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A product development proposal.
       Oreochromics Inc History Production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services have been the main concern of the fore founders of the company. Having Tilapia as the genus of interest, it is just fit to incorporate a name that highlights two of the major components of the company- Tilapia and Economics. With Oreochromis as the genus’ srcinal name, the company thought of making it the symbol of a blooming business, a new and starting institution. Combining Oreochromis and Economics led to the rise of the name “Oreochromics INC”. Being a new company interested with the large gen us of tilapiine cichclids, aquaculture of Oreochromis has brought a sudden rise in the fish production of the country. Being a genus that is fast to reproduce and easy to handle and culture, it also entailed greater demands for the post harvest production. For this reason, the company has put to priority of utilizing every part of the fish a source of economy and livelihood. Vision A highly modernized and globally competitive institution that innovates tilapia into high quality products commercially important in the world wide market in the year 2015. Mission    To be a responsible and environment friendly company.    To minimize poverty by providing job opportunities and high quality inexpensive products.    To uplift Philippine products into the global market.       To help obtain a national economy that is able to compete internationally. Organizational Structure    Chief Executive Officer CEO)   –   Danielle Joseph Sisican   This person will be the driving force behind the company; he or she will make things happen, put together the resources to support the company and take the product to the market place.    Chief Operating Officer COO), Vice President of Operations of General Manager   –   Shermin Pauline Delgado   Whether called an organizer, an inside manager or an operations person, this person is the one who will make sure company operations flow smoothly and economically. He or she is responsible for making certain that necessary work is done properly and on time. An understanding of details of the business and an enjoyment of handling details are necessary.    Vice President of Marketing or Marketing Manager   –   Mhar Jo Mondana   New businesses can be successful without marketing their products to the customer. The individual in this slot must have both marketing and industry experience.       Chief Financial Officer CFO) or Controller   –   Dana Manogan   You may wish to establish two positions or combine both roles into one. The responsibility of one role is to seek money; that is, to look for investors and deal with banks, lenders, etc. This function also could be assigned to another team member, such as the CEO or the General Manager. The responsibility in the Controller role is to manage money and watch over the assets of the company. It is not uncommon to have the same individual seek money and manage money.      Vice President of Production or Production   Manager   –   Katrina Alcaparas   Good production managers with specific industry knowledge and experience are sometimes difficult to find. In the beginning, you may subcontract some production.    Operations Manager   –   Lovelyn Marie Nievales   This individual is the leader for the operation and has overall responsibility for the financial success of the business. The operations manager handles external relations with lenders, community leaders and vendors. Frequently, this individual also is in charge of either production or marketing for the business. This person will set in motion the vision, strategic plan and goals for the business.    Quality Control, Safety, Environmental Manager   –   Claudine Caminian   This is a key function in any industry and, in particular, one that deals in food products. In a small business, one person generally will be responsible for handling OSHA compliance, EPA compliance, monitoring
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