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Otter Trail Tsitsikamma National Park General Information about the Otter Trail Distances and Durations The trail is 5 days and 4 nights. The following distances and durations are as follows: ã ã ã ã ã ã Day 1 = 4.8 km (± 2 hours) Day 2 = 7.9 km (± 4 hours) Day 3 = 7.7 km (± 4 hours) Day 4 = 13.8 km (± 6 hours) Day 5 = 6.8 km (± 3 hours) Total Distance = 42.5 km Distances are indicated per kilometer for each day on the Otter Trail Map that is available on sale in the park. Water There are numer
  OTTER TRAIL 20/02/2007 Otter TrailTsitsikamma National Park General Information about the Otter Trail Distances and Durations The trail is 5 days and 4 nights. The following distances and durations are as follows: ã Day 1 = 4.8 km (± 2 hours) ã Day 2 = 7.9 km (± 4 hours) ã Day 3 = 7.7 km (± 4 hours) ã Day 4 = 13.8 km (± 6 hours) ã Day 5 = 6.8 km (± 3 hours) ã Total Distance = 42.5 kmDistances are indicated per kilometer for each day on the Otter Trail Map that isavailable on sale in the park. Water  There are numerous streams and springs throughout the length of the Otter Trail thatare suitable for drinking purposes. However, it may be wise to use purification tabletsespecially if you are not used to this water, and where streams/rivers pass throughcommunities such as the Coldstream/Witels River (3.6 km mark of the 4th day) andthe Lottering River (7.5 km mark of the 4th day). There are rainwater tanks at eachovernight hut that may also be used. However, due to erratic rainfall patterns, thelevel of these tanks may be low from time to time. Firewood Firewood is provided; however it is not covered from rain and therefore may be wet.Hikers are required to carry their share of wood from a woodpile, close by on thetrail. However, it sometimes happens that there is a build-up of excess wood notused by previous hikers that is placed under the steps of the huts, which is usuallydry. Cooking facilities Each hut has a braai place with a sturdy steel grid. Within each hut there is a tableon which food can be prepared. Hikers need to provide their own gas stoves andpots for cooking. Other Facilities There are two huts and a single toilet at each overnight stop. Each of the two hutscontains 6 beds with mattresses – hikers must provide their ownblankets/pillows/sleeping bags etc.Rubbish bins are provided at each of the overnight stops. Field rangers remove therubbish regularly. There are benches present. Please only use biodegradable soapson the trail.  OTTER TRAIL 20/02/2007 Tides It is important to be aware of the dates and the times of the high and low tides prior to hiking the Otter Trail. This is especially important when it comes to crossing thebigger rivers such as the Elandsbos and the Bloukrans Rivers. The Bloukrans River Crossing The Bloukrans River crossing is on the 4th day of the Otter Trail. It is approximately10 km from Oakhurst Hut that takes about four and half hours (4.5) to reach. Thisriver is best crossed during low tide. Once the river has been crossed it isapproximately another 3.8 kilometers (two and a half hours) to the next overnightstop. It is wise to arrive well before low tide, so that enough time is available to planyour crossing. If you are unable to cross the river, you can take the escape routelabeled E6. This escape route branches to the right of the trail just before the Otter Trail descends to the Bloukrans River Mouth. The escape route climbs steeply to thetop of the plateau where it leads to the N2. To reach the N2, it will takeapproximately 2 hours. Safety precautionsSafety items that can be included are the following: ã Small First Aid kit ã Survival Bag ã Thermal blanket ã Map of Trail ã Cell phone ã Rope Cell phones and Reception It is advisable that a cell phone is taken together with the following numbers: ã Storms River Police – 10111 ã Park Headquarters - (042) 28 11 607Cell phone reception is intermittent along the Otter Trail. Reception may be pickedup when the trail reaches up onto the plateau or when the coastline juts out to sea.There is no reception at the overnight huts. Emergency procedures There are several escape routes that lead to the top of the plateau where there areaccess routes that lead to the N2. The escape routes are indicated as E 1 – 6 on themap. Cell phone reception may be reached here. Fitness A fair degree of fitness is required as there are some steep sections, which together with a backpack can become tiring, especially after a few hours of hiking. One mustbe prepared to hike up to 13 kilometers a day, over rough terrain, steep ascents anddescents and under any weather conditions.  OTTER TRAIL 20/02/2007 Food Requirements Requirements are for 5 days and 4 nights (Only a guide) ã Instant breakfast cereal ã Sugar  ã Coffee ã Tea ã Hot chocolate ã Powder milk ã Salt & Pepper  ã Packet soup ã Instant pastas ã Smash ã Vegetable extract ã Cheese wedges ã Crackers ã Fruit bars ã Biscuits ã Rusks ã Glucose sweets ã Jam ã Chocolates ã Fresh meat or boerewors for first night ã Dishwashing liquid ã Dish cloth TIPS ã Have every hiker carry *2 briquettes for the first night braai (* number dependent on how many is in the party) ã Pack cotton shirts and parachute-type fabric as it dries easier  ã Pack a poncho for heavy rain ã Have a fitted rainproof cover for your backpack ã Pack all the contents of your backpack in reseal-able plastic bags ã Always have enough socks and underwear  ã Pack a pair of waterproof sandals as it is useful for crossing rivers and at thehut ã Anti-diarrhea and water purification tablets (for those with the sensitivestomachs, not often required) ã Sun block and Mosquito spray or lotion (always a must have) ã Last but not least a camera 1. Otter Trail  : R525.00  per person, until the end of October 2007 and beginning November 2007 - R560.00 per person 2. Age restriction 12 to 65 3. Maximum of 12 persons allowed on the Otter trail The rule should be - “WHEN IN DOUBT, LEAVE IT OUT!”   
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