Misplaced Priorities:

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Misplaced Priorities:. The Strawberry Project - PNG Sherwood Lingenfelter, Professor of Anthropology Fuller Theological Seminary. Story: Strawberry Project PNG. Mission leader -- JT Strawberries in river Opportunity: land, climate, surplus berries
Misplaced Priorities:The Strawberry Project - PNGSherwood Lingenfelter, Professor of AnthropologyFuller Theological SeminaryStory: Strawberry Project PNG
  • Mission leader -- JT
  • Strawberries in river
  • Opportunity: land, climate, surplus berries
  • Goal: new income to community of believers
  • Training & Implementation
  • Strawberry COOP Case Study
  • Project Outcome:
  • New income
  • Coop profit
  • Happy farmers
  • Issues:
  • Bad berry crisis
  • Marked boxes
  • Mistrust
  • Strawberry COOP Case Study
  • Leadership?
  • JT managed, coop thrives for 2 yrs
  • Local manager, collapse in 3 mo
  • What were value conflicts?
  • Did JT lead or mislead?
  • JT ValuesHonesty, integrityWork hard, wellEarn profit for allCorrect cheatersAre these people really “believers?”Village ValuesLoyalty to kinWork togetherTake what you needOverlook cheatingWhy are missionaries so hard to please?What were the value conflicts?JT leading or misleading?
  • Project management
  • excellent relationships with locals
  • observed, evaluated people and process
  • provided accountability for success
  • Local people’s response
  • adjusted to accountability
  • learned from success and failure
  • JT leading or misleading?
  • Did JT use command/control leadership? OR
  • Did JT give the work of managing cheating back to the people?
  • Did JT lead or mislead?
  • Local Default CultureCheating is normShame is getting caughtSelf-interest has priority over COOPJT should solve!JT Default CultureTask-focus trainingNothing on sin, default cultureProject success has priority over clan loyaltyJT must solve!Why did it fail? Task-focused Leadership (medical clinic, pharmacy, etc.)
  • “medical clinic social game”
  • Teach people role, skills, and rules
  • Leader/Manager directs routines
  • People follow direction
  • Crisis: “Default Culture”
  • Anxiety causes withdrawal into self
  • “new person in Christ” forgotten
  • What alternatives do we have?Who are these farmers?
  • Converts or disciples?
  • “Benefits” gospel (escape hell)? or
  • Called by Jesus to “follow me”?
  • Cultural standards or God’s standards?
  • Clan or “covenant” community?
  • “Clan shame” or “gospel shame?”
  • What is JT’s challenge as leader?
  • Focus? “Covenant Community”
  • New “identity” -- “God’s chosen people”
  • New command -- “love one another”
  • Calling -- “servants … diverse gifts”
  • Unity -- respect, honor, mutual concern
  • Submission to one another in Christ
  • “Do not judge, condemn, give false reports”
  • Be merciful, forgive, restore those who sin
  • Covenant Community Medicine?
  • Goal: missional “kingdom” community
  • Means: “covenant-with-God medic game”
  • Training: beyond technical skills
  • Default play (sin) vs. Covenant play
  • Rehearsal of the options
  • Cost of default play (wages of sin)
  • Rewards for covenant play (righteous)
  • Covenant Community Teams?
  • Is it possible?
  • Not without practice!
  • Covenant-w-God “leadership game”
  • “love one another” play
  • Changed values & routines for work
  • People following Jesus
  • Covenant Community Teams
  • Will they “default”?
  • Of course!
  • Rom 11:32 - But …
  • Next generation sees a new thing!
  • Some follow Christ & change the world
  • Matt. 7:24-27 Team Builder
  • “can you drink the cup I am going to drink?” Matt. 20:17-19
  • Wise -- hears and puts into practice
  • Foolish -- hears and does NOT practice
  • Reference:Sherwood G. Lingenfelter. Leading Cross-culturally. Baker Academic, 2008THE END
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