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Interactive Lighting Installation. Lights in Alingsås 2010 “Setting scenes in the urban landscape”. The installation was realised during the workshop week end of September and remained in place for a further month for the enjoyment of the inhabitants and other visitors, as well as for groups of urban planners, political decision-makers and other professional people involved with urban lighting to view and learn from.
  • 1. Deike Canzler and her crew
  • 2. Analysis of site Jjjjjjjjjjjjshgjfglhvskjhsvahksjbvlkjbvlkbasökjbvsköhjdhashfkjhs- ksödhshjfsahfsajfhasjgjhgljhgsf södhshjfsahfsajfhasjgjhgljhgsf Movement södhshjfsahfsajfhasjgjhgljhgsf södhshjfsahfsajfhasjgjhgljhgsf False impression of symmetry
  • 3. History of site
  • 4. Let light be the link between the history of Alingsås and the present. Jjjjjjjjjjjjshgjfglhvskjhsvahksjbvlkjbvlkbasökjbvsköhjdhashfkjhs- ksödhshjfsahfsajfhasjgjhgljhgsf södhshjfsahfsajfhasjgjhgljhgsf Past; weaving and dying fabrics. södhshjfsahfsajfhasjgjhgljhgsf södhshjfsahfsajfhasjgjhgljhgsfown Present; people get the chance to feel the past through their prescence, the stories abstractly interweave.
  • 5. Sence of space Enhance asymmetry -spacing and direction of fibre optics -high-light short trees to one side Light frame the space and deepen the perspective
  • 6. Jjjjjjjjjjjjshgjfglhvskjhsvahksjbvlkjbvlkbasökjbvsköhjdhashfkjhs- Darkness and silence ksödhshjfsahfsajfhasjgjhgljhgsf södhshjfsahfsajfhasjgjhgljhgsf södhshjfsahfsajfhasjgjhgljhgsf södhshjfsahfsajfhasjgjhgljhgsf Enhance the contrast of the waterflow by leaving the quiet side untouched.
  • 7. Interactivity Unexpected partcipation trigger the narrative Percieve the change of spatiality and depth in the perspective
  • 8. Jjjjjjjjjjjjshgjfglhvskjhsvahksjbvlkjbvlkbasökjbvsköhjdhashfkjhs- ksödhshjfsahfsajfhasjgjhgljhgsf södhshjfsahfsajfhasjgjhgljhgsf södhshjfsahfsajfhasjgjhgljhgsf södhshjfsahfsajfhasjgjhgljhgsf Welcome to the Interweaving Reflections!
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