Medical Microbiology & Immunology Course Perspectives

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Medical Microbiology & Immunology Course Perspectives. Kirsten A. Larson, PhD Drexel University College of Medicine. Thank you!. AMSMIC members and past/present Educational Strategies Participants
Medical Microbiology & Immunology Course PerspectivesKirsten A. Larson, PhDDrexel University College of MedicineThank you! AMSMIC members and past/present Educational Strategies Participants The data and the directory represent individuals who completed the survey by Friday, April 25th.
  • 82 individuals
  • 73 schools
  • Number of years as a faculty member teaching medical students (attendees) 252015% of attendees10501-56-1021-2511-1526-3016-2030+# of yearsN=5735100AdministrativeClinical3095mean 27% (SD18)mean 3% (SD11)2590N=7920% of respondents% of respondents1515101055003535ResearchTeaching3030mean 30% (SD25)mean 40% (SD24)25252020% of respondents% of respondents1515101000001-101-101-101-105511-2011-2011-2011-2021-3021-3021-3021-3031-4031-4031-4031-4041-5041-5041-5041-5051-6051-6051-6051-6061-7061-7061-7061-7071-8071-8071-8071-8081-9081-9081-9081-9091-10091-10091-10091-100% effort% effort% effort% effort00Responsibilities Faculty Teaching10090807013% of faculty teach non-M/ID/I courses6050% of responding faculty403020100MicrobiologyInfectiousDiseaseImmunology80 responsesFaculty Teaching% of responding faculty051015202530Micro onlyID onlyImm onlyMicro / IDID / ImmMicro / ImmMicro / ID / Imm80 responses Topic Hours # of schoolsMicrobiology & Immunology 120 (SD38) 37Microbiology (only) 100 (SD38) 34Immunology (only) 44 (SD29) 21Course Hours *
  • 88 schools had courses that included microbiology or immunology in their title
  • * CurrMIT ( query class of 2009 on 4/30/0801020304050607080Year 1 onlyYear 2 onlyYear 1&2 Immunology n = 63 schoolsMicrobiology n = 66 schoolsOtherMicrobiology and Immunology in the CurriculumMicrobiology0102030405060 Yr 1 Yr 1 – spring & Yr 2 Yr 2 –part of year Yr 2Yr 1 & 2Microbiology and Immunology in the CurriculumImmunologyresponding schools (%)responding schools (%)05101520253035404550 Yr 1 - fall/winterYr 1 - springYear 1Yr 2 – part of yearYr 2Yr 1 & 2otherN=63 schoolsOrganism-focused mannerOrgan-based mannerOrganism- & organ-basedPBL hybridFormat of Microbiology Content % of responding schools051015202530354045 n=69 schools051015202530354045Format of Immunology Content % of responding schoolsA separate section within the microbiology courseIntegrated into a stand alone microbiology courseStand alone course and gradeIntegrated into the preclinical curriculumPBL hybridOtherN= 68 schoolsFormats Used in Teaching0102030405060708090100LectureWet labVirtual labComputer driven activitiesSelf-studyStudent presentationsPatient-oriented problem solving (POPS)Problem-based learning (PBL)Team-based learning (TBL)Other small group discussions0102030405060708090100N=71 schoolsProcedure for Addressing Microbiology or Immunology Failures010203040506070Remediation exam (in house)Remediation exam (NBME)Summer courseRepeat the course/material Not applicable due to curricular integration69 schools respondedStreaming video (67 schools responded)Podcasting (59 schools responded)Use of Streaming Video and Podcasting0102030405060708090Administrative information (e.g., HIPPA training) Periodic medical updates (e.g., the week in review)Some year 1 and 2 courses but not allVirtually all coursesWe generally do NOT use this technologyConclusions
  • Microbiology, immunology, and infectious disease faculty have unique teaching experiences and responsibilities.
  • There are many different ways to teach microbiology, immunology, and infectious disease.
  • Acknowledgments
  • AMSMIC members and Educational Strategies Participants who completed the survey
  • Cynthia Rabuck for completing the CurrMIT query
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