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1. My Power Point Portfolio/ Mid Term<br />By Kayla Young<br /> 2. Personal Health History<br />I was born on October 17th,1995. I was born in Pomerado…
  • 1. My Power Point Portfolio/ Mid Term<br />By Kayla Young<br />
  • 2. Personal Health History<br />I was born on October 17th,1995. I was born in Pomerado Hospital which is located in Poway California.<br />I got the name Kayla because both of my parents thought it was an unusual name, but it turns out that the name Kayla was one of the top-ten girl names for that year. At first my dad wanted to name me Ashley, but my mom didn’t like that name. My mom however, wanted to name me Miranda, but my dad didn’t want that name either; so they settled on Kayla.<br />The name “ Kayla” means: pure, beloved, wise-child and in Russian it means misunderstood. My last name is Young and although many people think it’s origin is China, the name young is actually from a Great Brittan Clan.<br />
  • 3. Family Health History<br />
  • 4. Family Health History Cont. <br />25 Questions For My Grandma Carol:<br />1. Did you have P. E. in Elementary/ Middle School?<br />We had Elementary Recess for 15 minutes: dodge ball, swings, jump rope. In middle school we had P.E. for 55 minutes.<br />2. What sports did you play in high school?<br /> Basketball and swim. I swam after school. I used to have to take a bus into town to the pool to swim for 1-1 ½ hours, even on Saturdays.<br />3. What sports were popular in high school?<br />Football, basketball, swimming and baseball.<br />4. What new/ popular foods were just coming out?<br />Pizza. When I was in 11th grade at the beach. There was a hut that only sold beer, Pepsi and cheese pizza. Frozen dinners were just coming out.<br />5. What were some new health discoveries?<br />Polio vaccines and penicillin. <br />6. Are there things that you used to do that you now regret because you realize how unhealthy they were?<br />On the way to swim practice almost everyday I would buy a large French fries basket and a Pepsi. People didn’t carry snacks around. Corn dogs or “ Pronto Pups” were popular.<br />7. What did you do after school?<br />I took swim lessons and played outside. I was responsible for cooking dinner and I didn’t have a TV until I was 15. There were only 3 channels. I went roller skating on Saturday nights.<br />8. What was the main way of transportation to and from school?<br /> Bike, bus and walk. School was 2- 3 miles away<br />
  • 5. Family Health History Cont.<br />9. What did cafeterias at your school serve?<br /> Sloppy Joes, hotdogs and beans, meat loaf, donuts and macaroni.<br />10. What was an average every day meal?<br /> Meat, potatoes, salad, vegetable, mashed pork chops. We always had dessert, sometimes from a bakery.<br />11. What new inventions were coming out?<br /> TV was pretty new, some of the bigger restaurants had microwaves. Clothes dryers, dishwashers and escalators were unusual.<br />12. How did these affect your active life?<br /> Made it easier.<br />13. Were there club/ travel sports teams?<br />NO, we only played sports through school.<br />14. Did you play in any of them?<br />N/A<br />15. How much was a candy bar?<br /> 5 cents<br />16. How much was a soda?<br /> 10 cents. The sodas came in bottles and if you returned the bottles you got 2 cents back.<br />
  • 6. Family Health History Cont.<br />17. Where did you hang out during you free time?<br /> Youth center in the park about 5 blocks from my house. There was a room with a juke box.<br />18. How old did you have to be to drive?<br /> 16 to drive. 15 for learners permit, but they didn’t teach driving, you learned it from your parents.<br />19. Did girls count calories?<br /> No. They didn’t diet either.<br />20. Was there diet soda?<br /> Not that I remember.<br />21. What sports did girls play?<br /> Roller skating, softball, volleyball and basketball.<br />22. Were the average amount of girls fat, skinny or moderate?<br /> Most were moderate. Only about two were overweight in the whole school.<br />23. Did girls even play sports?<br /> Yes and there were many offered.<br />24. Was most of your food fresh or processed?<br /> It was ½ and ½. A lot of canned fruit.<br />25. Were most of the meals you ate home cooked or store bought?<br /> Home cooked. We almost never went out to eat. <br />
  • 7. Family Health History Cont.<br />My Mom’s Side:<br />My mom’s parents both came to Americato work for the Trinidadian consulate in New York City. Then they obtained permanent residence and later became US citizens.<br />My Mom’s Side:<br />My mom’s parents both came to Americato work for the Trinidadian consulate in New York City. Then they obtained permanent residence and later became US citizens.<br />
  • 8. Family Health History Cont.<br />My family’s health history: After studying my family’s history I found out that on my Dad’s side, his grandmother, my great grand-mother ,is still alive and is about 90 something years old, but it is hard to have a conversation with her. From my mom’s side her great aunts lived to their late 80’s and early 90’s , but her grandmother died of diabetes, and her mom died of cancer. Fortunately for me the cancer she died of isn’t inherited. However my mom does have TMJ, a jaw joint problem. I may inherit TMJ because my mom inherited it from her mom. Another thing that I have inherited is my eye-sight. Both my brother and myself are near-sided because both of my parents are near sided as well.<br />
  • 9. Fitness Data and Nutrition<br />My Fitness Test:<br />Push-ups: 15<br />Curl-ups: 30<br />Sit and Reach:<br />R: 6 L: 6<br />Mile Time: 6:41<br />
  • 10. Social and Emotional Health<br />Hobbies: I like to play soccer and play outside with my neighbors. I also LOVE music and think that I would die without it. I play recreational basketball and used to dance, but I am currently too busy to continue to participate in it. A special talent that I have is that I am very creative and like to make games and crafts. This is my neighbor Isabella. She is 7 in this picture.<br />Pets: I used to have a beta fish that I got for Christmas named Bubbles, but he died. Then when we were walking home from school one day, my brother found a Parakeet and we named her Loli, but she was very shy and when we tried to take her out of her cage, she would bite us. So we gave her to a place called Bird Wild. Currently I have a 3 year old Golden Retriever named Cody. We’ve had him ever since he was 6 weeks old. <br />
  • 11. Social and Emotional Health: Cont.<br />Travel: My favorite trip that I have gone on was to Hawaii. I went in August of last year with my family( Dad, Mom, Brother and Sister.) We also went with my neighbors, which was fun because I was able to go somewhere with a friend. We visited the Island of Maui and enjoyed snorkeling, swimming and eating out there. <br />Closest Friends: Alexis, Katie, Hana, Alex, Sydni, Kayla, Kelly, Jaime and many others. <br />This is Hana, she always makes me laugh . <br />
  • 12. Social and Emotional Health: Cont. <br />Schools Attended: I started my education at Penasquitos Christian Preschool and then attended Deer Canyon for Kindergarten. I moved and then attended Adobe Bluffs elementary for 1st through 5th grade. Then I attended Black Mountain Middle School and now go to Westview. This is a picture of me when I was in preschool and to the right is a picture of a snowman that I made.<br />Clubs: I am currently in the against animal cruelty club, but next year I would like to join Best Buddies because I want to be able to make a difference in someone’s life. <br />
  • 13. Health Triangle<br />75- Social: I am very social with people that I know, but I am quite shy when it comes to meeting new people.<br /> Me!<br /> Kayla Young<br />85- Physical: I am enrolled in many sports such as soccer and basketball and I like to swim and hang out with friends outside.<br />70-Mental and Emotional: Because I am very active I also become very tired and often times can get cranky.<br />I think That my health triangle is somewhat balanced because all parts of my triangle are around 75. However I do believe that I may be too physical and that may take away from my mental/ study sessions. <br />
  • 14. Health Triangle Cont.<br />If one part of my triangle isn’t right or I have a weakness in one part; it can effects my whole triangle because I am no longer balanced in life so one piece has to suffer. For example, right now I am very active, but my grades are suffering from my physicality.<br />
  • 15. Picture Timeline<br />-This picture is of (from left to right) Alexis, Andrea, Michelle and Me. This was taken at 5th grade graduation.<br />-This picture is of my brother and sister and I when we were at Disneyland. I was about 5.<br />-This one is of me after a dance recital. I was about 8.<br />
  • 16. Picture Timeline Cont.<br />-This picture is of my siblings and myself. I think it was Easter when this was taken and I was about 10.<br />-This is another picture from graduation with me and my 5th grade teacher Mrs. Reddell.<br />-This is a picture with my dad and I at Dad’s Lunch in 5th grade.<br />
  • 17. Picture Timeline Cont.<br />-This is a picture of my sister and I after a dance recital. I was a 4th grader.<br />-This picture is of my soccer team in first grade. See if you recognize anyone. There’s Sydni Scolari, Alex Troller and Kari Catrambone.<br />
  • 18. Picture Timeline Cont.<br />-This is a picture of my when I was 2. It was Halloween and I didn’t have a hat for my costume so my mom took a soup bowl from lunch and made it into a hat.<br />-Here I am as a baby all smiles in my crib.<br />-Here I am again talking on the phone.<br />
  • 19. Picture Timeline Cont.<br />-Here’s Pebbles and Bam -Bam ready to go trick-or –treating. I am 3.<br />-This is my 3rd grade picture when I had shorter hair that I donated to Locks 4 Love.<br />-This is my brother and I at Disneyland with Pluto I’m about 21/2.<br />
  • 20. Picture Timeline Cont.<br />-This is a picture of my dad and I camping in Agua Caliente when I was in 3rd grade.<br />-This is a picture of my sister, snow white and myself at Disneyland. I am 8.<br />-This is me in my hula outfit at my great-grandmother’s in Florida. I was 3.<br />
  • 21. Picture Timeline Cont.<br />-This is me on Valentines Day in Kindergarten.<br />-This was taken on the same day. I was wearing the Dr. Seuss costume I made.<br />-This picture was taken in 1stn grade when I did a speech on the angel fish.<br />
  • 22. Picture Timeline Cont.<br />-This picture is of my brother and me when we went to visit Santa. I was about 3.<br />-This is when my brother and I went to the Zoo when I was 3. <br />-This is my brother and me holding our new baby sister at home when I was 3.<br />
  • 23. Personal Crest<br />My greatest achievement was being elected into ASB in 7th grade. That’s me!<br />My happiest moment was when the Westview Freshman soccer team beat the freshman Mt. Carmel team. GO WESTVIEW!<br />My family’s greatest achievement is having 3 healthy, well-behaved children. <br />
  • 24. Personal Crest Cont.<br />4. Things that I can do better would be to take school more seriously and to be kinder to others even when they are annoying me.<br />5. If I had one year to live I would hang out with the ones I love and give to the poor because I feel that I have been spoiled my whole life. I would also travel the world and instead of watching TV or listening to music on my down time, I would hang out with friends and have fun. I would like to try to make a difference in someone’s life.<br />
  • 25. Personal Crest Cont. <br />6. I asked some of my closest friends and asked them what 3 words would describe me and the three they came up with were:<br />funny, nice and athletic.<br />7. My full given name is Kayla Michelle Young. I hate to hear my full name being called because it usually means I’m in trouble. :/<br />
  • 26. Unique Self: My song<br />A place to crash I got you No need to ask I got you Just get on the phone I got you Come and pick you up if I have to What’s weird about it Is we’re right at the end And mad about it Just figured it out in my head I’m proud to say I got you Go ahead and say goodbye I’ll be alright Go ahead and make me cry I’ll be alright And when you need a place to run to For better for worse I got you I got you Ain’t falling a part, or bitter Let’s be bigger than that and remember The cooling outdoor when you’re all alone We’ll go on surviving No drama, no need for a show Just wanna say I got you <br />Go ahead and say goodbye I’ll be alright Go ahead and make me cry I’ll be alright And when you need a place to run to For better for worse I got you Go ahead and say goodbye (go ahead) I’ll be alright (say goodbye) Go ahead and make me cry I’ll be alright And when you need a place to run to For better for worse I got you ‘Cause this is love and life And nothing we can both control And if it don’t feel right You’re not losing me by letting me know Go ahead and say goodbye (say goodbye) I’ll be alright Go ahead and make me cry I’ll be alright And when you need a place to run to For better for worse I got you Go ahead and say goodbye (go ahead) I’ll be alright (say goodbye) Go ahead and make me cry I’ll be alright And when you need a place to run to For better for worse I got you A place to crash I got you No need to ask I got you<br />
  • 27. Unique Self Cont. <br />The song ”I Got You” represents me because I feel that I am always there for others. I’m someone you can come to and talk to or share you feelings to. I also like to trust others and I like it when friends have my back. That’s a BIG thing I look for in friends.<br />
  • 28. Unique Self Cont.<br />The way I view myself is someone who is almost always happy. Someone who has CRAZY hair and who has a big heart. <br />
  • 29. Future Aspirations<br />The person who has made a huge difference in my life is my mom. She has always had my back and has helped me through the easiest and hardest times of my life. She not only raised me, but taught me about compassion, respect, responsibility and to always try my hardest. <br />My Letter:<br />Dear Mom,<br /> Thank you for always helping me through life. You have been such a positive figure in my life. I know I can tell you anything and everything and you’ll know just what to say. You have given me so much joy and life and I couldn’t ask for a better mom. Thank you for making me who I am today. I love you!<br /> -Kayla<br />
  • 30. Future Aspirations Cont.<br />
  • 31. Future Aspirations Cont.<br />If I could accomplish 1 thing in life I would like to become a mother because I like taking leadership and like taking care of others.<br />
  • 32. Media Awareness<br />I can honestly say that although the media does influence my life, it doesn’t control it. I make my own decisions for most of the things that I do and buy, but there are times when the media steps in. <br /> Most of the clothes that I wear are from Nordstrom, but that’s not because all of the celebrities go there, or because it’s a popular store. I buy my clothes from Nordstrom because my Aunt works there, so whenever they have a sale or they get in a new shipment of clothes, she buys me things to support her store. <br /> The activities and music that I listen to also are not very affected by the media. I play soccer and basketball and have been playing them all of my life. Yes however I do have some “diva”/ mean girl moments like in the movies, but I try not to become mean and bratty like them. The music that I listen to is also not very affected by the media because I listen to the kinds of music I like, whether it’s cool or not. <br /> However the media does affect the way I view myself. In the magazines there are always ads for “ how to have your best abs ever” or “ how to stay skinny”. This puts a lot of pressure on me to stay skinny even though I am a very active person. Another way the media affects me is in their models. They all have super clear skin. I wouldn’t say that I have a ton of acne, but I do break out and whenever I see a picture of a clear skinned model, I feel as if I have to look like her to be beautiful.<br />
  • 33. Media Awareness Cont.<br />Individuality is the best quality.<br />Be Original!<br />Be true to yourself, be you!<br />
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