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Popular dishesHiba_AlsaberSalam _SafiPalestinian foodsKitchen features popular in the State of Palestine by food \ popularity of its own inherited back for advances, and…
Popular dishesHiba_AlsaberSalam _SafiPalestinian foodsKitchen features popular in the State of Palestine by food \ popularity of its own inherited back for advances, and still people in this country eat them with relish and accept them without the other when banquets are held on special occasions, invitations, and here we review some of theseMsakhanHeated eaters heritage which is of the most famous cuisine which is famous for Palestine and the Levant, and the components of this food came from the Palestinian environment consisting of bread on my ( tabun ), as well as onions municipal, olive oil Municipal (Palestinian) and sumac Palestinian (grows in the wild) and chicken .falafelFalafel food common in Greece and the Levant, Iraq and Saudi Arabia, as falafel called in Egypt and Sudan, and called Alpagh in Yemen . Made from dried leguminous vegetables and soaked with water and then grind period, kneaded and fascinates, then fried in hot oil in the form of tablets. And falafel are two, but made ​​from beans ground as is the case in Egypt or ground chickpeas also conducting the practice in the Levant and Sudan. Or Pklihama the Makhlutin together.MaklobaInverted eaters widespread and famous in the Levant. It is a rice with fried eggplant, and placed them things like meat, lamb, chicken or other . And vegetables such as eggplant usedMansaf of the most popular meals visible Sham between Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Palestine and northern Saudi Arabia, and more famous prepared by the people of Jordan and Palestine, and is characterized Mansaf existence Albd which is made from milk after turning it into yogurt consists of lamb with sauce Albd and rice or bulgurMansafTabun breadOf the Palestinian Arab heritageWhich is almost extinct in the time most people do not know what is taboon .Launches word “ taboon" the room containing the fireplace,It is a small room the size of "five Gaj"A low ceiling and a small entrance to maintain the temperature in the interior,And also launches the floor on the same burner,Which is also called "house of bread" or "house of living."frikeFrike are green wheat grains (wheat, green) before drying harvested Snabulha the green is subjected to heat for ways to burn it, then grind to be like bulgur, and also cooked bulgur cook meat on the water and placed above the large pieces of meat. Usually eaten with milk.Know frike (in the northern region) Iraq Balqrh of the Germán.malfofCabbage, also called cabbage is a leafy vegetables that grow in the Maghreb, and the southern half of Asia, southern Europe, a platoon of the Crusades.Palestinian sweetsPalestinian famous desserts in Palestine and there are so many sweets, but we will talk about some sweetsKunafahNabulsihKunafahNabulsih a national cuisine of Palestine, which is famous for its city of Nablus industry. It is a delicious dessert of sweets that are eaten in the Levant and this dessert a great vogue among the Arabs and many of the Nabulsih rich are opening a series of shops around the world to KunafaNabulsih and oriental sweets, especially in Arab countries, which is very famous in Palestine, Syria, Jordan and Lebanon.AppliedApplied, is a meal Yemeni very old and famous in Saudi Arabia consists of dough and filling consisting mainly of meat, eggs, chopped shallots.NamoraAlnmorh delicious dessert made ​​of semolina, sugar, milk, and is famous in PalestineBouyMultiple names Candy buoy in the Arab countries, in some countries, such as Egypt, calls it "to the top of the judge," and in other Arab countries such as Tunisia and Algeria they call "dumplings", but no matter how different names, method of preparation and keep one,Cakes feastThe cakes feast of the most important aspects of al-Fitr celebration in Egypt,It is said that the pharaohs were first identified cakes; where the bakers in the tile Pharaonic do good made ​​in different forms such as: spiral and conical and rectangular and round, and Kanwaasnonh honey white and reached its forms to 100 form engraved in multiple formats on the tomb of the minister, "Khmara" in the eighteenth dynasty Thebes and was called Pill.Finally, I hope to have won the admiration display
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