Module Guide Contemporary Social Theory 2017-18(3)

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  ABERTAY UNIVERSITY, DUNDEESCHOOL OF SOCIAL & HEALTH SCIENCESDIVISION OF SOCIOLOGYSOC301Contemporr! So #$ T%eor!01'(1) *o+$e Ttor- Dr Christos Memos Le trer.- Professor Alex Law Dr Christos Memos Dr Wallace McNeish Dr Nuala Killeen  C$.. Ttor /Sem#nr.- Dr Christos Memos1  Intro+ t#on to t%e mo+$e This is a social theory module. t is not a history or !io ra#hy of reat thin$ers. t aims tode%elo# your analytical ca#acities !y introducin some the main de%elo#ments in socialthou ht o%er the #ast half century or so. A $ey aim of this module is to encoura e you to re+  closely the ar uments of leadin schools of social theory. *o+$e Orn#.t#on Wee$ly lectures  will #lace $ey readin s in context and uide you throu h a detailedcommentary of the core conce#ts and ideas. Personal readin and attendance at class willha%e a stron !earin on your a!ility to de%elo# sufficient $nowled e of social theory tosucceed in this module. To succeed in this module& you will attend class'!ased tutorialsha%in first read   the readin s set for each wee$. (ou must ma$e e%ery effort to attend alllectures and  participate  fully in study rou# meetin s. To do this it is crucial that youha%e studied the re)uired readin before  each meetin and !rin alon the #ersonal note. that you ha%e ta$en from the readin s. These are desi ned to hel# you draw out the main #oints and !e in to e%aluate the main claims that social theorists ma$e. O2er$$ .tr tre *loc$ 1 Nor!ert +lias and the Ci%ili,in Process *loc$ -The ran$furt /chool and Critical Theory*loc$ 0Michel oucault*loc$ Post'Modernism and 2a!ermas*loc$ 34elational /ociolo y of Pierre *ourdieu Core Re+#n. The essential text!oo$s you should read for this module is Da%id n lis with Christo#her Thor#e&  An Invitation to Social Theory 5Polity& -61-7 and Alex Law ,   Social Theory for Today: Making Sense of Social Worlds  & 5/a e& -6137.(ou should also consult the readin list and use the li!rary and electronic resources tofind rele%ant readin s. -    *o+$e A..e..ment n+ E..!4r#t#n #+e$#ne. There is one -666 word essays and a - hour exam for this module. The essay is worth 368 of the o%erall rade and the exam rade is worth 368. E..!S5m#..#on +te- 3 O to5er 01' n no more than -666 words& write an essay on ONE  of the followin )uestions9  1G#2#n %#.tor# $ e6mp$e., r#t# $$! +#. .. E$#.7 mo+e$ o8 t%e #2#$#9#n pro e..:Cr#t# $$! e6m#ne t%e m#n +#88eren e. 5et4een Cr#t# $ n+ Tr+#t#on$ t%eor!:   0  T%e S %oo$ o8 So #$ n+ He$t% S #en e. S5m#..#on ;o$# ! The /chool of /ocial and 2ealth /ciences re)uires that all students su!mit only electronicco#ies of their coursewor$. /tudents are ex#ected to su!mit coursewor$ in the followin manner91.An electronic co#y of the coursewor$ is u#loaded to the Turnitin file createdwithin the module *lac$!oard folder !y -0.3: on the Monday of su!mission. t is/chool #olicy that all Turnitin folders are set'u# such that the student can self'chec$ ori inality re#orts #rior to the su!mission deadline. 5N.*. Any studentfailin to su!mit an electronic co#y of their wor$& will !e deemed to !e uilty of Academic Deceit& and will conse)uently ha%e an N/6 entered into their unitassessment record on ;A//7.-.Any student who su!mits their wor$ after the -0.3: #m Monday deadline willha%e their wor$ raded in accordance with the uni%ersity<s Late /u!missionPolicy 5Academic 4e ulation D:.-7.Miti atin circumstances n the e%ent that a student is una!le to su!mit or attend an assessment9 Course-work subissions 4e)uests for extensions and deferrals can only !e su!mitted throu h miti atin circumstances mitcircs=a!$  or /+>& usin the forms a%aila!le on'line. f a student is una!le to su!mit an assessment they must com#lete the #a#erwor$ 5downloada!le from ;A//7 and then as$ %ia /+> or 4e istry for the deadline to !eextended or deferred either !y9/+L'C+4T ' This allows a two'day extension %ia an on'line lin$. /tudents can do thisfor two units of assessment in any one year. M?/T *+ D;N+ *+;4+ T2+/?*M//;N D+ADLN+.+@T+N/;N  Normally B'days 53 wor$in days7& or exce#tionally 1 days 5tenwor$in days  must !e a reed !y ACM7. The student must #ro%ide documentarye%idence when su!mittin the re)uest to 4e istry 5mitcircs=a!$ 7 5e. . P note&or the student can !e referred to the ACM if no e%idence is a%aila!le7.
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