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Monday 8/30/10. Turn in Me Tree 3 min - Quiz 5 min - Wikispaces tutorial 10 min - Ch. 11 Part I 20 min - Primary Document and discussion H.W. – Wiki paragraph write. Chapter 11. The Black Death Islamic Empires. The Black Death. How did it happen? What were the primary effects?.
Monday 8/30/10
  • Turn in Me Tree
  • 3 min - Quiz
  • 5 min - Wikispaces tutorial
  • 10 min - Ch. 11 Part I
  • 20 min - Primary Document and discussion
  • H.W. – Wiki paragraph write
  • Chapter 11The Black Death Islamic EmpiresThe Black Death
  • How did it happen?
  • What were the primary effects?
  • Petrarch of Parma on the Plague - 1348
  • My brother! My brother! My brother! A new beginning to a letter, though used by Marcus Tullius [Cicero] fourteen hundred years ago. Alas! my beloved brother, what shall I say? How shall I begin? Whither shall I turn? On all sides is sorrow; everywhere is fear. I would, my brother, that I had never been born, or, at least, had died before these times. How will posterity believe that there has been a time when without the lightnings of heaven or the fires of earth, without wars or other visible slaughter, not this or that part of the earth, but well-nigh the whole globe, has remained without inhabitants. When has any such thing been even heard or seen; in what annals has it ever been read that houses were left vacant, cities deserted, the country neglected, the fields too small for the dead and a fearful and universal solitude over the whole earth?... Oh happy people of the future, who have not known these miseries and perchance will class our testimony with the fables. We have, indeed, deserved these [punishments] and even greater; but our forefathers also have deserved them, and may our posterity not also merit the same...
  • (M.R., ed: D.S.) Adapted from: George Deaux, The Black Death 1347. New York: Weybright and Talley, 1969. Chapter IV, pp. 92-94.
  • How did new rulers rebuild legitimacy after the Plague?The Islamic Heartland and IndiaWhat were the similarities and differences between the Ottoman, Safivid, and Mughal Empires?Primary Document Discussions
  • “Talk to the text” as we read.
  • Put ? next to points you don’t understand, then ask.
  • When you answer a question, try to use evidence from the text to support your interpretations and analysis.
  • When responding to another student, use their name.
  • Take notes using a T chart: “my thoughts” and “friends’ thoughts”
  • Use information from the text, your classmates, and your own thoughts to answer the paragraph writes.
  • Letter from BusbecqDescribes Ottomans to Austria, 1550’s
  • What does Busbecq’s first meeting with Suleiman reveal about the sultan’s attitudes toward Europeans?
  • What does Busbecq see as the main difference between Ottoman and European attitudes toward social privilege and inherited status? How does he think these attitudes affect Ottoman government?
  • What were the advantages and disadvantages of the Ottoman attitudes toward imperial succession?
  • How would you describe Suleiman, from this description?
  • Wiki paragraph write: Do you agree with the 16th century European label, “Suleiman the Magnificent”? Explain using evidence.
  • Ottoman Empire
  • Founded
  • 1453 – conquered Constantinople(Istanbul)
  • Military strength
  • Janissaries
  • Disrupted European - East Asian trade routes
  • Culture: blended Greco-Roman/Byzantine with Islamic
  • Sultan Suleiman I: Named “the Magnificent” by Europeans. Ruled over a Golden Age.
  • Diversity and merit system
  • Deshirme –
  • 4 Social Classes: Men of the: Pen; Sword; Negotiation; husbandry
  • Millets – non-Muslim religious communities
  • Decline
  • Women and Islamic Law in the Ottoman Empire
  • In making arrangements for marriage, how much legal authority is exercised by the following:
  • the future husband and wife
  • Fathers and grandfathers
  • Male relatives of the future husband and wife
  • What do the divorce cases reveal about the obligations of husbands to their wives?
  • What rights does a married woman have against an abusive husband?
  • How did Khayr al-Din Ramli view rapists and abductors of women? What penalties are prescribed for perpetrators of such crimes?
  • In one case a widow is appointed by her dying husband to be guardian of their children. What does this reveal about inheritance practices?
  • Wiki paragraph write: What do you think about women’s legal standing in 17th C Syria-Palestine? What situations and laws affect your opinion?
  • youtube.comOttoman Empire part I
  • What were the major events in the Rise of the Ottomans?
  • Safavid Empire
  • Persian Roots
  • Rise of Faith in wake of Mongol destruction
  • Theocratic authority
  • Shiite Islam
  • Beliefs
  • appeal
  • Persecutions
  • Ismael I
  • Shah Abbas I
  • United the Iranian empire in 1501
  • Divinely ordained to rule
  • Suppressed rebellion
  • Fell apart in 1736. Became Iran in 1979
  • Letter to Shah Ismail of PersianOttoman Sultan Selim I letter to Ismail I, early 1500’s
  • Even though Selim’s letter is designed to malign Shiism, not define Islam, it contains many references to essential Muslim beliefs? Which ones can you find?
  • What does Selim’s letter reveal about differences between Sunnis and Shias?
  • How does Selim perceive himself within the Islamic world?
  • Selim must have realized that the deeply religious Ismail was unlikely to abandon Shiism. Why might he have written the letter to deaf ears?
  • Wiki paragraph write: Write a response from Ismail I.
  • Mughals
  • 1526-1857
  • Descended from the Timurids
  • Sunni-Muslims
  • Babur
  • Hindu-Muslim Conflict
  • H.W. - Wiki paragraph write:
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