Notes for JEE Main 2014 Physics - Wave Motion Part I

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Notes for JEE Main 2014 Physics - Wave Motion Part I
    9011041155 / 9011031155   1   ã  Live Webinars (online lectures) with recordings. ã  Online Query Solving ã  Online MCQ tests with detailed solutions ã  Online Notes and Solved Exercises ã  Career Counseling    9011041155 / 9011031155   2   Wave Motion Important definations 1. Wave : Wave is a mode of energy transfer through material elastic medium in the form of disturbance propagation through the medium due to periodic, vibrational motion of particle about their mean position. 2. Amplitude (a) : The maximum displacement of particle of medium from its mean position is called the amplitude (a) of the wave. (unit is m or cm) 3. Wavelength ( λ ) : The distance between two nearest particles of medium which are in the same phase is called the wavelength ( λ ) of wave. (unit is m or cm or A 0 ) OR    9011041155 / 9011031155   3   The distance travelled by the wave in one periodic time (T) is called wavelength of wave. 4. Period (T) : The time taken by the particle to complete one vibration is called the periodic time (T) or period of the wave (unit is second) 5. Frequency (n) : The number of vibrations completed in one second / unit time is called frequency of wave.    v n      9011041155 / 9011031155   4   Simple harmonic progressive wave. Definition:  A wave which travel continuously on particular direction with the particle of medium performing simple harmonic (periodic) vibration is called simple harmonic wave. Progressive waves are doubly periodic . i.e. periodic in time and space. When a progressive wave travels through the medium, it can be observed that the particle of the medium repeats the motion after fixed time interval time to time. That means progressive wave is periodic in time.  Also it can be observed that at any instant the shape of the wave repeats at equal distances. That means progressive wave is periodic in space.
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