No Time for Decline: Where the Action is Now in the Healthy Living and Aging Market Location: Murray Theater, Ruth Eckerd Hall - Brandon Daniell

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Brandon Daniell, Chief Innovator at i.e. healhcare spoke on the panel "No Time for Decline: Where the Action is Now in the Healthy Living and Aging Market Location: Murray Theater, Ruth Eckerd Hall" about the evolution of engagement in healthcare,
  • 1. innovating engagement<br />in health and healthcare<br />
  • 2. ROE = Return on Engagement<br /><ul><li> Start with the consumer…. Live the “Day in the Life”
  • 3. Easy/convenient engagement where people live, work, and play
  • 4. Enhance push/pull communication
  • 5. Be Relevant, Original, Emotive</li></li></ul><li>The healthcare industry knows how to listen to your heart. <br />.<br />But how does it listen to what the heart has to say?“<br />
  • 6. What is the world’s most ubiquitous digital device?<br />population<br />
  • 7. Universe of Active Handsets in the U.S.<br />97% of mobile phones text enabled<br />64% of mobile phones internet enabled<br />Smartphones <br />Featured Phones<br />17% of market<br />49% have unlimited texting plan<br />52% haveunlimited data plan<br />83% ofmarket<br />35% have unlimited texting plan<br />12% have unlimited data plan<br />Source: Luth Research Survey June 2009; Comscore June 2009<br />
  • 8. Mobile Consumption <br />Mobile Subscribers (Millions)<br />Q2 2008 - Q2 2009 U.S.<br />UNIQUE USERS <br />Total U.S. Subscribers<br />235M<br />Text messaging<br />132M <br />Multimedia messaging<br />68M<br />Internet<br />49M <br />Downloads<br />Audio 39M <br />Apps 27M <br />Games 23M <br />Video 15M<br />Source: Nielsen, David Gill (2009). Understanding Mobile Habitat<br />
  • 9. Text Messaging in the U.S. Today<br />Text messaging is widely used across all age groups <br /> 70% of 13-17<br /> 83% of 18-24<br /> 69% of 25-34<br /> 60% of 35-44 <br /> 42% of 45-54<br /> 37% of 55-65 <br />Source: 1. Nielsen, “The Short Code Opportunity”, December 2008<br />Source: 2 Mobile Marketing Association Mobile Attitude & Usage Study 2008<br />
  • 10. Evolution and intersection of media<br />Cinema<br />Internet<br />Print<br />Comms.<br />TV<br />Radio<br />Recordings<br />Sponsored by <br />Source: Ahonen (2007)<br />
  • 11. Evolution of Engagement in Healthcare<br />Health Insurance<br />Health & Wellness<br />Pharma<br />Doctors<br />Nurses<br />Pharmacy<br />Hospitals<br />
  • 12.
  • 13. A breakthrough mHealth solution<br />The 1st clinical trialed, peer reviewed & commercialized mobilesmoking cessation program <br />in the world … <br />that is simple to use … <br />supportive …<br />creates sustained behavior change<br />KICK BUTSTM is built on a <br />Mobile Health Messaging Engine <br />flexible to be adapted for other health issues<br />
  • 14. Mobile Health Messaging Engine Protocol<br />STAGE<br />PERIOD<br />MESSAGE RATE<br />MESSAGE TYPE<br />Pre-Quit<br />14 – 1 days prior to Quitting<br />1 – 2 per day<br />Cessation<br />Quit Day<br />1 day<br />3 on day<br />Cessation<br />Intensive <br />Quit Day – 4 wks<br />3 per day<br />Cessation<br />Maintenance<br />Week 5 – End<br />1 every 3 days<br />Cessation <br />Relapse<br />Early or Late<br />4 weeks – After Quit Day only<br />3 per day<br />Relapse<br />Anytime<br />50 Anytime – After Quit Day<br />Immediate Response 24/7<br />Crave<br />Slip Up<br />Delivery of Supportive Staged Customized Text Messages On Your Patient’s Mobile Phone …<br />to Sustain Behavior<br />
  • 15. Supportive, Sustained Engagement<br />Anywhere … Anytime<br />Based on individual opt-in information<br />Automatically sends smoking cessation messages to participants<br />Automatically processes and sends responses to text messages received from participants<br />Allows participant to manage their profile and smoking cessation program online<br />How r u doin? <br />TXT “crave” to 3111 <br />& we’ll snd u an idea<br /> of how to beat a cravng<br />How r ur quitting goals gng?<br />Set a deadline 4 ur goals.<br />Celebr8 ech milestone as u go<br />Get ur frnds & family<br />Behind u. TXT ur m8s <br />& family 2 keep ur hands busy <br />@ ur norml smke breaks<br />Stay positive. Tell urself <br />“I don’t need a smke,<br /> I’m a nonsmkr”<br />
  • 16. KICK BUTSTM Market Success in New Zealand<br />FOCUS: Encourage more people to make more assisted quit attempts<br />AVAILABILITY: Integrated into Quit Group by Ministry of Health<br />Vital Statistics<br />Source: The Quit Group, funded by New Zealand Ministry of Health <br />
  • 17. Let’s talk mobile strategy<br />
  • 18. “Reason leads to conclusions, emotion leads to action.”<br />- Neurologist Donald Calne<br />
  • 19. thank you<br />Chief Marketing Officer<br />Chief Strategist<br />Chief Innovator<br />Chief Creative Dude<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
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