not any particularfaith or creed.In my view, and, in having held both, I believe I can render a rather well informed and detached opinion on this. I held the succession of Baphomet as a Bishop ―now and forever‖ through Consecration by both the Absolute Grand Patriarch of the Ordo Templi Orientis EcclesiaGnostica Catholica (November 19, 1988 Brooklyn NY). While I am no longer associated withEGC- OTO, I hold with the Augustinian doctrine ―once a bishop - always a bishop‖ though I claim -and would have -no authority within OTO as of late July, 2006. As Tau Silenus recognized mein writing unconditionally as Bishop in writing prior to my becoming an OTO initiate, I maintainI hold the succession of Baphomet, such as it is. Others are free to disagree; nobody questionsmy Full Apostolic Succession, which is what counts magically. The ―Baphomet descent‖ doctrin e peculiar to the current OTO management was, in my opinion,a reaction to questions about their own Apostolic Succession, and nothing more, a silly overreaction typical of them.I also hold the Latter Day Saints succession through Bishop Conway, and the Doinel Succession through various consecrations. The Honorary Title of ―Rabbi‖ was recently also given me by theFellowship Assembly, which I accept in the sense of being a ―teacher of spirituality‖ in the Reform Jewish tradition. What Allen Greenfield Really Believes     It is my own conviction that verifiable spiritual powers are demonstrably attributable to variouslineages of spiritual succession, be this the so- called ―Succession of the Apostles‖ (which descends from the ancient Roman State Religion through Roman Christianity), various non-apostolic but similar lines of succession (Latter Day Saints, Doinel Gnostic, New Aeon, et al), orblood lineages as in the hereditary Hindu Brahmins or Hebrew Kohenim, from which I descend.I profess only two fundamental convictions in these endeavors: I advocate Scientific Illuminism,or the method of science employed in pursuit of the aims of religion, and I holds firmly to theconviction that the world as-it-is is sufficiently unsatisfactory that exploration of almost any ethical ―out -of-the-  box‖ alternative, however unconventional, is worth the effort. We consider this Tikkun Olam, the attempt toimprove the world as envisioned in our native great Hebraic tradition. I hold also with Tau Michael Bertiaux that ―Apostolic Succession‖ is of value as a continuation of the most ancient priesthoods of Egypt and Rome through the Christian communion, and that special mystical powers ―objectively‖ are transfe rred by consecration in these lineages. My  particular assertion is that this can be objectively verified through scientific experimentation,similar to that performed in parapsychology with spiritual healers. The legend of Ormus, theEgyptian Priest converted in apostolic times to Christianity, and transforming Egyptian Rites intoa mode suitable to the Aeon of Osiris is, at least allegorically, a fair hint of the orderly continuitybetween ancient Near Eastern religions and the Christian Succession in the Eastern Churches,making it a suitable vehicle for continuity in our times. In the Western Churches, the ApostolicSuccession existed in the many currents of the long-enduring state religion of Rome, which canbe traced to the early Roman ruler Numa Pompilius, founder of the College of Pontiffs and theoffice of Pontifex Maximus, hundreds of years before Pauline Christianity; passing through theRoman Imperial State as one with the Emperor as Pontifex Maximus from the time of JuliusCaesar until the Christian Emperor Gratian renounced the title in 379 E.V., apparently in favor of  the Bishop of Rome, Pope Damasus I. According to the Encyclopaedia Britannica, ―The title pontifex was used of Roman Catholic bishops and pontifex maximus of the pope by the end of  the 4th century.‖ The continuity from the most ancient spiritual sources should be obvious here, and its historical value in continuity for the New Aeon equally valid, all other considerations andtheories aside. On April 24, 2010. Tau Sir Hasirim, with the assistance of Tau Dositheos and TauLamed, reconsecrated sub condione, Tau + Sir Leonis, the Most Rev Joe J. Payyapilly at KwanYin Temple, Woodstock GA USA. Tau + Sir Leonis then reconsecrated sub conditione TauDositheos, Tau Lamed, Yau Ishaviva, Tau Tula, Tau Roger and Tau Sir Hasirim. This wasfollowed by a reconsecration from each to each in all lineages Gnostic and Apostolic.I. Syrian-Antiochene (Ferrette Succession 1)6/2/1866Ignatius Peter III (Mar Bedros, Bishop of Emesa)/Julius Ferrette1874Ferrette (Mar Julius I, Bishop of Iona)/Richard Williams Morgan1879Morgan (Mar Pelagius I, Hierarch of Caerleon-on-Usk, first Patriarch of the AncientBritish Church)/Charles Issac Stevens1890Stevens (Mar Theophilus, second Patriarch of the Ancient British Church)/LeonChechemian, Vartapet of the Armenian Uniate Church11/2/1897Chechemian (Mar Leon, Archbishop of Selsey in the Ancient British Church, Archbishopof the Free Protestant Episcopal Church in England)/Charles Albert McLaglen (Bishop of Claremont)6/4/1922McLaglen (Mar Andries, fourth Patriarch of the Ancient British Church)/Herbert JamesMonzani Heard, Bishop of Selsey6/13/1943Heard (Mar Jacobus II, fifth Patriarch of the Ancient British Church, Bishop Primus of theFree Protestant Episcopal Church, Grand Master of the Order of St. James)/WilliamBernard Crowe (Mar Bernard, Bishop of Santa Sophia)4/10/1944Crowe (Mar Basilius Abdullah III, Patriarch of the Ancient Orthodox Catholic Church,Ekklesia Agia Sophia, and the Western Orthodox Catholic Church, Catholicate of the  West, and Grand Master of the Order of the Holy Wisdom)/Hugh George de WillmottNewman9/25/1953de Willmott Newman (Mar Georgius, Archbishop and Metropolitan of Glastonbury andCatholicos of the West, sixth Patriarch of the Ancient British Church)/Ronald Powell(Richard Jean Chretien Duc de Palatine)1965de Palatine (Archon of the Ancient Mystic Order of the Fratres Lucis, Lord Abbot of theOrder of St. Raphael, the Pre-Nicene Gnostic Church, the Sovereign Imperium of theMysteries, the International Brotherhood of the Pleroma, and the Ancient and UniversalPan-Sophic Rite of Freemasonry)/Forest E. Gregory Barber6/16/1979Barber/Michael Paul Bertiaux (Tau Ogdoade Orfeo IV, Patriarch of the Ecclesia GnosticaSpiritualis)9/21/1986Bertiaux/Allen Henry Greenfield (Tau Sir Hasirim, Assembly of the Knowledge andWisdom of Solomon)II. Syrian-Antiochene (Ferrette Succession 2) III. Armenian Uniate (Chechemian Succession)1874Julius Ferrette (Mar Julius I, Bishop of Iona)/Richard Williams Morgan1879Morgan/Charles Isaac Stevens1890Stevens/Leon Chechemian1890Chechemian/James Martin1916Martin (Archbishop and Patriarch of the Free Protestant Church of England)/BenjaminCharles Harris11/17/1944Harris (Bishop of Essex)/Charles Leslie Saul1/8/1950Saul (Mar Leofric, Archbishop of Suthronia)/Thomas Tollenaar4/4/1951Tollenaar (Old Catholic Bishop of Arnhem)/Joseph Marie Thiesen (Mar Justinos)1/24/1954Thiesen/Johann Maria Bloom Van Assendelft-Altland1958Van Assendelft-Altland (Mar Joannes Maria, Archbishop of the Ancient Catholic Church of France, Prince Patriarch of the Primitive Catholic and Apostolic Church of OrthodoxAntioch, Syro-Byzantine Rite)/Christopher C. J. Stanley6/21/1064Stanley/Francis H. Roebke1965Roebke/Forest E. Gregory Barber6/16/1979
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