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Platform Express It’s about time Applications ■ ■ Reservoir delineation Hydrocarbon saturation determination and imaging Movable hydrocarbon determination Location of porous and permeable zones Gas detection Porosity analysis Lithology determination Well-to-well correlation Thin-bed analysis Revolutionary wireline logging technology Platform Express* technology is a revolutionary reengineering of wireline logging. Compared with the triplecombo, Platform Express logging is about twice as fast
  It’s about time Platform Express  Applications ■ Reservoir delineation ■ Hydrocarbon saturationdetermination and imaging ■ Movable hydrocarbondetermination ■ Location of porous andpermeable zones ■ Gas detection ■ Porosity analysis ■ Lithology determination ■ Well-to-well correlation ■ Thin-bed analysis Benefits ■ Less rathole needed for theshorter length, loweringdrilling time and cost ■ More reliable performancefor reduced downtime, whichsaves rig time ■ Real-time, depth-matchedlogs for improved inter-pretation and accuratereserves interpretation ■ Better-quality logs, more dataand higher resolution, reveal-ing hard-to-find pay zones ■ Fifty percent reduction intime spent on location,significantly loweringoperating costs ■ Short-radius wells readilylogged Features ■ Overall length greatly reducedthrough the use of integratedsensors and reengineering ■ Extremely robust electronicpackaging and mechanicaldesign ■ All components built to rigor-ous LWD shock standards ■ Real-time speed correction ■ Thirty percent shorter skidwith improved pad application ■ Integrated  R  xo measurement ■ Density,  R  xo and  R t  measure-ments, and deep and shallowazimuthal images ■ Real-time depth matching andborehole correction 90 ft38 ftPlatform ExpressTriple-combo USDOT25389632E-001234Houston,Texas The Platform Express system is less than half as long as a triple-combo, and the logging speed is twice as fast.Set-up time is greatly reduced, and operating efficiency is improved. Revolutionary wirelinelogging technology Platform Express* technology is arevolutionary reengineering of wirelinelogging. Compared with the triple-combo, Platform Express loggingisabout twice as fast, gives you betteranswers and it is more cost effectiveto run because it requires significantlyless rig time. Higher logging speeds,reduced set-up and calibration time,and faster turnaround on wellsiteprocessing all contribute to increasedefficiency.The Platform Express system is lessthan half as long as a triple-combo andweighs about half as much, yet it givesyou better, quicker and more accurateanswers—in real time. The use of inte-grated sensors, flex joints that improvepad contact and other innovativetechnologies upgrade and expandtraditional resistivity and porositymeasurements to include high-resolu-tionmicroresistivity and imagingmeasurements, plus tool movementmeasurements for speed correctionand depth matching.In field tests conducted over a widerange of environmental conditions inArgentina, Canada, Indonesia, SaudiArabia and the United States, ruggedPlatformExpress equipment achievedthe most trouble-free wireline per-formance ever.The major reason forthis outstanding reliability is that allPlatform Express components mustpass the same rigorous shock andcyclical temperature tests used forlogging-while-drilling(LWD) tools.The resulting reliability is 3 timesgreater than that of conventionaltriple-combo tools.  Platform Express measurements Platform Express sensors set newstandards in formation evaluationaccuracy. Resistivity measurementsare made with either the AIT* ArrayInduction Imager Tool or the High-Resolution Azimuthal Laterolog Sonde(HALS), both with a 12-in. maximumvertical resolution.Sensors for the Three-DetectorLithology Density (TLD) and Micro-Cylindrically Focused Log (MCFL)measurements are integrated in thesingle pad of the High-ResolutionMechanical Sonde (HRMS), whichpresses against the formation. TheTLD log is a backscatter-type densitymeasurement with 16-, 8- or 2-in. ver-tical resolution. The MCFL microresis-tivity measurement, which investigatesthe same volume of the formation asthe density measurement, has 2-in.vertical resolution. Flex joints greatlyimprove pad application in rough holes.The Highly Integrated Gamma RayNeutron Sonde (HGNS) provides gammaray and neutron porosity measure-ments with a standard vertical reso-lution of 24 in. Alpha processing isavailable to achieve 12-in. verticalresolution of the neutron log.Real-time speed correction andautomatic depth matching of all meas-urements are provided by an acceler-ometer for much faster turnaround onwellsite processing. ρ  b, 16, 8or 2 in. φ  N  HGNSHighly IntegratedGamma RayNeutron SondeElectronicscartridgeHRMSHigh-ResolutionMechanicalSondeHALSHigh-ResolutionAzimuthalLaterologSondeAITArray InductionImager ToolGR24 in. R  t  12 in. R  xo  , h  mc  2 in.24 in. Pe  Two Platform Express logging configurations are available for resistivity measurement. The vertical resolution for each measurement is shown in the blocks on the right. These, in combination with the new sensor design, provide better, more accurate measurements, leading to improved interpretation and reserves calculations.  FlexjointFlexjoint Articulated tool design for enhancedpad-to-borehole wall contact and tool descent Flex joints enable the Platform Expresssonde to hinge or rotate slightlyas thetool body travels into and out of roughhole sections. A second pair of armsapplies force directly to the back of the skid, below its center, to keep theskid face pressed against the wall whenthe caliper arm hits a ledge.Togetherwith the shorter pad, the additionalbackup arm and flex joints deliversignificantly improved measurementsin rough and deviated holes.The short length and articulateddesign of the sonde enable it to suc-cessfully traverse wells with a shortradius of curvature and wells contain-ing severe doglegs. BoreholediameterSpecifications8 in.44 °  /100 ftField experience withoutHALS and AIT tools6 in.76 °  /100 ftMaximumbuildupangleCasing shoeDogleg severity: 72 °  /100 ft W    e  l    l     d    e  v   i    a  t   i    o  n   The short length and articulated design make descent in short-radius and crooked wells easy. FlexjointFlexjoint The HRMS skid is innovatively linked with flex joints for improved pad application.
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