MOOD Indicative, Imperative, Subjunctive

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MOOD Indicative, Imperative, Subjunctive. English 3 Mr. McGowan. What is mood?. LIFE DEFINITION How you are feeling at a given time LITERATURE DEFINITION The reader’s emotional response The atmosphere of a story. “Mood” in Grammar.
MOODIndicative, Imperative, SubjunctiveEnglish 3 Mr. McGowanWhat is mood?
  • How you are feeling at a given time
  • The reader’s emotional response
  • The atmosphere of a story
  • “Mood” in Grammar
  • DEFINITION: The form a verb takes to indicate the ATTITUDE of the person using the verb.
  • Tense, Voice, MoodTENSE – shows time (past, present, future)VOICE – shows who’s doing an action or having action done to themMOOD – shows attitude (telling a fact, giving a command, expressing a wish)Indicative Mood
  • Express a fact, opinion, or question
  • It is 84 degrees in here.I think I am going to pass out.Can we please turn the heat down?Write one sentence in indicative mood.Imperative Mood
  • Direct command or request
  • Show me the money.Now give me the money.Don’t call the police.Write one sentence in IMPERATIVE mood.Subjunctive Mood
  • To express a suggestion, a necessity, or an indirectcommand/order
  • To express an untrue condition, or a wish or desire.
  • What does the subjunctive mood look like?Common verbs: ask, demand, determine, insist, move, order, pray, prefer, recommend, regret,request, require, suggest, and wish. What does the subjunctive mood look like?Present Subjunctive:The teacher recommended that I be in her class.I recommend that you be on time the rest of the year.The judge suggested that we be given first prize. Present subjunctive cntd.I demand that he do the assignment.Her mom insisted that she not play tomorrow night.I insist that Michael come early.I strongly suggest that he cooperate with the police.PAST SUBJUNCTIVEI wish you were in my English class.I wish Mr. McGowan weren’t so awesome.If I were you, I wouldn’t do that.Write one sentence in PRESENT SUBJUNCTIVE, and one sentence in PAST SUBJUNCTIVE.What mood? Indicative, Imperative, Subjunctive?
  • Maria translates articles into Spanish.
  • I wish you were here.
  • Bring me the towels.
  • I suggest that you be quiet now.
  • Please be quiet.
  • The coach asked that each player practice twice each day.
  • The coach wishes the rugby team ___ more motivated.
  • Assignments
  • Classwork: Worksheet on Mood.
  • Homework: Creative writing assignment using active voice and subjunctive mood.
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