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MORGANS HOTEL GROUPDISTINCTIVEINTIMATEBOLDTHE PROPERTYI believe that The Morgans Hotel Group chose this particular location because value this type of property proposes.…
MORGANS HOTEL GROUPDISTINCTIVEINTIMATEBOLDTHE PROPERTYI believe that The Morgans Hotel Group chose this particular location because value this type of property proposes. The history of the area, although attempted to have been preserved, has faded with the waning industry. A revamped hotel in this area will bring life back to a classic MiMo neighborhood. One of my main goals for this property is to make it a Miami Beach destination not only for guests staying at the hotel, but for locals as well. The renovations to the space will enhance its historic characteristics as well as create something unlike any other hotel. In doing so we will be reinforcing the branding of Morgans’ Hotels as a distinct experience. It is for these reasons that I have been hired on.GUEST PROFILEAdrian-26Construction ManagerCARS ∙ WORKING OUT ∙ DOGS ∙ SHOES ∙ MOTORCYCLES ∙ GIRLSGUEST PROFILESteve-42DoctorLIFE ∙ GREAT ROMANCE∙ TROPICAL WATERS ∙ ANIMALS ∙ MUSICGUEST PROFILEHeather-24BartenderBEACH BARS∙ DAYS OFF∙ FOOTBALL ∙ BIKE RIDING ∙ FLIP FLOPSMOOD IMAGES & DNAPLAYFULDRAMATICVIBRANTEXPERIENCE MAPPINGrestr.guest roomsstairscafé/bardining areabarrecepthostentryentryHotel GuestCafé/Bar Patronrestr.Key:primarysecondarykitchenprivatebardining areapublicprimarysecondarytertiaryserv. stationentryServerSPATIAL RELATIONSHIPSbarstairsstairsstairsThis is a linear system. Therefore everything is lined up shotgun style. Because of this the adjacencies are limited.This arrangement makes me think harder about what really needs to be close to which elements. Since the opportunities are limited, I need to make the best of them.Since the building is long and narrow, this plan actually fits fairly well.To break up the boring arrangement elements such as outcroppings or varying elevations can be used.barrestroomcafeloungeofficeloungeThis is an axial system. As opposed to a typical axial system, this one has two axis. Believe it or not, this one has even less adjacencies than the linear model.This points out to me that there are certain elements that need to be near multiple other areas and some that only need one or two access points.The way this looks right now, the arrangement would leave empty space in the building, but it is really difficult to truly know without proper scale/shape.Not so much elements, but changing the shapes of the spaces to meld together better. caferecept.restroomrecept.officeentryentrystairsrestroomThis is a radial system. Everything appears a lot closer together with this pattern. Even things that are across the building seem tied together.In reality, especially because this is such a small space, everything need to be close together. This allows for easy access and wayfinding.The shapes are off in the diagram, but if everything were elongated, I believe it could work.The space will have to be very open, but with some dividing characteristics to separate the spaces such as columns or partial walls.Key:officebarprivateloungepublicrecept.primarysecondarycafetertiaryentryPLACE COMPONENTSN2N1C1N1D3C1C2C2D2D1AAD1D2Key:C=Center A=Arrival N=Node D=DomainSPATIAL CONCEPTstairsrestroomloungerecptbarofficeentrycafeCONCEPT DIAGRAMHARD-LINED PLANCONCEPT STATEMENTThe current condition of the property is dull and lacks any remarkable quality. I wanted the interior to be lively and vibrant pulling my initial inspiration from masquerade balls. In some cases the outfits are very colorful and bright and in others only black and white is worn. By using the contrasting color pallets, it will allow the two styles to mingle so that neither trait is overwhelming. It was also very important for me to keep the design in line with the bold and distinctive designs that the Morgans Hotel Group has become known for and at the same time create something uniquely different from any of their other properties.New Hotel Name:DOMINION
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