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Online Library of Liberty - Utopias, Or the Ideal Society of the Future
  8/15/13 10:12 PMOnline Library of Liberty - Utopias, or the Ideal Society of the FuturePage 1 of 2 Debate: Utopias, or the Ideal Society of theFuture The discussion about the ideal political communit y is not a normal debate which is located in particular date, place, and historical context. Rather it is a theoretical “debate” w hich has engaged thinkers across time and geography ever since the beginning of formal political philosophy with the ancient Greeks. Thename given to an ideal political community, “Utopia”, comes from ThomasMore’s work Utopia  which was published in Latin in 1516. What is interestingabout many conceptions of utopian communities is that the authors assumedthat  without free markets and private property there would be an absence of conflict and greater prosperity. There have been a few dissenters to thistradition, namely Voltaire and Molinari who envisioned utopian-likecommunities which were based upon these very two principles. Hayek in anessay “The Intellectuals and Socialism” published in 1949 calls for “true liberals”to dare to be Utopian as their 19th century socialist counterparts had been.For further reading on this topic see:J.C. Davis, Utopia and the Ideal Society: A Study of English UtopianWriting, 1516-1700  (Cambridge University Press, 1983).F.A. Hayek, “The Intellectuals and Socialism,”  Studies in Philosophy, Poitics, and Economics  (University of Chicago Press, 1967), pp. 178-194.Kingsley Widmer, “Utopia and Liberty: Some Contemporary Issues withintheir Intellectual Traditions,”  Literature of Liberty,  vol. IV, no. 4, Winter1981. 5 Titles in this Group:   authors and editors title ! pub. date author: Jean-JacquesRousseau, author: SirThomas More, author:Sir Francis Bacon,author: TommasoCampanella,introduction: CharlesM. AndrewsIdeal Empires and Republics.Rousseau’s Social Contract, More’sUtopia, Bacon’s New Atlantis,Campanella’s City of the Sun1901author: JamesThe Oceana and Other Works1656  8/15/13 10:12 PMOnline Library of Liberty - Utopias, or the Ideal Society of the FuturePage 2 of 2 Harrington,introduction: JohnTolandauthor: Marie-Jean- Antoine-NicolasCaritat, Marquis deCondorcetOutlines of an historical view of theprogress of the human mind1795author: Eugen Richter,introduction: ThomasMackay , translator:Henry WrightPictures of the Socialistic Future1893author: Gustave deMolinari, translator: P.H. Lee Warner, editor:Frédéric Passy , editor:Hodgson PrattThe Society of Tomorrow: A Forecastof its Political and EconomicOrganization1899
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