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1. Víctor Fernández de Alba @sneridagh Plone 5 Theming 2. ã Plone Foundation Member ã ã “Barceloneta default Plone 5 theme ã Team…
  • 1. Víctor Fernández de Alba @sneridagh Plone 5 Theming
  • 2. • Plone Foundation Member • • “Barceloneta" default Plone 5 theme • Team leader of the new site project Víctor Fernández de Alba @sneridagh
  • 3. Oriol Martí @OriolMartiColom Albert Casado Celma @albertcasado
  • 4. Deductible LESS structure and file naming
  • 5. variables.plone.less
  • 6. Bootstrap 3 - based • Based, not dependent in any way • prepended plone-* whenever possible as long it does not breaks legacy CSS • Original BS resources included on Plone
  • 7. Plone legacy classes and IDs • .portlet .portletNews • .formHelp, .formControls • .context, .standalone, .destructive • .documentFirstHeading • #portal-column-content • #edit-bar
  • 8. Changes
  • 9. plone.mainnavigation viewlet
  • 10. Fontello icons New default way of manage collection of icons Used in Plone bundle and Barceloneta (
  • 11. How to use Fontello? Products.CMFPlone > static > fonts Just load config.json in and start hacking/adding your own fonts Save it and add it to your own theme
  • 12. Plone Toolbar • • • Small changes since last year • Site control panel setting for change the orientation
  • 13. Plone Toolbar (II) <replace css:theme=“#portal-toolbar" css:content-children=“#edit-bar" css:if-not-content=“.ajax_load" css:if-content=".userrole-authenticated"/> • Do not forget to make space for the toolbar just after the <body> tag with this rule:
  • 14. Control Panel • Use a Fontello (or CSS font-face based solution) • Add a CSS class with the “normalized” name of your new control panel item like: .icon-controlpanel-FilterSettings:before { content: 'e844'; }
  • 15. Easy backend customization • Reusing Barceloneta resources • Use the new Barceloneta backend.xml Diazo rules and related CSS • in the future, use the Plone Intranet theme switcher
  • 16. Resource Registries
  • 17. Resource Registries Resource Bundle Overrides Variables Pattern options
  • 18. Resource • RR basic unit • A collection of LESS files and JS • Actually, is more like a web component for Plone
  • 19. Resource
  • 20. Bundle • A collection of RR resources • Finally, they compile to a single CSS and JS resources in production mode • Development mode for LESS and JS on the fly • They can be compiled TTW statically too (ZODB)
  • 21. Bundle
  • 22. Overrides • Easy customization of ++plone++ resources • Why to stop here? More on that later…
  • 23. Plone Variables • TTW plone.less variable customization
  • 24. Automatic variables • Available for every RR resource • Used in compilation • TTW they resolve to URLs • in console they resolve to FS path @import url("@{mockup-patterns-select2}");
  • 25. No more <div metal:fill-slot=“javascript_head_slot” /> <div metal:fill-slot=“style_slot” /> and welcome to add_bundle_on_request(self.request, 'thememapper') add_resource_on_request(self.request, 'jquery.recurrenceinput')
  • 26. Console script helpers ./bin/plone-compile-resources --site-id=myplonesite -- bundle=mybundle ./bin/plone-generate-gruntfile --site-id=myplonesite -- bundle=mybundle
  • 27. Diazo
  • 28. Diazo • Pure Diazo theme definition • Diazo bundles • New manifest parameters
  • 29. Pure Diazo • Remember its original definition • Easy for a designer to jump in • Distributed through zip (import/export)
  • 30. Diazo bundles • They preserve the “pureness” of a Diazo theme • New manifest attributes
  • 31. Best Practices
  • 32. Reuse Barceloneta as far as you want Optional Barceloneta profile to register Barceloneta resources <dependency> profile-plonetheme.barceloneta:registerless </dependency> (metadata.xml)
  • 33. Reuse Barceloneta as far as you want (II) @import "@{barceloneta-fonts}"; Use it in your own less files by using the barceloneta-* variables
  • 34. Dont get obsessed with • Use the CSS framework you like the most, you are not tied to Bootstrap • The number of requests your site is doing: HTTP2.0 is almost here
  • 35. Don’t be tempted by the dark side Skins layers are not allowed Use plone.resource instead For overriding use z3c.jbot
  • 36. CSS frameworks .context:extend(.btn-primary) { } Use the “extend” feature Adapt the grid via Diazo Or via a custom transform (like Mosaic does)
  • 37. Do not create the theme from scratch • Use the bobtemplates.plone templates • Use the default Plone’s HTML before Diazo it, now the Plone markup is modern, updated and accessible • Understand Plone structure and distribution of elements and reuse it • Copy/Reuse Barceloneta LESS and adapt it
  • 38. TinyMCE • Custom generated stylesheets • New Diazo Tiny content specific CSS • Tiny content templates now in core!
  • 39. Nginx passthrough (for static plone.resources ++something++) location ~ .*?/++components++root/(.*) { alias /path/to/my/package/$1; } You can even combine it with collective.recipe.omelette for total convenience ;)
  • 40. Useful tools • Chrome reloader Eric Bréhault’s button • ? • ?diazo.debug=1 • @@test_rendering
  • 41. Not only Plone is back
  • 42. TTW is back! (for good! and with vengeance too!) Change Logo Toolbar logo (really?) has more power than ever before
  • 43. Plone customizations TTW • They rock, like never before • TTW is an opportunity to attract new people • Plone must have a zero effort story for easy and quick customization • Now it’s even possible to do complex things TTW • Let’s make a theming and customization learning curve really low steep • Objective: attract non technical people to try Plone
  • 44. DEMO!!!
  • 45. collective.jbot • It covers gaps in the current Plone customization scenario stories • Should work on Plone 5 soon (anyone?) • Should discuss the inclusion in the core • Overcome some security issues
  • 46. Thoughts for the future • What will happen when skins will be gone? • It would be nice to have a way to override ++mynamespace++ like RR already does for ++plone++ resources (Overrides tab) • pat-filemanager • Mosaic already does something similar with ++layout++ resources
  • 47. Thanks Víctor Fernández de Alba @sneridagh
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