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About Adobe PageMaker, Adobe InDesign® CS2, and Adobe InDesign CS2 PageMaker Upgrade FAQ for Adobe PageMaker Users ® ® Frequently Asked Questions Q. What are the plans for future development of Adobe PageMaker software? A. Widely credited with launching the desktop publishing revolution (together with the Apple Macintosh and Adobe PostScript® printers), Adobe PageMaker has enjoyed a long and venerable product life. When it was first released 20 years ago, in 1985, it transformed the way designe
  ® Q. What are the plans for future development of Adobe PageMaker software? A. Widely credited with launching the desktop publishing revolution (together with the Apple Macintosh andAdobe PostScript® printers), Adobe PageMaker has enjoyed a long and venerable product life. When it wasfirst released 20 years ago, in 1985, it transformed the way designers work. Since then, it has introduced many innovative design and layout features, and served millions of design customers worldwide. However, it was firstcreated when coding standards were quite different and its role as a leading publishing tool has now passed toAdobe InDesign CS2, which offers a more extensive design toolset and a modern codebase that can adapt easily and swiftly to the needs of today’s designers. That’s why Adobe no longer plans to develop and release any fea-ture-based versions of Adobe PageMaker, nor do we plan to offer a version of PageMaker with native supportfor Mac OS X. While we continue to sell PageMaker 7.0 and to offer technical support and customer service forit, we encourage you to switch to Adobe InDesign CS2. As a loyal PageMaker customer, you’re entitled to specialpricing for this upgrade, and you’ll find a lot of support for making the transition. Q. Will Adobe continue to have maintenance releases or patches to Adobe PageMaker 7.0? A. At this time, Adobe has no plans to provide maintenance releases or patches for Adobe PageMaker 7.0, norto offer a version that natively supports Mac OS X (you can run PageMaker 7.0 in Classic mode on Mac OS X systems that support it). However, Adobe continues to monitor user experience in case issues should arise. Q. What are my options for upgrading from PageMaker to InDesign CS2? A. We highly recommend upgrading from Adobe PageMaker to Adobe InDesign CS2 PageMaker Upgrade, afull version of InDesign CS2 that’s been specially priced at $349 (U.S.) just for PageMaker users. We expect toship InDesign CS2 PageMaker Upgrade in May 2005 and are accepting pre-orders today on the Adobe Store( ). Purchase the upgrade directly through the online Adobe store or from any AdobeAuthorized Reseller. To install the InDesign CS2 PageMaker Upgrade, you must have a valid serial numberfrom any previous version of PageMaker. Q. What are the main benefits of upgrading to InDesign CS2 over remaining with PageMaker? A. The question some PageMaker users ask is “Why switch when my product works?” The answer is simple:Adobe InDesign CS2 works significantly better. InDesign CS2 combines the best aspects of PageMaker withproductivity-enhancing features that take page design to a new level, so you can work smarter and faster thanever. Designed for the latest technologies, InDesign runs smoothly on Mac OS X, Windows 2000, and WindowsXP systems. InDesign CS2 integrates tightly with the other Adobe products you use every day, including AdobePhotoshop®, Illustrator®, GoLive®, and Acrobat® software, so you can move between these products efficiently to get your work done. It’s packed with innovative features that can handle any page design project from a one-page flyer to a complex book with a detailed index, including multiple undo/redo, flexible table creation, char-acter styles, and state-of-the-art printing controls. It also expands your creative toolkit with editable drop shad-ows, gradients, arrowheads, stroke styles, and more. InDesign CS2 is also a component of Adobe Creative Suite2, the complete design environment for print, Web, and mobile publishing. For details about Adobe CreativeSuite 2, visit Q. Are there other reasons to switch from PageMaker to InDesign CS2? A. Adobe InDesign CS2 delivers a number of features that appeal strongly to PageMaker users, including:ã Story Editor Enter, edit, and format text in the Story Editor, an integrated word-processing view thatworks similarly to one in PageMaker and helps you change and copy-fit text efficiently. Frequently Asked Questions FAQ for Adobe ®  PageMaker ® Users About Adobe PageMaker, Adobe InDesign ® CS2, and Adobe InDesign CS2 PageMaker Upgrade  2 ã Control palette Use the context-sensitive Control palette to style text, edit graphics, and fine-tune tables—ahandy alternative to switching among the Character, Paragraph, Transform, Stroke, and Table palettes.ã Direct PDF export Export PDF files in Adobe Acrobat 7.0 (PDF 1.6), 6.0 (PDF 1.5), 5.0 (PDF 1.4), and4.0 (PDF 1.4) format using built-in controls—you no longer need to install a PostScript® driver andAcrobat Distiller to export PDF files!ã Multiple undo/redo Undo or redo a virtually unlimited number of steps. Almost any action you can takecan be undone or redone, so you can experiment more freely with your design ideas.ã Character styles Quickly apply consistent text formatting to short runs of text using character styles,which can include a rich set of formatting attributes.ã High-resolution preview of graphics Display low-resolution versions of graphics for faster performance.Then switch individual images to high-resolution display with a quick shortcut.ã Arrowheads/Stroke style editor Apply built-in strokes and arrowheads to the beginning and end of lines.Also, create and save custom stroke styles with stripes, dots, or dashes.ã Gradients Define and apply linear or radial gradients. Then apply them to the stroke and fill of graphicsand text. These items—even text—remain completely editable.ã Transparency Apply editable drop shadows, feathering, and other opacity settings to produce natural-looking transparent effects in InDesign. Maintain soft edges when placing transparent Photoshop files.ã Tables Create tables within InDesign in a few quick steps. Also import Word and Excel tables directly orturn tab-delimited text files into tables. Then refine how the tables look with automated controls.ã Outstanding typography Automatically produce the best line breaks possible using the unique ParagraphComposer. Also create ligatures, hang punctuation, insert special characters, identify missing fonts on-screen,and produce beautifully kerned text automatically. Set type using new OpenType® fonts with complete accessto a wide range of OpenType characters, including basic fractions, discretionary ligatures, and more.  Printing Print InDesign files reliably to PostScript Level 2, PostScript 3™, and non PostScript printingdevices using an efficient printing interface that reflects the input of thousands of print professionalsworldwide. Prevent costly mistakes before they appear on film or on press by using the new SeparationsPreview and Flattener Preview palettes to evaluate plates and transparency flattener settings onscreen.ã Native support for Mac OS X Run InDesign CS2 on Mac OS X, version 10.2.8–10.3.8. InDesign has sup-ported Mac OS X since InDesign 2.0 was released in January 2002.In addition to these features—many of which have been on PageMaker users’ wish lists for some time—InDesign CS2 is packed with new and exciting features, such as Adobe Bridge, object styles, the ability tocontrol the visibility of layers in Photoshop and PDF files, and snippets (re-usable parts of an InDesignpage), which strengthen your design toolkit. For more information, visit Q. Didn’t Adobe used to offer a product called Adobe InDesign CS PageMaker Edition? What hap-pened to that? Why aren’t you updating it for InDesign CS2? A. Yes, Adobe previously offered PageMaker users a special version of InDesign CS called Adobe InDesignCS PageMaker Edition, also priced at $349 (U.S.), to support making the switch from PageMaker toInDesign. This special version included the following:ã Adobe InDesign CS software with all of the productivity-enhancing layout and design features it offered.ã The Adobe PageMaker Plug-in Pack  , a set of plug-ins that added popular PageMaker features toInDesign CS, such as the ability to open PageMaker 6.0 files, switch shortcuts in InDesign to match thosein PageMaker, basic imposition support, data merge, automated bullets, and more. (See the next questionfor more details about these features.)ã Comprehensive training materials produced specifically to help PageMaker users get to work quickly andexplore InDesign features more deeply.We are not updating this version for InDesign CS2. Instead, we’ve incorporated the “add-on” featuresoffered in the PageMaker Plug-in Pack directly into InDesign CS2. In other words, the basic imposition,data merge, and other features designed to ensure that PageMaker users have all of the functionality they need are now a standard part of InDesign CS2. PageMaker users can still get special pricing, however,through the InDesign CS2 PageMaker Upgrade.  3 Q. What are the PageMaker specific features that are now included in InDesign CS2 (and that wereformerly part of the Adobe PageMaker Plug-in Pack as noted in the previous question)? A. Adobe InDesign CS2 incorporates the features below to ensure that PageMaker users have all of the func-tionality they need for a smooth transition:ã Publication converter for PageMaker 6.0 files Convert PageMaker 6.0 document and templates toInDesign CS2 format, and in some cases even fix damaged PageMaker files or open previously unopen-able PageMaker files (with limitations). This capability expands the conversion support that has longbeen built into InDesign, enabling you to open PageMaker 6.5–7.x and QuarkXPress 3.3–4.x documents.ã InBooklet Special Edition (SE) plug-in Automatically rearrange a document’s pages into printer spreads forprofessional printing with complete control over margins, gaps, bleeds, creep, and crossover traps—a pro-cess known as imposition. The InBooklet SE plug-in—created by third-party developer A Lowly ApprenticeProductions (ALAP)—offers this selection of imposition styles: 2-up saddle stitch, 2-up perfect bound, and2-, 3-, and 4-up consecutive.ã Automated bullets and numbering Automatically create and style bulleted and numbered lists or savethem as part of paragraph styles. Numbered lists update automatically when changes are made.ã Data merge Create customized publications, such as catalogs, direct mail campaigns, business cards, formletters, and mailing labels by merging data from a spreadsheet or database into your InDesign CS2 layouts.ã Position tool Resize and move images and their frames or reposition content in relation to frames usingthe handy Position tool, which works similarly to the Crop tool in PageMaker.ã PageMaker compatible keyboard shortcuts Work at peak efficiency by switching the keyboard shortcutsin InDesign CS2 to match the shortcuts you’ve already learned for PageMaker.ã PageMaker toolbar Enjoy easy access to commonly used commands through a Windows-style toolbarsimilar to ones used in Acrobat and Microsoft Word. Available for both Mac OS and Windows users.Previously this functionality was available through the Adobe PageMaker Plug-in Pack, which you could addon to InDesign CS or Adobe Creative Suite, or through Adobe InDesign CS PageMaker Edition (which is nolonger offered because the functionality is now a standard part of InDesign CS2). Pricing and Availability Q. How much does Adobe InDesign CS2 cost? How much does Adobe InDesign CS2 PageMakerUpgrade cost? A. The table below lists the estimated street prices for retail and upgrade versions of Adobe InDesign CS2(prices exclude applicable taxes and shipping): Region Retail Price (ESP) Upgrade Price (ESP) InDesign CS2 PageMaker Upgrade U.S. and Canada $699 (U.S.) $169 (U.S.) $349 (U.S.)Europe 1129  € (Euros) 249  € (Euros)† 529  € (Euros)†Japan ¥88,000 ¥25,000 ¥65,000Rest of World (ROW) $699 (U.S.) $169 (U.S.) $349 (U.S.) Volume licensing options are also available. That information will be available on the Adobe Web site at openoptions/main.html  after the product is announced.† Upgrades for Danish, Finnish, and Norwegian versions may be 5% higher. Q. I really want to upgrade from PageMaker to InDesign today and can’t wait until your expectedship date in May 2005. Can I still get Adobe InDesign CS PageMaker Edition? A. Yes. We will continue to sell Adobe InDesign CS PageMaker Edition, as well as Adobe PageMaker Plug-inPack (for those who already own InDesign CS), until InDesign CS2 is available to ship. You may purchaseAdobe InDesign CS PageMaker Edition from the Adobe Store ( ) or from an AdobeAuthorized Reseller for $349 (U.S.), plus applicable taxes and shipping. To install this upgrade, you musthave a valid PageMaker serial number. If you already own InDesign CS but want to add on the PageMakerfeatures described earlier in this document, you can purchase and download the Adobe PageMaker Plug-inPack from the Adobe Store for $49 (U.S.).  4 System Requirements Q. Does Adobe InDesign CS2 PageMaker Upgrade support Mac OS X and Windows XP natively? A. Yes it does—what’s more, InDesign has supported these two platforms since Adobe InDesign 2.0 wasreleased in January 2002. Q. Will you release a Mac OS X compatible version of Adobe PageMaker 7.0 ? A. No, Adobe has no plans to update Adobe PageMaker 7.0, so we will not be releasing a new version tosupport Mac OS X natively. You can run Adobe PageMaker in Classic Mode on OS X systems that still sup-port Classic Mode. Q. What are the system requirements for Adobe InDesign CS2 PageMaker Upgrade on the Mac OS?on Windows? A. Before upgrading from PageMaker to InDesign CS2, we encourage you to make sure that your systemmeets the minimum system requirements listed below: System Mac OS Windows Processor PowerPC ® G3, G4, or G5 processor Intel ® Pentium ® III or 4 processorOperating system Mac OS X (version 10.2.8–10.3.8) Microsoft ® Windows ® 2000 with ServicePack 3 or Windows XPRAM 256 MB (320+ MB recommended) 256 MB (320+ MB recommended)Available hard-disk space 870 MB 850 MBfor installation*CD-ROM drive Yes YesMonitor resolution 1024x768 monitor resolution with 1024x768 monitor resolution with16-bit or greater video card 16-bit or greater video cardPostScript printer Adobe PostScript Level 2 or Adobe PostScript Level 2 orAdobe PostScript 3 required Adobe PostScript 3 requiredMultimedia support QuickTime 6.0** or later installed QuickTime 6.0** or later installedProduct activation Internet or phone connection Internet or phone connectionAdobe Stock Photos† Broadband Internet connection Broadband Internet connection * During installation, you will need at least 500MB more free hard disk space for the installer to work properly. If you don’thave this space available, the installer will alert you. In addition, a portion of these files—Adobe common files such as AdobeBridge or online Help—must be installed on your main hard drive. If you install on an external drive, the installer will installthe application on the external drive and the Adobe common files on your main drive. **   Included with Mac OS X, v. 10.2.8–10.3.8, and available for free on the Apple Web site.  † The Adobe Stock Photos service may not be available in all countries, languages, and currencies and is subject to change. Useof the service is governed by the Adobe Stock Photos Terms of Service. For details, visit . Q. I need to upgrade to InDesign CS PageMaker Edition right away. What are the system require-ments for that version of InDesign? A. Here are the minimum system requirements for InDesign CS PageMaker Edition: System Mac OS Windows Processor PowerPC G3, G4, or G5 processor Intel Pentium II, III, or 4 processorOperating system Mac OS X (version 10.2 and 10.3) Microsoft Windows   2000 with ServicePack 2, Windows XP Home Edition, andWindows XP Professional EditionRAM 128 MB 128 MBAvailable hard-disk space InDesign CS: 350 MB InDesign CS: 312 MBfor installation PageMaker Plug-in Pack: 237 MB PageMaker Plug-in Pack: 258 MBCD-ROM drive Yes YesMonitor resolution 256-color at 1024x768 Video card that supports 256-color atmonitor resolution 1024x768PostScript printer Adobe PostScript Level 2 or Adobe PostScript Level 2 orAdobe PostScript 3 required Adobe PostScript 3 required
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